Friday, September 30, 2005

Inner Peace

*sigh* the wonderful peace I find out here... tonight, when I got home from work, I grabbed the blanket from my car, and lied on the dock while staring at the stars just listening to the waves sweep across the lake... So wonderful, just... ahhhhh... The clouds started to roll in tho and the wind picked up, so my blanket and I headed back in the house where it is warm, and somewhat bat safe? maybe not, but I'll just close my door.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I might be a little bit loco

But it keeps me from losing my mind. I'm half insane, but thats ok baby a little bit crazy's alright. The deep end might be so close, but I'm hanging on for dear life.

Hee hee... I love that song, it describes my thoughts on life I think!!

OK! I think I'll actually try and post something meaningful, and I've slowed down my typing so you can all understand.

First off, I've spent Wwwwaaaaaayyyyyyyy to much time at Dennys. And not NEAR enough time sleeping. Monday night was my last night at Dennys for two days, but before work Becca Cole and I went to see a Corpse Bride, then afterwards... WENT TO DENNYS! Yay, tried to have nachos with sour cream and the meat on the side, then 10 mins later Bev informed me that we were out, so i got Biscuits and grapes, which came 5 mins before my shift, so instead of eating i got changed and started working, put my food in the back, forgot about it, then the next morning it was half eaten... I thikn Hardish got to it, but oh well, all the power to her... or something. Was really excited tho (and the reason is beyond pathetic) I didnt' have the chance to do Salt and Pepper shakers (its late night side work, you have to empty every salt and pepper shaker in the restaurant then have the dishwasher wash them, then dry them on the pass bar and refill them) So i promised i'd do them monday, but the new guy did them on swing shift!! YES!! i was happy that i didn't have to do that. Anwyays, last night at Dennys for two days, went home, got to bed at 8, got up at noon, went to work at Supesrtore, put my one week notice in (i know... i'm a horrible person, can't even give 2 weeks... *snicker*) then tuesday night, i try to get the girls together, which hardly works, but i manage to get Jen and Steph to Dennys *sigh* for desert... which was awesome, dropped Steph off hung out with Jen till 1:30 am, went BACK to Dennys to get my Time Card, and saw Dyana (Stan's wife, who looks like Donatello {Stan, not his wife}) so we ended up sitting together and talking till 4:45 am, and i went home about 15 mins afterwards... go home, sleep till 3, get up, go hang out with my family, played Mario Golf, much fun, went back to the house i'm house sitting at, talk to Mel way to long, get a tearfull phonecall from Steph on my cell phone, call her back to find out that David Baycroft wants her and me to meet up with him at Denny's *UGH*!!! so.... at 1 am, we meet at Dennys, Kevin (the manager) now calls me a regular, but it was ssssooooo awesome to see David again, totally missssed that kid. Him and Steph were all lovesick heartbroken kids tho, so that kinda put a damper on it all, but it was awesome to just talk about shit till like, 4:15 am agian... *sigh*

K! THe house i'm house sitting at. First night i'm there, kinda wander around check out the place, i was told i had a bed downstairs or upstairs whichever i prefer, so i check out both, the upstairs is a room, and really awesome, but head downstairs, could only find one lightswitch.... walk towards an open door, and what do i hear?! Scraping, Squeaking, and fluttering!! The sounds that freaking BATS make!!! I was soo freaked out, part of the reason for late nights at Denny's... however, i feel an ass now, as I haven't heard such sounds since... THe house is gorgeous tho, Lakeside property (Tabor Lake) also right next to the mountain... its gorgeous, plus theres a dock, and this morning the lake was PERFECTLY calm, reflecting the mountain on its glossy surface... it was so peacefull.

Next off, stupid Car starter. I've noticed it's been getting worse lately, but w/e right. SO! I drive back home this afternoon, and shortly after Dad gets home and was liek "Hey, get that starter" and i said, "Huh... no, i thought you didn't have time to help today" And he was like, well after I eat i will, I'll call Cheiftan up and get them to get it ready so you just have to drop in and pay for it. AWESOME. So, get in my car.... and ha ha, it won't start, go thwack it with a stick... and it still wont' start... thwack it a few MORE times.... finally dad had to come thwack it WHILE i was trying to wind it over... then it did the same thing downtown, i had to get some random to thwack the starter with the stick while i wound it over... *sigh* very embarassing, but good news is, i shouldn't have to do that anymore, as Dad and I changed my starter a lil while ago!! HURRAH!! So thats that, and a bag of potato chips!

