Saturday, December 22, 2007

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!!

Well, Dez has been a busy girl!!! Working a fair amount (at least 5 days a week, when did that start happening?!?!), spending a decent amount of time with Dustin, trying to run around catching up with friends, sleeping, and of course procrastinating actually getting ready to leave!!!
We'll start with Calgary... I leave in a very quickly approaching 12 days, I have not packed, I have hardly thought about packing. And, my last day at BP is actually xmas eve, so just 3 more days of that left to!!

And can anyone believe how soon till Christmas?!?! I still have to pick up a couple things and have not even CONSIDERED wrapping... I'm good at this procrastinating thing :D

Now I generally avoid talking about my relationships on my blog, but I"m briefly going to touch on it. Things with Dustin are going GREAT :D:D:D Sorry, just so happy with him I feel the need to tell everyone... he's so wonderful, especially to me!!

So I'm NEARLY healthy again... still coughing horribly, and my ears tend to feel like they're going to pop out of my head, but I feel less bad!! Also, when I was feeling really not good on Monday, Dustin ran over to the store on his break and bought me a "get well card" and a packet of Rollos (my fave :D), now thats a cute story in itself, but I'm mentioning it b/c of what the card says. On the outside its a picture of 2 monkey's faces, and on the inside it says:

"Mama called the Dr, and the Dr said
If chicken soup don't work, try straight up Gin instead"

Happy, no?

Wednesday was an unexpected night of fun!! I got a semi drunk phone call from Mr Chris, inviting me to come party at his place, but they went to the Riverstone Bar and Grill first, (a place had at this point not yet visited), so off I went to join him, Stan, Robbie, and Nicole!! It was great amounts of fun, we compared ringtones, talked about cannibalism, and the deffinition of gay!!!

Now, the most exciting part of my week, and the reason I'm posting today... thursday we went for a SLEIGH RIDE!!!!!!! It was most excellent!! Instead of talking about it, i'm going to post pictures!!
Cal... isn't he special?
Nic looking sly...
This is our "sad sleigh ride picture"

Look... I put up the nice one Hayley... but don't be decieved, I never deleted the other :P

When i was showing these pictures to my mom I noticed Cole in the background... how odd.

The horses name's were Jack and Josh... their heads were twice the size of Kantana's :

We sang a very happy birthday to the fat pal Eric!! (he was at work)

The llama wanted kisses from the Becca

No comment.

There we all are (photographer not included) aren't we cute?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Days Go By

"I can feel 'em flying like a hand out the window as the cars go by."

Sorry I've been a little slow on the updating lately... but I think I update more than anyone, so maybe I'm the only one who notices such things.

Things are going GREAT right now. I have secured a place to live in Calgary, I just have to sign and fax back the Rental Agreement, and e-mail them my damage deposit. Its a room in a house. The owner is a 20 year old guy named Peter, he's an apprentice electrician, plays hockey, etc. Also, he has another room for rent, and a different girl from BC might be moving in, so it should be good times all around!! Btw, I leave for Calgary in precisely 22 days and 21 hours 20 mins. Crazy time sequence.

Its funny... I say things are going great, if you ask me, I'll say things are going great, but I'm not sure how. Really excited, yet scared about leaving, I hate my job atm. Like seriously. The only thing getting me through is thinking to myself, "Just two more weeks, two more weeks". The fan in my car is broken so I not only have no heat, but I get to drive with the windows down so I don't fog up... But things are great. I think. Lol.

I've started my Christmas shopping, which is good... I'm actually struggling with what to buy ppl, its kinda annoying. But i've got some ideas, so ya, thats good. I'm rambling. I apologize.

Hoping to go see Golden Compass tomorrow, and I went and saw August Rush with Dustin on Saturday, it was alright, but disapointing, I was expecting something better. Music was cool tho.

Anywyas, I should end this rambling post and go clean the stalls!