Thursday, June 29, 2006


GAAAAHHHH!!!!!! You should see the electrical storm going on here... while working I saw lightning strike above a house... then all the mom's were saying to go home... a grandpa started freaking out when I stopped underneath a tree... so here I am, hoping this will blow over so I can go back to work... its like, nonstop thunder, its absolutly crazy!! Crazy I tell you!!!

Also.... since noone commented on how funny my last picture was, I put a new one in. This is a picture of some of the huge boats that go through the Canal in St. Catharines... for a while, and in a lil while, I was/will be working right next to the canal... they're very cool to see. They travel up the canal by going into locks, where the water is raised until they're high enough to continue on... there are 4 or 6 locks between lake Ontario and Lake Eerie. Very cool!!

Anyways, I think the lightning has calmed down, so parents can stop yelling at me for being crazy still working... and I wont' lie, maybe I"ll be a little less afraid to work with the lack of electricity in the air...

A ark... We need an ark! Where's the ark?

Ok... Maybe the weather's not that bad... It never really rains long here, but when it does it pours... Glad i found a huge maple to devour my apple and granola bar under... Weird weather... Monday it poured SO hard for two hours, them rained another two, then 'dry' for the rest of the day... As dry as ontario gets anyways... But it was still SO HOT! i had a tee and jeans, and very light coat and i was sweating... In the rain! Blah... And i've good through three umbrellas already to... Shoulda brought one today. Anyways, its kinda stopped again so i should quit being whiney and in back to work.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Guess whos biking? Biking again? Dez has a bike, dez has a bike...

And it is the UGLIEST thing ever... Bright pink... Me... A pink bike... Can't complain to much though, it was free! But oh so pink... Well there was your bike update for the week... On bike numba four... Rebecca went through six last year so i'm workin on beating her... Maybe i shouldn't bother locking the ugly thing up...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The lack of personality IS my personality...

This is an update, on a long ago forgotten post... my lack of personality. In the end it was decided that my personality is just little tid bits of all the personalities around me... and how true it is. Here my approach is Charlotte and Jared, my introduction is Robin, my joke's are Jame's, my price build up is Ashley... but I realized... its actually only similar to them, and really and truely my own... I have a personality!! I just take otehr peoples personality and put a little twist or spin on them!! lol!!!

Yay... another week come and gone... but I talked about it in the e-mail, so I love you all, hope to hear from you soon!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Yay! My favourite pastime!

You guessed it! Drunk posting yay! Ok... Not really drunk... But definitly tipsy... God bless the BP servers and not IDing... I definitly had two and a half drinks, and i definitly use definitly to often! Yes... Went to boston pizza... Very fun. Going to toronto tomorrow... May even get to drive! I miss my car... And my horse... Definitly considered flying home, saying hi to mom, sleeping out in the paddock, insuring the car driving home... Or back here. You know me, home's where i dump my shit on the floor... Anyhoo... I need water, and sleep... I'm so stuffed up... Poor darby..... And my book goggles... For the love of god, the book goggles!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Bye bye my bike, bye bye.

Another one bites the dust...

well... My newest bike managed to last almost two weeks! ALMOST... No... This one wasn't stolen... It just decided to die. Chain just snapped, fell off and that was that. At least i'm working super close to my hq. Would be nice for saturday tho... Sigh. Oh well... In its last few days of life it was getting mean... Fell on my ankle scratching it and making it swell... And it bucked me off! Or i fell... But its dead now, noone can verify the story. Actually... In reality its corpse is chained to a telephone pole till i figure out what to do with it... Going to see if bike will either repair it, or trade me.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I LOVE Ontario weather!

First it pours for two hours, them its horribly hot sunny and humid, oh, and them it pours for a couple more hours, and its windy. Blah. Its going to be an awesome week though! Also.... Did you know a white surface is the prime choice for a mating spot for flies?!? I figure it has to be since everytime i leave my preapproach pad for half a minute, there are flies fucking on it!

becca... I can see your blog from my phone now, yay. Who yelled at you?

hugs to the few who still read my blog

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Creative accounting!

I hate accounting! I hate it i hate it! I was up till three am all because i made one tiny error in paperwork and nothing would balance! Hurrah! Got figured out eventually, tied up the lose ends with some creative accounting (are you proud nic?) anyways... Maybe arter i take three more accounting courses i'll be better... Gag.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Oh yee of little faith!!

Well... thank you Phil, and Chris... lol. I like Heidi's idea, but glad it didn't happen. I made it 6 days with my bike so I broke down and bought an 11 dollar lock, just for convenience... I bought a swiss army knife shortly after I got here, thank goodness, its quite useful, but I really do miss having my tools... and my mother for that matter. My book bag is broken... tis a funny story really, I was biking, and there was a little pole on the corner, and as I was turning the corner, my bag caught on the pole, and boomeranged me around, then held me there while the bike shot off... i'm alright, however the bookbag zipper is broken... I guess I get to problem solve... ya problem solving...

