Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Aha!! So... god, the other day... wednsday? musta been... i was breaker again, which i think i'm pretty good at now, tho i've only been there a month and a half, and i'm already bossy! Telling ppl what i need them to do before i'll do their break, so on and so forth! LoL!! its fuN! Anyhoo, one of my tables ordered a side of biscuits!! BISCUITS!! They looked soooooooooo scrumptious! So, for MY break, i ordered biscuits!! YAY BISCUITS!!

Becca, you're so fat your ass makes up 50% of your impractical walrus body!

Mmmm so... yes, i work to much! i dont' recall (once again) the last time i had a day off and i dont' know when the next one will be:S.... I"m house sitting TWO houses this weekend, my parents and Patience's... This sunday i work 10pm-6am monday i work at the superstore, monday night i work 10pm-6am and tuesday i work at superstore... then back to work thursday! ggaaaahhhhh!!! Me so sleepy, and body is soo achy!!

Last night I have Karsten's kids (Kayla and Dillon) a riding lesson!! It was ssoooo much fun!! I think i kinda sounded like an idiot, and might have overloaded them iwth to much information, but like Kayla said "theres a lot to learn about riding a horse isn't there..." she also asked when i was able to remember it all, but its so much like breathing, i couldn't imagine not remembering, lol!! Anywyays, they want to come back which totally made me happy!! And Kayla was sssuuuuccchhhh a natural in the saddle. Was actually quite jealous! lol!! Shes 10 years old, and has this awesome postition in the saddle. Keeps her shoulders back, chin up, heels down, shoulders over her hips, and her hips actually flow with the horse... she did very very well!!

YAYYYY!! so the past couple days i've been hanging out with Mel, Becca, Erik, and Mikey, since Mikey and Erik were visiting from Williams lake! It was soooo much fun hanging out with them, the whole group is just fan-fucking-tastic!! We went and watched the wedding crashers, which was pee your pants funny!! And then last night went bowling, and i got a couple spares, and one strike!! YAY!! and we kept changing each others names, but keeping the first 3 letters the same the same so they wouldn't know!! Like, Erik was D I S C O S T U, and then becca changed it to D I S C O F A T, or becca was W O O K I E, then i changed it to W O O L Y (couldnt' fit mammoth) and Mel was C H I L D, then C H I C K E N (couldn't fit girl after that), then we went nuts and just started making up funny names, like, Platypus, hot ass (that was me ;) ) then becca named me carl *shudder* so i named her blondie (carls nickname for her) and all in all, it was way to much fun!! Then we went to booster juice in order to devour liquid grass, and i cheated by dumping mine on the floor... which was PURELY by accident *shifty eyes* lol!! Then back to Mel's house, watched the first part of Nightmare beefore Christmas, Mel fell aslep and becca got stuffy so me her and Erik went out for fresh air, then got a weird poptart craving and drove around town at 1 am looking for poptarts (which we never found btw) then gave up, i dropped them off, went home and crasheded!!

Me so sleepy.... *sigh* all in all a fun week! However i need to fill up soon, and have observed the new gas prices... 118.9 WTF?!?! *sigh* anwyays, i gotta go drive Patience to the airport, then back to work again! so i bid yee all adieu *bows deeply*

Look, its my piggy bank after i filled up!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

If you have half a brain

I figured i should actually post some of the characters from where i get my alot of my material for the blog including the title... this is Gir in his true form with his beloved piggy btw, these characters are from an old TV show off nickelodian called Invader Zim. Oh look, theres Gir in his disguise!! See, gir is the inadequate robot given to Zim to help him capture planet earth, which was thought to be an imaginary planet, as Zim is not their favourite invader, so the Tallest (the leaders) kinda send Zim off on a suicide mission, and are bewildered to discover him still alive. Obviously, Gir is my favourite character and the one i quote the most. Awwwweee..... isn't he adorable!?!? Anywyas, the leaders of Zims race are the tallest.... literally, the taller you are, the more respected you are. Zim is quite short.... or as the tallest said... ( who by the way love snacks) "You're so very small Zim... you're a tiny thing..." However, his height is a deffinet asset, as on the planet earth he fits in as a small child , not much of a disguise eh? And of course, every main cartoon character needs an arch enemy.... in this case, the son of a genius scientist, Dib "Why.....? Why is his head so big...?" And unfortunatly for Dib, his attempts at revealing Zim for what he is, an alien invader trying to take over the wolrd!! his sister Gaz (a bit of a video game enthusist {is that spelt right?!} and girl after my own heart:P) tends to antagonize him.

