Friday, July 27, 2007

Unfortunatly Unfortunate

Just a quick update to let you know that the wonderful neighbor with unsecured internet has moved out... I'm hoping a new sucker will move in, but untill then updates and e-mail replials will be few and far between.

PS, landlord came to look at apartment... has done nothing since that was over a week ago. Gah.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm watching an infomercial on TV at 2:30 a.m... wow...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Yes, I am infact, Alive.

First off, HUGE thanks to AJ and Chris who got a very brief look into the world of Dez when they helped us hay on friday... we only pullled 126 bales off the field and due to rain we didn't even unload them, but the help is very much appreciated. :D That also gives all you folks a chance to help with the other 174 bales we still need!! Not sure when, weather depending, don't worry I'll post here!!

So... the landlord is comming today to take a look at our apartment... FINALLY!!! And I've also managed to unpack some stuff, go me :D Our house is unpacked, but my bedroom not so much... but I'm making some headway.

AND WILL THE NEW NANA EVER COME OUT?!?!? Sorry, its been 3 weeks... I'm going through withdrawls... I"m going to start rereading Nana, which is weird, I NEVER reread books, and I rarely rewatch movies... but atm I'm rereading Sword of Truth, Nana, Parakiss, and Harry Potter. Weird.
Speaking of Harry Potter, the new movie was SO FANTASTIC!! I saw it with my family last night!! Was a very excellent time... also can't wait for the book, but since I intend on rereading the entire series first it will be a while before I read it, SO! No talking to me about it... NOTHING, not even a tiny bit. THe other reason for waiting is I have to let my Sister Mom and Dad read it before me, so I might as well get the others outa the way. So nervous about the ending...

Also, I"m going back to bartending at BP... I've had enough of PRT sorting trees... especially after thursday when all the middleaged women were acting like children. It was the worst display of "me me me" I'd ever seen. Very disapointing.

Happy news, I got a PS2!!!! And Nic (Tubman, Steph (roommate)'s b/f, and kitchen worker at BP) lent me Kingdom Hearts I and II!!! So, that has been occupying me very much :D

I'm not sure what else to tell y'all... so I'm going to leave you with my fave secret from PostSecrets this week... it made me very happy :D

I made this face ->:D 4 other times in this post....

I need a life.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

(volunteer) HAYERS NEEDED!!!

So only Chris so bravely volunteered (Chris, I'll be phoneing you thursday) to come help us hay, but I'm sending out a desperate plea again. My mom has 2 broken ribs so she will be confined to the truck, leaving my dad, chris (hopefully), and I to do the haying... we start this friday, and should finish this saturday, so if ANY of you can help either day please let me know... *puppy eyes*

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Think Never is Enough

Ya never is enough... except wait!! I'm certain that between Melissa and myself we've covered all of these events... let us examine it.

What, am I to wake up suddenly and then (I wake up daily, and most of my actions are sudden)
enroll at the local college, earn me a degree (And University)
and I could work weekends? (Don't all of us... I mean, what ARE weekends off?)
If I've worked real hard
I could mow your back yard (Thats a pretty big "if")

I can go to Europe, travel with my friends (Or by herself)
I can blow a thousand deutsche marks
to get drunk in a pub with some Australians (Actually the Auzzie's paid for her drinks...)
Buy a giant backpacksew a flag on the back

I think never is enough (yeah never is enough)
I never want to do that stuff
I think never is enough (yeah never is enough)
You never have to do that stuff

I never had to spend a summer planting trees (Instead we picked pinecones and sorted seedlings)
I never worked my way through a forest inch by inch (Mel made some good distance picking pinecones)
doubled over on my hands and knees (do we REALLY want to talk about how much time I spend on my knees?)

I never spent a single day in retail (Just door to door sales)
telling people what they want to hear
telling people anything to make a sale (Seriously, I needed money)
Eating in the food courtwith the old and the bored (They're not kidding... only the old and bored teenagers to keep you company on lunch breaks at Sport Chek)

I think never is enough (yeah never is enough)
I never want to do that stuff
I think never is enough (yeah never is enough)
You never have to do that stuff

The worlds your oyster shell
But what's that funny smell (The mould in my apartment bathroom)
You eat the bivalve anyway
you're sick with salmonella (I had Norwalk once...)

You get your Ph.D (BA in English and History)
How happy you will be
When you get a job at Wendy's (Tim Hortons)
And are honored with employee of the month (At Denny's... I'm not certain why I was ACTUALLY proud...)

I think never is enough (yeah never is enough)
I never want to do that stuff
I think never is enough (yeah never is enough)
You never have to do that stuff

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sgt Dezeray Reporting for Duty!!

Ok, lets be honest with one another. I'm more updating out of obligation.

I'm not entirely sure what to say, I've moved into my apartment, seems my bathroom is overrun with mould that I can't find, though I've bleached everything. We're talking to the landlord tomorrow and may be moving somewhere else sooner than anticipated.

PRT (sorting seedlings job) is going alright, except they ran out of work for us for a couple days which was a little unfortunate.

The nice thing about that job though is I've readapted to wakin gup early in the morning. Its nice to get up earlier and actually accomplish something during the day.

Today was super fun tho! I had Melissa's surprise bday party in Barkerville that noone came to. Melissa and I however, had absolutly tonnes of fun! We sang songs at the top of our lungs there and back, spent way too much money, got dressed up and had our picture taken, waded through a waterfall just for pictures sake... way too much fun!!!

I'm sleepy from the days events tho, so I'm off to bed... hope everyone is well in blogger land, and for the record, I'm stealing my neighbors internet.

OH WAIT!!! Haying season is upon us, and due to mother's injuries from the motorcycle accident, I fear she will be doing nothign more than driving. So, I'm on the hunt for volunteers to come help move hay bales in the possibly near future. Cold drinks will be supplied. Comment on this blog to apply.

Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm so cool!

Seriously... I am. I got my Nana ring in the mail today :D Actually, I'm wearing it on my right ring finger as I type this. However, my fingers aren't as unnaturally long and slender as Nana's, so the ring actually goes from the base of my finger to my cuticle... but I love it!!

Its weird sitting here in my room right now.... here is a bed, a small pile of clothes, my rice hat, and a garbage bag in it. Thats all. Posters off the wall, stars and high decorative shelves are still up, as are cieling occupants. Tomorrow, after I get a new bed, I should be staying in my new place. Once I get my class 5 licence I'll be a big girl!! I have a credit card, and apartment, a blockbuster membership... its like I'm all growed up! Scary thought.

So, I'm hoping to be able to steal internet from my neighbors till I get my own, or I can just walk up to the Mickey Dee's, since they have wireless, but I may not be on for a while since I'm working 50+ hours a week atm. Gotta love 2 jobs.

Speaking of jobs, I start work at 7 a.m. tomorrow so if I fall asleep now maybe that extra bit of sleep will banish this clinging hangover...