In other news, lol, I should get to see Kaylee tonight, for the first time in like, more than a month, so i'm pretty excited about it!!!! YYYAAAAYYY!!! WWWWEEEEE!!!!

OH!OH! OH! OH! OH!! ANNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDdd........... Kantana goes downtown this sunday, HURRAH!!!! I'm ssssoooooo pumped!!! so very very very pumped!! all, woo, woo hoo!!

Anwyays, speaking of Kantana, I should go clean his stall!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


SLHGjklasdhb' afgljkgahg'oashaow sghafj alghsdhgsdrghkjz bjk.bfh;awkdh'ohj klbnkdghsdogh sjkfgha' ozh 'jklxdhfkgh'earghawo'uthksjghs'dfjlh'sdgh awo'ehf alflkajwgfqHKJ KH KH HI HIH UIHEUIGHK hfakhsgiuerhg'ohg'ahgjksdfgh'sekgh '

hdgjkhser;hgs'euoghauoerhguoaerhgo'shergjkdfhg; shfgksehg'seruioghseruighjsd;f ghsiehr'aowtjowiejriwejlzxmclkcnhbjksdf'gjserioew ajawr fawioefjadnmclks hawo'hergioawrhgbjkav ksdjfhoweh odfsgjkfg'

(that was me talking to fast for you guys to actually comprehend)

(or was it actually me typing to fast for you to comprehend?)

(or is it just random blabble that means nothing?)

(maybe its a secret language i made up)

Friday, September 23, 2005

You're mom...

Goes to college.

Is a door.

Is fat.

Looks like a toaster.

Has benefits.

Makes that sound in bed.

Is a whore.

Smells like orange juice.

IS orange juice.

Likes to eat.

Is "Designed for action"

Is a walrus.

Eats walrus for breakfast.

Writes stupid pointless posts like this...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Woe is me.

Bowling was fun.

Work sucks.

Bought discman for car.

Also bought speakers.

Also bought man slave.

Wishing above was true.

Have day off today.

Slept too late.

Have throat and ear infection.

Feel like head stuck in fish bowl.

Am taking ammoxicilin.

Mel had bear in backyard.

Find this amusing.

She didn't.

My pony's fat.

My mom's is spoiled.

Apollo learned to kiss.

Kinda weird.

Dislike "Walt Whitman"

Met Wanda's sister.

Discovered center of universe.


Posting this now.


"It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated."

"Ye can lead a man up to the university, but you can't make him think."

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Throat... swelling... overrrrrrrrr

AHA!!! I am the master of sleep. I've been adding up what i've been getting for sleep since i started working late nights, and the answer is, more than when i worked days or swing. Its aweosme i get a minimum of 8hrs per night, generally closer to 10!! i think i should start reducing my sleep and start accomplishing other things... but oh well.

So today Becky went to a new home, but in all fairness i think she went to the best possible home. Shirley has actually spent the whole time since we left (4.5 hours ago) in the corral with Becky.

Unfortunatly, mom woke me up after 4hrs sleep to go drop her off, but then i came home and slept for another four hours... am i amazing or waht!?!?

What i just noticed, and is really weird... this date will say that i've posted yesterday and today... but by my days and how they work, its actually been 2 days since i posted... *twilight zone theme*

OK! last night, work was NUTS!!!!! LIke, ppl lined up at the doors nuts!! it was aweful, me and Stan are contemplating calling in dead tonight, and me and Mike decided stabbing ppl would be a good stress relief, AND prolly get us outa work tonight... *throws self on ground, starts beating fists on ground* I DON"T WANNA GO!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO!! ahem, anyways....

I feel like my throat is swelling over... looks like i've got w/e my father had which is disencouraging cause he's not healthy yet... but i only have a couple days more, and a day of hell, another day, then a day off!! YYYAAAYYYYY!!

Ok, ending this random post, apparently going bowling with my mommy!

"Ever notice anyone going slower than you is a moron, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?"

"I've never been quarantined. But the more I look around the more I think it might not be a bad idea."