Also included in the show are Dib and Gaz's father, uber genius, professor membrane , the school teacher of doom Ms Bitters , (WHERE do they get these names?!), the first invader to successfully conquer his planet, home of the giagntic carniverous rats, and next to Zim, the shortest ugliest invader, Invader Scooge , a small child Zim employed for the day as his best friend, Keif ,The house complete with garden gnomes , and other such important aspects of the show.... anyhoo, hope you all realize this was just a chance for me to look at awesome Invader Zim pics and show the world :D

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Breaker, Benumbing, Baby, Bone-weary

*yawn* i'm sssoooooo sleepy, and slightly ill. My body is kinda... lashing out at me... i think its been on the verge of being sick b/c of my uh... busy lifestyle, but i've been getting roughly 10 hrs sleep a night so that kept it healthy... then i didn't get enough sleep two days in a row, and *SLAM*... *sigh* Need sleep, but thought i'd post before going to bed.

SO, today at Dennys' i was breaker. This basically means, i relieve ppl so they can go on a break. So i go into their section, take over for them, they leave, come back, and i do it all over again. Can be very confusing b/c you can end up with tables at all places in the restaurant... however, i did exceptionally well in my opinion, kept organized, and EVERYONE got their 1/2's and Rob even got a 10! yay for Rob! lol!! Tho according to Melanie, i make a sexier Rob than he does... lol!! OK, so amazingly, no bitchy ppl today.... however, I DID have a paranoid father... i sent Rob on his break, blah blah blah, got this table, who had to wait FOREVER for their food, (lotsa ppl did, its sunday, and therefore, BUSY), anyways, they had some juice and such, then Rob came back and I went in to Katie's section, which was BUSY, and i kept getting slammed, it was aweful, so i asked Rob to take care of my table, and he was all, ya of course, here i'll bill them for you to (then he forgot... *sigh*) and then i notice the hostess come up to Dyana (our manager today) and say that table 33 wanted to talk to him... so i was kinda, ansy, thinkin they were pissed off with
A) my service
B) the food
C) The wait
D) Rob not bringing the bill
So naturally i'm hoping D *snicker*, ok, C woulda been fine to... anwyays, Dyana told me not to worry about it, there was nothing i could do... so w/e... almost forgot about it, till it calmed down a bit, and Dyana came to tell me what it was about. Heres the deal, his son had apple juice, and when he had drank most of it, they noticed it was cloudy, and had a residue in the bottom (most of us know this as... pulp!) and then he "observed" his son acting strangely, and said he got sick and everything, so he thought that we might have drugged his kids apple juice!! wtf..... it was hilarious tho (cause i didn't have to deal with taht) and naturally me and Becca couldn't keep from laughing!

Anyways, after work I went to a baby shower for my supervisor at the Superstore, Lauren. She also hired me. First off, in preperation we went shopping last night (me Steph and Jen).... in the baby aisle at walmart.... talk about freakin torture... when I say i dont' want kids i really think i mean it... STEPH on the other hand just goes NUTS in this section, and made us continue to look AFTER we had picked out a gift.... uggghhhh..... it was weird in another way tho, it hit me that we could be shopping down this aisle for ppl closer to our age (*cough* Steph) within a couple years... really freaked me out. Anywyas, the shower in itself wasn't to exciting, everyone ate baby food and tried to geuss the flavour, i had had enough after the first try... it was not making me feel any healthier, in fact it was quite the opposite. And i got to hold Lucas, Laurens baby boy who was 1 month old yesterday... he was just adorable, quite the agreeable baby i must say. So i've decided the way to be is the cool aunt.... tkae the kids for a 1/2 day, spoil em rotten, drop off back home!!!

Anyways, Soul of the Fire, and my big comfy bed are calling to me... so i bid yee all adieu!

"Take motherhood: nobody ever thought of putting it on a moral pedestal until some brash feminists pointed out, about a century ago, that the pay is lousy and the career ladder nonexistent."

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Stupid Dennys Fuckers!

Ok, super quick post before i go back to dennys... um... yay? now I don't mean the ppl who work there are fuckers, b/c they're all great!! kinda like a slightly crazed family!! but seriously, whats with bitchy customers? the other day i had this guy who started yelling and swearing over his two little sausages, and his thirst for coffee, then Bev came to see if everything was alright, so he started yelling and swearing at her that I could handle this and she should "go clean her tables" and then he didn't want to talk to my manager cuase he was a "poof" or somthin of that nature, and he didn't want a free meal (by the end of the night i was beyond convinced that that statement was a lie) blah blah blah, got me to wrap his pancakes, didn't want anymore coffee, decided he DID want to talk to Kevin, Kevin came over, and when i looked up 2 mins later, both were standing and yelling, Kevin looked like he coulda killed the guy... ugh... not so much fun, Kevin gave the guy a free meal but NOT the knuckle sandwhich he prolly wanted to give the guy.... and then the ass didn't take his flippin pancakes!! like what the hey!?!

