Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Days Go By

"I can feel 'em flying like a hand out the window as the cars go by."

Sorry I've been a little slow on the updating lately... but I think I update more than anyone, so maybe I'm the only one who notices such things.

Things are going GREAT right now. I have secured a place to live in Calgary, I just have to sign and fax back the Rental Agreement, and e-mail them my damage deposit. Its a room in a house. The owner is a 20 year old guy named Peter, he's an apprentice electrician, plays hockey, etc. Also, he has another room for rent, and a different girl from BC might be moving in, so it should be good times all around!! Btw, I leave for Calgary in precisely 22 days and 21 hours 20 mins. Crazy time sequence.

Its funny... I say things are going great, if you ask me, I'll say things are going great, but I'm not sure how. Really excited, yet scared about leaving, I hate my job atm. Like seriously. The only thing getting me through is thinking to myself, "Just two more weeks, two more weeks". The fan in my car is broken so I not only have no heat, but I get to drive with the windows down so I don't fog up... But things are great. I think. Lol.

I've started my Christmas shopping, which is good... I'm actually struggling with what to buy ppl, its kinda annoying. But i've got some ideas, so ya, thats good. I'm rambling. I apologize.

Hoping to go see Golden Compass tomorrow, and I went and saw August Rush with Dustin on Saturday, it was alright, but disapointing, I was expecting something better. Music was cool tho.

Anywyas, I should end this rambling post and go clean the stalls!


Cole said...

No I love the rambles. You say it rambling, but really it's what's going on in your life for those who aren't in PG.

becca said...

I'm so happy for you! It was great to close down McDonalds with ya last night...let's do it again soon.

Golden Compass tomorrow, hurrah!!

Lots of love for the Dez!!!

becca said...

And when I say "happy for you" it's about going to Calgary, not hating your job...that part really sucks.