Friday, September 16, 2005

And now even the blog won't work for me

*sigh* my car is becomming embarrassing... of course, its not even the cars fault, its the fact taht me and my dad are to lazy to fix a part of it is MOSTLY the reason.... but if it didn't decide to get clogged with debris we wouldn't have to fix it now would we?!?! but i'm begining to think enough is enough. Twice today i had to pop the hood and beat a certain part with a stick... this certain part i can not for the life of me remember (hell it took all i had to think of the word debris) however, it is attached to the starter, and hence i can't start my car because this attached part is filled with debris but if i wack it with a metal stick it moves the debris and oila, it starts. However, rather annoying... i just hope it doesn't cost much to fix. Hee hee, all this car talk reminds me of Dane Cook!! (god, what DOESN"T these days)

*to the "beat" of a modern car alarm*
Hellllooooooooooooooooooo, I'm a caaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr. GASOLINE. MAKES. ME. RUN. Baaaacckkkk seat..... trunk space.....

Happy happy. ANyhoo, managed to accomplish dick all today, seroiusly!! woke up to Cole bringing me icecream (which was very wonderful btw) so visited with him for a while, then booted him out, unloaded the downstairs bathroom (filled with bags destined for VV) cause apparently they're going to actually make it into a bathroom for me... which will be an odd concept.. lol, anwyays, dad drove off with that, and my grandma called, whom i haven't talked to in a while.... then my aunt called, agian who i ahdn't talk to in a while, then she drove over to see me, so we visited, picked mushrooms (don't get too excited folks, just edible non halucinogenic ones from my lawn), dad came home, asked me then then ordered me the then threatened me to make dinner (it was an ordeal, lol) so made dinner, had a shower, then left to hang out with Mel and Becca!! Which was much fun, lots of talking, and THEN!! this is sssooo good it gets its own paragraph

We went to Earl's for desert.... first off, very yummy male chef's and bus boys there!! *slurp* lol, BUT the kicker, which gets to be in bold b/c of its importance is the orgasmic chocolate cake we had there!!! ok, in all fairness Becca got it, but lets face it, me and mel ate most of it, it was omg drop an egg on the spot good. Me and mel decided if we ever feel "lonely" or "frusterated" we'll just go order the cake there!! seriously! that good!

after that, went to work, all hyper and in a REALLY good mood.... which work sufficiently worked on killing for me. All my tables ordered desserts tonight, which we servers have to make themselves. The few that didn't, ordered shakes for drinks. talk about piss me off. And then.... there were maybe 3 tables that didn't order either... do you know what they ordered instead? you geussed it FUCKIN SALADS!!! like, wtf?!?! Anywyas, when that hellish nightmare slowed down, Mike let me take a break, then he went for his, and it was sufficiently quiet after that. I like that word... sufficiently... sufficiently hee hee, very fun word, almost as good as cous cous, BUT getting back to topic, i had this somewhat drunk, younger male tabel come in, and after walking away from teh table heard one say, "fuck man, shes hot" and another say "i know!!" tee hee... made me laugh that they were so loud, and kinda feel good! Then, i brought their food, and was beign smartassish, and the guy looked at his food and went, "beautiful" to whcih i replied "why thank you!" in unison to him saying, "just like you" then i walked away going oh god, like usual... lol!! belive you me, none of them my type, but nice to be complimented!

and alas, it is 4:30am, so i should find sanctuary in my bed, for it'll be an actual shift tomorrow night which i should prepare for with sleep.

"I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That's deep enough. What do you want --an adorable pancreas?"

"It is better to be beautiful than to be good, but it is better to be good than to be ugly. "

"By today's beauty standards, of course, Marilyn Monroe was an oil tanker."

"Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless; peacocks and lilies, for instance."