Uuggggghhhhh..... i'm so tired.... my mom has sprained her ankle, so shes um... down right now, and on crutches for phsyically impaired, so i got about 4 hrs sleep last night, cause i had to get up early to feed.... well and you know, i stayed out till 2 am last night... pft, irrelevant.... but alas i must go back to denny's, (i was JUST there 5 hrs ago!!)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lazzzzy Crazzzzy Day...

AHa.... yesterday was quite the lazy then crazy day. I woke up with no ambition to really do much.... so i read my book... had some lunch.... did some dishes, read some more of my book.... did some laundry, retreated back to my room to read some more.... cleaned the bathroom, and ate dinner, it was quite fun.....

THHHEeeeeeeennnnnnn..... my parents went downtown for grocery shopping, and to have some dinner, and i was sposed to ride my horse, but i'm kinda leary of riding Apollo at home alone, cause hes a crazy mofo... so i figured, why not put them all in the arena to goof off and have fun... WELL! no prob getting Apollo in there, then Becky, but then Apollo left, but i got Athena in so he went back.... but Kantana just thought it was fun to run back... and forth.... and back.... and forth... then he too finally went in. so we played for a little while, then i ran inside to have a shower, came back out, cuaght becky, and just left the gate open for everyone to follow me out... well no fuckin way. Instead, athena goes INTO the back of the horse trailer most horse ppl understand that horses generally don't like horse trailers.... but not this one, she goes in ALL the time, you have to fight to keep her out! But... the prob with this is, the trailer wasn't attatched to a truck... so it fell off the block, so i came ruuuuunnnnnnning to see if anyone DIED, but they had bored of the horse trailer by that point and went on to the lawn... so i rush in there, and chase them out, Kantana, amazingly just.... leaves and goes to his pen, so i lock him up. And Apollo leaves the lawn to... but waits for Athena, and decides that shes taking to long, so hes comming back in.... THROUGH me... i'm standing in the middle of the gateway, and he just keeps walkin towards me, with nooooooo intent of slowing down or stopping.... hes just walking, and hes not being malicious about it, he just wants in, and i'm in the way! So at this point i get a stick, being a little annoyed that i'd just been ploughed through, and try to convince Apollo to leave, smack him on his bum, appear to have hurt his feelings, so he runs back to his pen... now its just me and bitch, *cough* i mean athena... we ran around the lawn for about 5 mins, till she got bored, then ran around the yard for another 10 till she got bored of THAT.... and FINALLY went into her pen!

Then went downtown, picked up Jen, had some icky disgusting wheatgrass, which i think i've become addicted to, but am starting to dislike even more... *sigh* came home and made a s'more cream pie:D Deeelicious!

Now before i publish this and run off to ride, i want to briefly discuss the odd Denny's Superstore relationships... I work at Dennys, and I work at the Superstore. Now, Steffan works as an SA at Dennys, and his sister Alana works in OTC.... Katie works at Denny's as a server, and her sister Nannette works at Superstore in Lesiure.... Stan works at Denny's as a server, and his wife works at the superstore in Wearunder..... WTF?!?!? I don't get it.... tis odd, and seems to me a conspiricy of some sorts, that i'm somehow unknowingly apart of.... requires further investigation! lol! CIAO!!

"There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line. "

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Cous cous!

Ok, is cous cous not the most happiest sounding word? like.... seriously, say it out loud, cous cous! I was watching "hows its made" on TV, and they showed how they made cous cous... she said it so many times, and she DIDN"T laugh! I was amazed i must say!! I figure she practiced in front of a mirror to acquire that skill, cause i think saying "cous cous" w/o laughting, is resume material!!

Uuugggghhh.... superstore was sssoooo boring today!! started at 9 am, got put on express, and mostly watched the cashiers on the big lanes work!! It was sssoooooo horrible! But you can't say i don't like work! I watch it all the time! eee hee hee!! came home, slept in my work shirt, then read book, ate dinner almost puked... apparently still sick *sigh* but i have a day off tomorrow, as far as i know! lol!!

Wwhhheeeeeee had more liquid lawn today, i think i'm becomming addicted... and i'm trying to make Jen G addicted to, so her health will improve, i mean, come on!! THe stuff kills cancer for petes sake!! Tho i don't know what Pete had to do with any of this, unless he had cancer... *plays with imaginary gotee*... anyways, and imagine who i saw at Booster Juice.... none other than Becca, naturally! the girl LIVES there... seems i can't go there w/o seeing her there... and the ironic part is, she never buys a booster juice while i'm there... its always her second visit of the day... pooooooor poor BEcca.

After that, went to Kaylee's house, who i haven't seen forever and we watched the begining of the ring 2, well.... i'm sure they watched ALL of the ring, but i took off cause me so sick... and here i am like a freak writing more on my blog.... anyways, sweet dreams about cous cous!!

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz... cous cous cous cous.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... cous cous cous cous......

