Saturday, July 29, 2006

Couldn't fuckin pay someone to steal the ugly thing....

So instead the effin tire had to blow out as i start my long journey across st. Catharines, on a swollen foot.... Grumble mutter swear... and then to top it all off, get stuck at the UHaul on my own for 5 hours, b/c the shipping guys are slow in the head, and my and Lindsay had a HUGE communication problem... YYYYYAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!

Exciting Things!!

Well... my book order is comming in, but I'm a lil early, so I thougth I'd quickly post on my blog here. Thats right, books come in today, start delivering in 8 days... kinda exciting!! Then its off to Nashville, and the long drive home...

Can't belive I've already been here longer than 3 months... thats crazy... i left hom 13 1/2 weeks ago.

OH! Its also my Daddy's birthday today HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!! I miss you...

Allsoooo...... in other exciting news... I got my grades (finally, i know...) I got 2 B+ (Marketing and Accounting) and A- (Management) YYYAAYYYY!!!!!! Not bad for working fulltime graveyards while going to school!! Sooooooo happy, i seriously didn't think I did that well...

So I'm still sick... not sure what to do on that one, but I guess there isn't much I can do.. R&R when I get home will be good.

Phantom is sooooo good.

And everytime I look at Screenshots for the new Zelda, I think I need to grab new pants... seriously... the graphics... so real. And Link... so hot... seriously, do you think they based this one off a real person? Think he's 19-21? Single? Searching far adn wide for a 5'2" girl with light brown hair and blue eyes, named Dezeray? Think I need a life outside of fantasy... maybe...

Thats all... going to oggle at Link some more while I wait for the book guy to get here!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Posting for chris, cause chris is posting for me

Well super quick weather update! Had tornado warnings here the other day... In london, lauren said the clouds were pitch black and started churning... But it never touched down, and them instead of coming here it alex over lake ontario, so everyone's lucky all around! Went to the beach on sunday, at lake eerie actually! Went swimming, it was suprisingly warm. I'm still sick, but today's the last day of the antibiotics, so thats happy... Well thank you mommy for diligently commenting, even tho you're technologically impaired... And i hope some of you follow either her example, or mine of updating my blog -cough- phil, nic, cole... And well, gosh the list is to long but you know who you are lol.. Well, he you still read this anyways... Miss everyone, i'll be home before you know it!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Boulevard of Banks?

Thought I'd quickly post about my toronto experience...

Ended up doing a bus switch in Toronto when I headed up to New Market... however, when I say bus switch I don't mean transfer or anything easy... I mean I got off a greyhound bus and had to get onto the Go Transit... which was easy heading TO New Market, the bus driver dropped me off at the Go Transit terminal... however comming home to St. Cath's, I had to navigate my way, on foot, through Toronto, from GO Transit, to Greyhound... was alot of fun actually. People in Toronto were surprisingly friendly... but thats what I'm learning on this job... everyone is friendly, no matter where you go, no matter what people from other cities say... I will admit tho, everytime I approached someone, they always looked a little sketched out, till I told them I was looking for the Greyhound bus terminal... then they were always super friendly and helpfull.

The path leading to the bus depot was Bay St. Now the cool thing about Bay st. is it had most of the main banks main offices... really huge buildings, so tall tilting my head back almost wasn't enough to see the tops... soo cool!! Also, the Toronto Stock exchange was on this street to, which I took a cell photo of, and sent to the few of you with photo compatible cell phones. Also, where Bay runs into Queen, was City hall... it had been built in the 1800's... again, so very neat.