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lost soul, lost rider

so today i've decided i feel like a lost soul. Also, my horse made me a lost rider... twice, but we'll get to that. First off, lost soul, I'm no longer certain what i want to do anymore... i still really want to go to Edmonton, so bad, but at the same time i really want to go to school, and if i can go to school here with free room and board can i really justify going to Edmonton? the other thing that makes this hard, is i'm not really getting support for edmonton from anyone but my parents. I geuss in a way i'm getting support from my friends, in the way that they seem to be distancing themselves from me, for the most part leaving it up to me to go see them... Also, for all you reading who seem to be "worried" about my welfare, i only take on what i want to, and what i feel i can accomplish, if i've had enough, i'll quit something, find balance. also i'm doing no more than the rest of you. The difference is you're going to school as well as working, and therefore have homework, and in the end, more on your plates than i. The other part is, its called growing up. I'm working the equivalent of a full tiem job in ways, even tho my hours are different, i'm still working a fulltime job. I'm out in the world makin a living so i can afford things.... growing up, some of you could try it sometime. Anyways, sorry for the bitterness, as Holly said the other day, i'm gunna be one of those old bitter ladies with 100s of cats who dies alone and the cats eat my body long before anyone notices i'm dead...

SO! was home alone today and succumbed to depression and feeling sorry for myself, which mel (naturally) helped pull me out of, and my mom completed it by going for a bareback trail ride. Its ssooooo lovely this time of year, the colours, the smells.... i love it so much, there is no happier place than atop my horse. Atop being the key word here... at one point Kantana just freaked right out, and i fell down, on my ribs, then ass, hurt my wrist, had my wind knocked out, and burst a couple blood vessels in my ring finger. *sigh* regained breath, got back on.... rode a lil further, then we went for a wonderful gallop down this straight stretch... we're running outa road, so i ask Kantana to slow down, to which he responded in a way that was like saying, fuck you you're ruining my fun, he bucked, and i came down, lied there for a moment, he stood watch, then the second i got, and i got up angry, he ran to my mother for shelter... this time i hurt my right hip somethin fierce... and still, got up again, and went home and am now sitting here stiff. stupid best friend, *mumble mumble*

YES! the tires i ordered today are on sale for..... wait for it..... $39.99!!!!! can you say fan-fucking-tastic?!?! so i'm pumped for them to get in now, it'll be a while.

and that is all for my one day off... we'll try again next wednsday!!

Pppsstttt.... any help in making up an imaginary b/f to fend off drunk customers would be more than welcome... :D

"Ah, to be a bird. To fly the skies, sing my song, and best of all occasionally peck someone’s eyes out. "

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I had a mad impulse to throw you down on the lunar surface and commit interstellar perversion with you.

Is this not a freakin wicked fractal?!?!

Hmmmm..... i love Woody Allen, he's got some freakin hilarious quotes!! They make me happy. ahem "Sex without love is an empty gesture. But as empty gestures go, it is one of the best. " They tend to be mostly sexually tho... "Sex between 2 people is a beautiful thing; between 5 it's fantastic..." He still has some good ones that aren't about sex, "When I was in school, I cheated on my metaphysics exam: I looked into the soul of the boy sitting next to me. " or one that reminds me of MY parents "When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out my room." the sexual ones are some of the best tho, "The difference between sex and death is that with death you can do it alone and no one is going to make fun of you. " he's also quite big on death to, "I am not afraid of death, I just don't want to be there when it happens." eeeeeh heee heee, cracks me up... and any excuse for me to quote, is a good excuse!!

SO! Tomorrow.... *eyes dart back and forth, looking for spies* (lowers voice to a hardly audible whisper) I have a day off! *GASP* I know.... tis crazy, but i don't work ANYWHERE tomorrow! I'm very excited, and i'm also not house sitting anywhere either! Have looooottttsss to do tomorrow, gotta get tires with Dad, clean my car, clean my room, make some phone calls *sigh* but its still nice not to have to work anywhere!! tis very exciting, I also have pretty well all thursday off to, cause i work 10pm-2am so i dont' need to sleep in to late thursday either. THen its back to the grind, 10pm-6am friday-tuesday. But i like it, and seems that i'm on a permanent schedule, so my days off/on are consistent!!

and YAY for making oodles of money (thats right, i said OODLES!) "Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons." *snicker* anyways, because i'm makeing so much money i'm boarding my horse downtown starting october 1st for a few months, i'm ssooooo excited... it'll give me the chance (aka half ass force me) to ride almost daily!! i'm very excited, as i haven't ridden much this year...