"The imaginary friends I had as a kid dropped me because their friends thought I didn't exist."

Monday, August 22, 2005

Sicky... :(

Hmph.... i feel like crap... all my energy is drained and i just feel icky...

Today I kinda moped around, played Zelda; Windwaker for a while, sailed from island to island trying to collect my map. Then took my lil sister down town to accomplish things... went to Denny's for my check, but they looked busy, so went to the superstore... spent WAY to much time day dreaming in housewares with Tiff, she uh.... likes interior decorating to say the least. Then she picked up some food, and we headed off to Canadian Tire, where i thought my cool present for Mel was... it wasn't tho, but then i just had to show Tiff their ridiculously priced tape decks... when outa no where this guy appears, (NOT an employee) shows up and says, you wanna hear this through the good amp? starts fiddlin with buttons, does not know what hes doing, then finally gets a stereo to go through some speakers... tells us how to switch decks and speakers, then walks away... as do i! *rolls eyes* freak... anwyays, went to walmart, got Mels present, Tiff found a strobe light she almsot fell on the floor drooling over, so she got that, then we went to see Mel! YAY!! i missed my friend, but we stayed toooo long, but oh well, good visit, she liked my gift i'd been trying to get her for quite sometime, oh! and she got me the coooooolest sign (OORRRR a coaster) that says:

I don't suffer from insanity... i enjoy EVERY minute of it!

Eeee hee hee, i love it!! then got my paycheck from Dennys, found out that somehow Lynn managed to lose the special Denny's direct deposit sheet that was attached to my bank information... so i had to refill taht out so i could get direct deposit, which pisses me off, b/c it was stapled to the other sheet... anwyays, came home, talked to my dad played more Zelda (YAY!) then mom came home early, I made cookies, then Tiff came home early, so we all spent a night together watching "the incredibles" And i want to be like Edna!! i'm tall enough!!

PAH! Supermodels... nothing super about them! Just spoiled little stick figures with poofy lips!

:D :D I could do it!! lol anways, this was an entirely pointless blog... and i should get some sleep, recover my health for my morning shift at teh superstore tomorrow! *hugs and love*

"Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died."

Sunday, August 21, 2005

YAY French! BOO Texans!!

Uggg.... just got home from work, had a TERRIBLE night... first off, i'm sick. Like, really gross sick, feel like i'm gunna puke MOST of the time, but worse after i eat. Second off, my tips sucked tonight, i was upselling, being really upbeat, checking back, getting refills before ppl asked... and from a fair few tables, diddly squat... so that all in itself was really frusterating! Also... at one point the rain started to fall so hard it was pooring otu of the lights in the server area... like, wtf, how does that happen? rain through the LIGHTS!! It was spraying EVERYWHERE!! horrible, and because it was water and electricity, what'd we have to do? thats right, cut the lights, so we were kinda in the dark in the server area, tho not so bad once we adjusted to it!! however, i feel this prolly wasn't as bad as the roof caving in, and the pipes leaking right over a table, which happened to Becca today, and i was also stuck in that section...

But the absolute highest point of my night was... a French family came in (btw, when i say work i mean Denny's... not superstore, not tabor, not loghouse, not housesitting, or anything else, lol) *ahem* a French family came in, and the spoke right next to NO ENGLISH! Non Englais.... so i mustered up everything i could remember from my grade 11 french education, and did my best to talk to them en francais I did tres well, but the BEST part of it all.... i upsold covered french fries to them IN FRENCH!!!! that was just, freakin awesome!!! I was ssooooo proud!! And RIGHT after that moment.... the lowest part of my night occured...