Also, used my friendly smile to get some good deals along the way... was starving to death, and happened to find a hot dog vendor just outside the toronto city hall... he looked clean enough, so I ordered a hot dog, and as he was cooking it, I chit chatted with him, asked how his day was, business blah blah blah... he told me about city hall, i listened intently, told him I was from BC, bam, he gave me my hotdog for cheaper b/c I "am a guest in Toronto" Sweet... w/e works for him, works for me. Now, I arrive at Greyhound, now... the original plan was I was going to just catch the bus where it had dropped me off, b/c I had a roundtrip ticket... however I LOST that ticket, and therefore had to buy a new one... so I had to go to the terminal. So I arrive, do the same bit with the ticket guy, ask how his day is, super friendly, he asks if I'm a student, which I am, but b/c CNC is a bit of a bitch sometimes, I don't have an international student pricing card... however, I told the guy, Yes I am a student, OH! But I forgot my card... he said that was ok, and to make sure I brougth it next time! YEs!! 25% discount, I lvoe it!!

Anyways, eventually arrived home safe and sound... only 5 more weeks till i'm back west!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Are you feelin HOT HOT HOT?

I know i an... Its eight am, its twenty-seven degrees already... With the humidex its thirty-seven... We have a high of thirty-five... Thats without the humidity... So in preparation i have a frozen face cloth... Going to be a great day!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Going to Work...

Well, this'll be resummed up in my e-mail, but I"m sicking of being Mediocre. Its time I start working... the rest of the summer I will be entirely focused and dedicated to my job... Sundays will be my only day of communication with the outside world, and it will be limited at that... please do send e-mails, I will read them on hte drive on Sundays, and saturday nights, and I"ll do my best to reply on Saturdays, just no promises.

Have to tell you about my hilarious day the other day tho!!

Starts off with the bank machine eating my card... go back to work... bank tells me they need to phone PG to give me a new card, so I leave... come back... give me new card... go back to work again. Have sit down with very spanish family... before I leave mom starts gibbering to me, can't understand what she's saying, and she starts laughing... then doing weird things, and laughing... daughter said mom "thought she was being funny" they give me 2 mandarin oranges and when I left, ENTIRE HOUSE errupts with laughter... sit down under a tree to eat oranges, notice things are falling out of tree... turns out its a squirell eating a fruit... not so much eating it as tearing it to shreds and throwing it at me... of course I discovered all this when a piece landed on my head, and anohter on my preapproach pad, staining it yellow... very amusing day, to say the least! Anyways, Mass e-mail, laundry, bed.

Take care!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Not lost... Searching!

I don't feel like knocking on doors at seven thirty am... Lol, clearly i'm ahead of schedule, so i wanted to tell you guys about last night!

So i followed robin for the day... Our focus was fun, we were eating souls, we waited till gravy time though, cause it enhances the flavour... Lol!

Anyways... After a hard day of work, we're driving back to St.Catharines (we were in lincoln, just outside hamilton) when Robins like... We should knock on a door and ask for directions back to BC. So... We stop, he grabs an apple to keep a straight face, and i ask this redneck family for directions to bc. You shoulda seen the looks on their face... Naturally they asked if i was kidding, which i sincerely replied i wasn't. So, they all stood there trying to direct me from the middle of no here back to a hwy, the mom got a twenty year old map of ontario, showed up where we were, where we needed to be, and let t keep the map so we could get out of ontario... So much fun! Poor ontario... They had no warning about us...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hello fellow bloggers!

A quick post from an actual computer!! Hurray!!!

So.. I've noticed... alot of you SUCK AT POSTING!!! After all the promises I got when I left... we'll update all the time, send you e-mails... seriously... disapointment.

I'm sure you've all read the mass e-mail, so I don't really have much to say.

But I love you all... Cole's going to send out another care package soon, actually, it will only be filled with the things some of you procrastinators forgot to get to him... so actually get it to him this time eh?!?!! Becca... ifyou could get my xmas present to me, I'd really appreciate it... quotes really get me through the day, of all different types...

Anyways, I'm running out of time, and theres a huge pile of dirty laundry and paperwork waiting at home for me...

Take care of yoruselves guys... please write, update blogs, etc. I can only see most blogs on SUnday tho, just so you konw.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fuck i look hot!

Seriously... The name says it all... Some tight black clothes, some dark make up... Port dalhusie are you ready for the three hottest bookbabes?