Saturday, January 14, 2006


So... car seems great so far, except I might need a new starter. Gas economy seems really great, which is super nice. Meh...

I hate relationships... I just feel... i don' tknow, everything, and then today I finally felt nothing... *sigh* just seems like I"m the only one trying to make things work... like sometimes he keeps me around for entertainment, or support, or just cause he doesn't want to make me cry more... and sometimes its like i'm just a complete embarassment, even when we're not in public... I think I'm just being a silly emotional girl, cause grr... i don't know, I think I need sleep. Im over analysing everything, which is stupid, he loves me, i love him... we're just both super busy.

Sending hugs out to all my friends going through a rough time right now. You guys'll make it, you're all strong I know you are.

Oh, and in random news about the car... I drive the same type of car as Mikey... you know, Williams Lake Mikey... ya... shoot me now.

And anyone know how long my driveway is? Ya, my mom shoveled it, and I came home and helped her do the last 20ft and it took her more than 2 hours...

Thats not including the yard, it has yet to be done.

Me and her are contemplating getting drunk.


GopherX said...

Yeah relationships is confusing shiz.

...You shovel your yard?

(It's a secret) said...

ya, that's probably the wierdest thing that i've heard,why do you shovel your yard?