I had our regular texan... he ordered a steakhouse strip and eggs. Steak medium, eggs over easy, french fries instead of hashbrowns, and white toast. At first he was awesome, we were jokin, laughin, talkin about the news... he was kinda needy like he was my only customer, but w/e... then i bring his food, which he has to "inspect" before i can leave. This inspection resulted in the discovery that his eggs weren't cooked enough, the whites were toooo soft. SO, i bring them back to the cooks, explain the problem.. they recook them. I bring them back, he says they're STILL not done enough, i bring them back again, but go off to check on my wonderful french family. In the meantime i assume someone (with less patience and knowledge of the situation) brings back his eggs. I come back to make the starter soups for my french family, which should've been done earlier, but i'd been to busy dealing with eggs. I look up, and the texan appears to have smoke curling around the top of his head, and my first thought is, OH NO! how do i tell him this is a nonsmoking restaurant? Then i look a little closer and see its comming from his ears, so i put down the soup and rush over... WELL! Apparently (or so he informed me by YELLING in my face...) his eggs are now too hard, and overcooked, and ALSO the rest of his meal is now cold (oh no, he couldn't eat the rest of his meal, even though his eggs were on a SEPERATE plate, no no no...) and i had walked past him and ignored him, and took way to long to check back on him... (by this point i'm getting a lil upset...) so i calmly ask if theres anything i can do, would he like me to remake it? "Yes!! I still need to eat, even though i don't want to anymore" ok.... deep breaths.... talk to the cooks, they're... a little edgy now, my eyes water up a lil, but i'm alright... they remake his meal, i run it out.... ooohhhhh..... low and behold, his new steak isnt' cooked enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO! I bring it BACK to the cooks and explain... they're a tiny bit upset and frusterated... if you replace "tiny bit" with "really freakin"..... ok *deep breath* i bring him his newly cooked steak, and he goes on about how the cook should be fired (wtf?!) and i fabricate some story about the cook being new and i got a different cook to cook his meal the last time (was really feeding him what he wanted to hear) now my room service order has come up, and shit, i forgot to ask to have the sour cream on the side... and thats when one of the cooks snaps... YYYAAYYYYY!!!!! Noooooott fun, however, Dave, the one that did MOST of the remakes, jumped in and helped out, so yay for Dave staying in good spirits... after this i went to the back and BURST into tears... recovered, checked back on the texan, who apparently STILL wasn't happy with his eggs, but decided to let it go, and if the ecoli killed him (would that REALLY be so bad?) I'd have to deal with that later, saw Phil, told him what happened, BURST in to tears again, but he gave me a hug, said I was short, made fun of my height, and gave me good tips for insulting customers to their face in my head. THEN... the strangest thing happened, which kinda actually pissed me off... the Texan apologized (maybe he saw me crying?) and said that tho SOME ppl blame the server, he himself knew it wasn't my fault (then WHY was he yelling?) and.... well he said other thigns, but all i heard was "blah blah blah, i'm an asshole" (thanks phil!) But at least the apology made Kyla feel better... she didn't wanna beat the guy up for me anymore!! *snicker* wonderful ppl at Dennys! Stick up for you, and make ya feel better! Also, the cook apologized to, which was really nice, but i wasn't too concerned, cause i really REALLY could sympathize with how frusterating the situation was!

And one of the more funny parts of my night... these two ladies came in and decided they wanted "non spicy nachos" which is apparently what they had last night... so can't be to bad right? wrong, the cooks are liek, you want WHAT?!! Ok... so i talk to the cooks, try and figure out what we could do...well... heres the deal with this... its impossible... the meat itself for the nachos has jalepenos in it!!! So maybe they don't want the EXTRA spices in it... so i go ask if they mind jalepenos in the hamburger, "NO! Absolutly NO jalepenos..." ok.... now waht?!? then Kyla goes... "hey Dez... they want nonspicy nachos right?" yup... "Ok, well, don't worry about it, just get them to make regular nachos, thats all i did for those two last night." Say WHAt?!?! how stupid can these ppl be?? sooo..... i tell the cooks just to make me nachos, forget the nonspicy crap, bring it out.... and they're fine with it, i even tempt fate and ask if its not to spicy, and they're like, "no its perfect!! thanks for the modifications." Hey, w/e floats your boat i geuss!! tho in my place the wolrd is only full of stupid ppl b/c there are laws against shooting them...

*Sigh* so taht was my night at work.... thank god tabor mtn called this mornign to cancel my shift, i doubt i could emotionally take both jobs!! eeee hee hee, it was fun colouring and italicing words to show empahsis! Ok, need to get this sick body to bed.... if i dream of eggs and steak, i'll kill myself!

"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools. "

"The trouble ain't that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain't distributed right."


I keep meaning to end each blog with a happy quote, b/c I LOOOOOVVVVEEE quotes! So heres to make up for it!:

Ye can lead a man up to the university, but you can't make him think.

I would be loath to speak ill of any person who I do not know deserves it, but I am afraid he is an attorney.

I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.

If love is the answer, could you please rephrase the question?

Money is something you got to make in case you don't die.

Thank you for calling the Weight Loss Hotline. If you'd like to lose a half pound right now, press 1 eighteen thousand times.

The Bible tells us to love our neighbours, and also to love our enemies; probably because generally they are the same people.

There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.

Mwa ha ha.... that takes care of THAT.... and now to the sweet sanctuary of my bed,

Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining."

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Weeeeee Wooooooo

YAY for saturday! Except... not, b/c i work EVERY saturday and sunday, but not just one job, no no.... at least 2, tho if i wanted i coulda picked up the third today to O_O!! But alas, wouldn't have worked. At the moment i'm between my two jobs, worked at Tabor Mtn this morning, and will be working at Denny's tonight, so hopefully good tips cause i spent all my moola on junkfood yesterday! ha ha.... so much for the diet!