I miss my horses :(

Heidi... your car? what happened?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bikes of my life...

Sounds like a soap opera eh? Well... Seems this blog is mainly a place to tell the latest happenings with my bike situation! And it all happens so fast i can't keep up! WELL! Saturday morning on my way to work, stopped at a garage sale and picked up a bike for five dollars. Its ugly... Which is great. The again continually falls off, and so did the brakes. Makes me happy! So yes, i am no longer on foot... Again... Maybe this time get a chain? But its so ugly and dead noone would take it... Right?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Care package

Keep forgetting to mention... Cole is sending me a care package monday if anyone wants to throw anything in... Like my christmas present ' cough' becca. On an unrelated note... I need polo shirts and knee length shorts, phone cards, money, a life, sleep in a can, oh! Stamps. Oh, and a clone would be appreciated... Anyways, i'll quit goofin here... Hugs and kisses to all, and to all a good relaxing look we have mountains and no humidity day.

Random excerpts by dezeray.

Toronto squirrels are black.
there is an elementary school called connaught.
i'm eating a pina colada star burst.
i think i might have allergies...
its super windy and cold here.
the sun still shines despite wind...
not wearing sunscreen on face because its windy is bad idea.
i got a bike for five dollars today.
bugs here are really icky.

Friday, June 09, 2006

And your about to know... The rest... Of the story...

Since my free bike has attracted so much attention, i should probably fess up. After the bike was in my possession a mere sixteen hours, it was stolen... So yes i an now back on foot, looking for another free bike. Other than that things are well... Got drenched today, for half hour downpour, them it cleared up, was very sunny, but kinda cold. Have i mentioned i'm going to CANADA'S WONDERLAND this sunday... For a mere twenty four dollars?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mission accomplished!

Woo hoo! Mission accomplished.... Set out today with a mission.... To get a bike... Managed to get one for ten dollars less than last time! Yes! And i still have two goal periods left, plus bonus time! What a great day! Also spilled ice capp all over me! Woot! <-do ppl still use that word? Ok, sandwich all gone, bye!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


The actual reason i went to post last time, on the long walk home yesterday i typed everyone's blog into my phone, and only three were small enough to see. Jeff's, Chris's, and Jeremy's... Of course two of them never post anymore anyways... Lol. So i think everyone should change the settings of their blog, so they're smaller... Only so many posts on the page etc. Anyways, that was my random story for you.

Super saturday!

Its super saturday, and i'm super excited! Things have really finally clicked for me, and today is going to be my best day yet! I'm going to have to work hard for it tho, lots of area to cover, and all on foot... Not to mention my back is in sooo much pain... But thats why we have IBuprofen... And hopefully a chiropractor. Tomorrow we in to toronto for the sunday meeting, and my wonderful sales manager nate vogel will be there! Yay! What an interessting week i've had... 43'C weather with the humidity, to thundershowers possibly today, blue light award, doubling my sales, bike being stolen.... This job is so cool! Note to self, obtain ziplock for preapproach pad! Ok, i've tonnes of families to sit down with, so i bid yee all farewell! :)

Friday, June 02, 2006

The long walk to work...

Well... I'm amazingly multi talented so i figured i'd post on my long walk to work... Thats right, walk. My $10 bike & $16 lock got stolen yesterday. Of course, he i would've remembered to USE the lock maybe i wouldn't be walking... Sigh. Oh well, just have to find a new one... Debating on getting a new lock however... Lol. Oh how appropriate. I'm wearing my geek shirt (zelda shirt) and the link song by weird al is playing on the IRiver. With that i shall post and concentrate on walking before i get hit by a bus!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Quick note

First off... If everyone whos phone has picture capabilities could let me know... I've started having to much fun with my cell camcorder, and figured i could send little clips of ontario to you BC folks. Next point... For those of you who are unaware, i can't actually check the blogs... I can only post on my own, and check my e-mail, which is where comments on my blog go to. I can also write e-mails. But ya, every week or two i get to an actual computer, but i don't have the time to read the million posts you guys put up... What i'm trying to say is occasional e-mails would be greatly appreciated... It's really hard being thousands of km away from home working 14 hrs alone all day, and not having any contact with friends or family you've known longer than four weeks. Anyways, in other randomness... Our sunday meeting is in toronto this week so for once i'll bring my camera & take cool pics. Works good right now Working in town houses right now So many kids and so fast to work. Speakin of which, its that time