As i said, worked at Tabor this morning, which was alright, amazingly got 4 1/2 hours, total shocker for that place even tho it was sposed to be my full time job... Boss was hungover and late today, so everyonce in a while you could see she was uh... "suffering" and she'd get riiiigggghhhhtttt bitchy, but i kept busy, also amazing b/c of how boring it tends to be there.

Hmm.. i wanted to ride Apollo before going to the next job, but its windy, and hes flighty... so i brushed him instead, helped him calm down... then i led him into the arena, and we both trotted over the cavaletti, which was really fun!! He's my little puppet. Ug... i feel ill, but alas, i'm off to work

OH! I'd also like to say goodbye to Jen if you read this! Not good bye tho, see ya later!! lol!! Good luck with journalism, i will one day expect a full report on snow monkeys.... *sigh* your pooooor aunt!! Funny how anger and lies brought us together, and resulted in a friendship! Take care! *hugs*

Friday, August 19, 2005


AAAAACCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!! Seriously! one of those freakin days yesterday!!! I get up (exausted) wander around the house, then when i'm a lil more awake, decide, HEY, i should go ride my pony.. aannddd.... they're not ready for jumping yet, but i should set up some trot poles to strengthen their back muscles, and teach em to pick up their feet again.... and oh, a cavaletti to, so i can kinda start jumping. Cool! so i get dressed in horsey clothes, go outside to where my jumps and poles were stored for the winter to discover... that mom screwed the lattice to the building. Not a biggie, i have a tool box in my car, go open the trunk of my car, grab the tool box, drag it over to the building and reveal.... that it doesn't have a robinson freakin screw driver!!! Put it back in the car, get my dads keys open the shop get a screw driver go back and what awaits me there? but a fricken bee!!!! so i let the bee do its thing and leave, unscrew one screw, then realize that the other screw is burried within the STINGING NETTLES! *sigh* cover up my arm with my sleeve and unscrew the other screw.... drop screw INTO stinging nettles and say "Screw it" (no pun intended, tee hee) remove lattice and look in and see that my box jumps are preventing me from getting at my trot poles *mumble mumble* remove the boxes, wedge out my trot poles.... oh and ones missing!! HOW the HELL do you lose a trot pole? its actually a fence post that i've adapted to be trot poles, but STILL!! so i grab one of my jump poles, mark it in the middle and bring it over to where my dad is diligently cutting firewood, and convince him to cut it in half for me. He doesn't have the power saw out, so i go back in the house, grab his keys again, unlock his shop again.... and then he starts to SHARPEN it.... so i wait for him to sharpen it, he cuts my log, i set up my trot poles and my cavaletti ride Kantana, decide its too hot to ride Apollo, i'll ride him after i do some stuff in town. I accomplish HALF of what i need to do in town when i get a phone call:
Lynn from Denny's "Hi Dez, how are you?"
"I'm good, how're you?"
"I"m fine, where are you?"
"I'm picking out a birthday card"
"To bring here?"
"What, no...."
"Well you know you work tonight, from 5-10..."
"What, no...." *checks watch its 5*
"Oh... didn't Candace tell you?"
"What, no..." (i'm really good at responding...:S)
"Ohhh... well she gave you another shift, don't you check your schedule..."
"Um.... so i'm obviously gunna be late..."
"Ok, see you when you get here"
*Hang up* "FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!" Ok, i am in town, and live 20 mins OUTA town... i grab my card, pay for it, get in the car, drive to Mels house, give mom her bday card, drive home get dressed, drive back into town, its now 6 o'clock at night. Everyones cheery, a lil overrun but cheery.... then our SA leaves (dishwasher, server assistant for you nondennys' ppl) we only have 2 cooks, and 3 servers on, plus our manager.... thats it, and this HUGE rush comes in... we run out of dishes, the cooks are falling behind, my stupid tables keep ordering god damned salads and soups!!! So lynn calls in an SA, a cook, and another server.... most of which arrive when its calmed down (naturally) however, finsih my shift, it goes well, i get good tips... i'm doing my side work when Lynns like... "so Dez, cna you like, deep clean, like, REALLY deep clean the desert area... we have an inspection comming in, and it needs to be perfect.... and acutally, can you stay late and hostess for the guys? THank you so much...." "of course Lynn" *grrrrr* so i make the freakin desert area sparkle... Mike makes a desert and i REMAKE it sparkle... then clean all the tables in the restaurant, and infor Stan and Mike that if they're asked, they dont' need me!! I wnat to go home, they agree tho, which was nice, do my cashout and go home.... on the way home, i slow down for a light, and my badly positioned apron SPILLS al my change all over my car... which is known to eat things... anwyasy. Today is the begining of a new day, so lets try this again, shall we?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Crappy Cars!!

Ok.... its been a while since i've posted, but i've been busy! I picked up a fourth job (washing dishes at the Log House Restaurant) but it shouldn't be to often that i have to work there... just when Tiff or my mom needs help (practically my whole family works there, my dad should come in and "deal" with roudy customers now...) anyhoo, like i said, been working 2 jobs a day, Tuesday: Worked superstore 10:15-2:30, worked out, worked at Denny's 5-1:30AM!!!! was vvvvvvvvvvvery sleepy!! slept in till noon wednsday, rode my horsey, worked Tabor Mountain Ski hill 4:30-8:00 then log house restaurant 8:00-11:30...

OK Cars! crappy freakin cars! So... at the begining of the PGX I ended up living off a granola bar (too lazy to make breakfast) and a bag of chips b/c i didn't have enough time to get real fooood cause my FREAKIN CAR WOULDN"T START! Just... wouldn't do anything, wouldn't even ATTEMPT to turn over..... reminded me of when i try to start my car w/o the clutch in, however the clutch WAS in!! So wander inside.... Daaadddddyyyyy..... the saftey neutral release button somehow sunk in, and my clutch was no longer able to reach it... beiing lazy and pressed for time, we BENT it, instead of properly fixing it! w/e, its all fine and dandy, arrive just in time to get lectured. Then sunday, i'm finished for the weekend, and my dear friend Becca comes in to the house (Mels house btw, my OTHER home) to inform me that my lights are on... ok, i do that a LOT, so i grab my keys and head out to fix the problem.... however, the lights aren't actually on... the brake lights are just lighting up the sky, but nothing else.... *FUCK**!! *kicks car... twice* talk to becca, then drive home, talk to mommy, we fiddle with the electrical, and wires, then decide just to unplug the damn things, but can't figure out how to unplug the top one.... when my dad calls! YAAAYYY DADDY!! tell him whats up, and he goes... oh.. i wonder.... theres a switch on the floor, just like your neutral saftey release... i go check.... sure enough, now my brakes aren't makin contact with this stupid switch, BECAUSE the little rubber thingy decided to disintegrate, and whats even better, is there is a HOLE just big enough for the stupid switch to fit through w/o the rubber thing. So in the end i take a nut and bolt and pop it through the hole, but by now my neck is permanently stuck to my shoulder b/c of the limited work space underneath all my petals!! *sigh* if one more switch goes down there, i'm pushin my car into the river!!! at least its cheap on gas!

OK, since its my day off i should go accomplish things!!


Sunday, August 14, 2005

PGX (please go extort {someone else!})

Ha ha.... ok, that wasn't a Gooooood way of fiddling with the name, but its been a long weekend leave me alone! :P OK! lets start with friday,

my first day of working at the PGX. I arrive at 3:15 (15 mins later than i would've liked, to be discussed in the next blog i post!) to Verne getting anxious with me b/c he swweeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrssssss up and down that he told me to be there at 1, however; that would've required him CONTACTING me to tell me to come at 1, which i can assure you, he did not do. So w/e, fuck him very much he left me alone. *WHAM* a slam of ppl rush in to post enter, pick up pkgs, etc etc, and suddenly i realized.... I FORGET HOW TO USE THE GOD DAMNED PROGRAM! but i remember enough to get by with the rush of ppl, i hand them all their new numbers, get them to sign liability waivers, all is wonderfull.... UNTILL one demonic little girl comes in and says "i forgot to get my number..." she did WHAT?! ok.... not a biggie, right? wrong, this little girl with her absent mindedness... managed to throw off nearly 10 ppls #'s compared to the computer system!!! AAAHHHHHH!!!!!! so i smile, give her a new number, and then panic city. Call Kim, she comes, tells me what to do (Sooooo simple to fix... takes AGES, but simple) I look up from my computer screen to glance at the time.... and tis 7:30!!! *phew* at least time is passing w/o my direction, go home pass out!

Day 2
Woo hoo!! get up early, leave my best friend whom i'm stayin wtih for the weekend a note for when she gets up (aren't i a nice friend) i stop at Timmy's to get some green tea and a bagel, then off to the fair we go. Go to my office and brace myself for the impending "rush" 3 hours later, the rush never actually came. w/e, not a biggie. So i've started catching up on highpoint (Verne didn't bring me a rule book the day before, so now i'm a day behind), and in order to do this... i need to print stuff out. So i open the exhibitor list, and hit print... then all hell breaks loose. THe printer starts swearing at me... you konw, cartoon comic book swearing... but only ONE line of it per page and it does this on MANY pages... so i just keep throwing the same pages back at it (which prolly only enrages it further) and then VERNE walks in.... YYYAAAYYYY!!! his solution is to grab a HUGE stack of clean fresh virgn pure white paper... and shoves it in the printer, praise the lord it doesn't jam, however we're now ruining HALF A PACKAGE OF PAPER... and can i just take it out nnnnoooooo.... he stands ther watching it! finally (when MOST of the paper has gone through) he turns his back {I valiantly rescue the paper and start refeeding it profanity paper} he grabs his cell phone and phones TWO PGX officials to inform them i've fucked the computer.... fortunatly one was Kim, my cool computer lady who knows Verne is a horses ass... *sigh* Also at one point today, a lady left her camera in the stands... someone valiantly (i like that word) picks it up and turns it in to my dungeon, *cough* i mean office. So i humbly wait for someone to retrieve it, even stay late during my lunch break and plan to return early... however the fuck face manages to come on the short period i was away from my prison, discovers the door locked, and goes to the PGX office to bitch about me taking a god damned lunch break! w/e, john the arena keeper went in for her and got it.... grrrr... went home and devoured Pizza with Mel Cole and Nic! (thanks Cole for the CC and SC)

Day 3
Last day... duhn duhn duhhhnn..... (that was dramatic music for the unimaginative) And i am awoken at 5:00am before wonderful Mel goes to work.... apparently she suspected i was dying or somthin, i was thrashing around and breathing funny... so she valiantly (hee hee) comes to check on me... however i was fine, went back to sleep, woke up at 7.... shit, i'm supposed to BE there at 7... get up get dressed grabbed cowboy hat jumped in car and SKIPPED the timmys' run. I walk in to see what appears to be a class going on (wtf?) w/e, go upstairs, Verne kinda chuckles at me, i sit down at the computer, oh its actually after 8, i just can't tell time (FUCK FUCK FUCK!) and then.... Verne doesn't lecture me... was nice to me..... and the rest of the day went off w/o a hitch?!?! how the hell does that happen?!!? Verne said nice things about me to other ppl, and at the end i got a VERY special volunteer (which i WASN"T i was paid upfront) award from Horse Council for the person at the show who put the most effort forward to make the show somthin special! I also got to award one of the highpoints i took so much time to tabulate.... so that was my PGX Light Horse show office experience... and now this SUPER SECRETARY needs sleep! *dramatic bow*

Friday, August 12, 2005


AHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Its happened... its finally happened, tho way sooner than i expected. Last night i had a dream i was at work, waiting on tables at Denny's... i've only been there for a month, isn't it a lil soon for my mind to become twisted and warped to the way of Denny's?!?! *sigh* i'm doomed now, i can feel it... anwyays, today is the first day of the All Breed Appaloosa/Arabian Light Horse show, and already i think its goign better than last year... not that i've actually been there yet, and the show hasn't started and won't for another 7 hours. But this year i know what i'm doing b/c of my experience from last year, and i've already discussed what is going to happen with one of the co-ordinators for highpoint and such. Also i won't be riding in this show either, so that'll make it easier for me to run lol! Well, its off to do laundry so i can wear clean clothes whilst at the PGX, adieu!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Just grass

not WHEAT grass.... just grass!!! somehow i was convinced (or did i ONCE again do the convincing... :S) to try wheat grass today. You don't even see it comming, they catch you with the, "equivalent to 2 1/2 lbs of vegatbles" and "loaded with antioxidants and disease fighting minerals" and of course it comes in a shot glass with a quaint lil chaser of w/e flavour of juice you want... so me and my dear friend Mel were seduced by all this and so much more... (yes becca, i partially blame you for this as well :P) so we purchase this wheat grass, then watch them squeeze the juice out of what appears to be a part of someones well tended LAWN!!!! they then hand us this green oozing shot glass... so we set up our chasers, say a toast, and OMG I JUST DRANK ESSENCE OF LAWN!!!!!!! believe you me, the chaser was NO help, and i am STILL burping grass... i'm also now rethinking my horses diet! Anwyays, tomorrow the light horse show starts, which i am going to be the show secretary of, and some sick twisted part of me is actually looking forward to it... tho i have a feeling i'm going to replace the sunburn that is now peeling away from my body in huge snake like pieces... alas, i must end this blog, and go in search of lawn clippings to chew on

If you like Pina Coladas

And getting caught in the rain.... weeee this blog thing is fun, kinda nice to just go type shit!!! lol *sigh* today me and Mel are going to work out again... whos stupid idea WAS thsi?! oh ya.... mine.... ugh, between excersize, haying, and work i think i'm slowly being killed... feel like i've been hit by a train but alas, i should get on with my day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mwa ha ha!!!

Ah ha ha ha ha!!!! My friend Becca has this little bloggy thing, so i was like HEY!!! i wanna blog stuff to!!!! SO here i are! i mean... um am! ANd weeeeeeeeeee i like dots, the dots make me happy.... OH! ANd i saw a squiirrrellll.... he was going like this: chk chk. Can i be a mongoose? uggghhhh..... its 11:42 and i should be sleeping, well.... after i remove the hay from my skin... stupid haying season lasting till 10:30 at nigth then driving stupid sister home from work at 11... i just want to sleep and have funnnnnn Zzzzzzzzzz