Ok, so i get off work at 6am today, go home, get to sleep around.. 8.. and didn't wake up till 5 PM!!!!! like, what the frick, and i only had to work at the superstore till 10, but i got off at 8, and i'm not at AAALLLLLLLL sleepy... like, how the hell am i supposed to sleep!?! I've been up for like.... 5 hours now!! grr to graveyards messing up my sleep patterns!

annnnd.... nothing exciting to report at Denny's... i continue to get hit on, but its calmed down, and nothing really exciting has been happening. Well, except one table lost the girl they brought with them... she just.... left, and from what i gather they didnt' really know her to well either. OH OH!!! Forgot, got a secret shopper report, and i did SUPER great!! am so happy! So i got $30 worth of Denny's coupons (um.... yay?) bah, irrelevant, i am amazing, revere me!!!


"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying. "

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Hmmm.... i believe i'm turning into a vampire... and an antisocial one at that. Though me and Holly and Perry discussed it last night (at work, where else do i talk to ppl) and we're uncertain if i'm ACTUALLY a vampire. While i DO sleep during the day, and drink ppls blood, I don't actually go out at night either... I'm merely, awake then... but then again, i spose Vampires dont' really HAVE to leave their sanctuary whilst awake, its enough to just stay outa the sun.

Of course, after last night at work you'd think i was just a vamp. Omg, never had so many older guys hit on me... its was.... different. Like... i had this hug table in the back, and mike was like, omg dez, these guys tip well. So i was all yay, good table, (FREAKIN noisy table tho... had to yell to get orders) anyhoo, this guy starts implying that we hsould date or something, so i explain, I"M ONLY 17 YEARS OLD!! and he says "thas ok, i'm 18, ok i'm lying i'm 24. How do you feel about older men?" AAACCCCKKKK!!!!!

ALSO! I discovered the REST of the story about a particular incident at work. One night he came in with 2 chicks, and they were all funny, and great, and it was cool, right. So i'm cleaning tables, when i hear one of the girls say, "uh huh, she wants ME!" so i look up and say "damn straight i do" the guy spins around and goes "oh shit'' and they all fall down laughing... i have NO Idea what just happened, but the guy is SUPER embarrassed, and then everytime they come in, they bug him about me, and he gets all embarassed... so FINALLY last night, one of the other girls explained it to me. I geuss what happened is he was talking about how everytime i keep walking by i keep smililng at him (i smile at the world buddy) and how he can feel the sexual tension between us, and how i so want him... then thus, the girls say that i want them more, and then i add my comment, and then he realizes i was behind him the whole time and htinks i over heard everything... so then he asked to borrow a pen, and i said "only if you feel it won't create any sexual tension"

THEN! this thirty year old who was at this guys table table, was like blah blah blah (can't really remember much the same thing) so i once again pointed out that i was 17 and walked away, then overheard him say, "damn, if i were 20 i could go for her" then later, "in theory how much older of a guy would you date? say like 20?" *Sigh* "Ya, i'd prolly date up to early mid twenties, but it entirely depends" "Whoa... really?!? k, say you didn't know how old i was, would you date me?" "no" but one of the girls chimes up, "early twenties, that means you could date me" to which my reply was "oh, i'd make larger exceptions for girls." so the guy who was all embarrassed, has decided that i've shot him down twice now, for a girl... quite humourous actually.

Which is somthing i noticed about myself. I think i'm comfortable enough with myself, and sexuality, that i um.... imply being a lesbian as a way to protect myself... like, with the guys hitting on me, imply i'm a lesbian, and maybe they'll leave me alone. Of course this isn't a very well thought out deffense mechanism, as things like that tend to TURN on guys, but it really worked at one table which was nice... however, i'm pretty sure soem of my friends are CONVINCED i'm a lesbian, cause when i feel uncomfortable, its my defence mechanism... now how fucked up is that?!?!?

Ok, so tonight, i work 10pm-6am (dennys) then 9:30am-2:20pm (superstore) then 10pm-6am (dennys)... and... right now i'm going to a baby shower, so screw sleeping for the next couple days... *sigh* anyways, i shall be going, as apparently we're running late.

*echo echo echo*

Thursday, September 08, 2005


OK! I just want to let you all know i've made changes to "comment settings" to try and reduce spam. You know have to do a word verification, which isn't that big of a deal really. Also, i wanted to let those of you who don't comment know that you can comment without having a blog of your own. Simply click "other" and type your name, or of course you can hit annonymus (er... however thats spelt) but i'd appreciate it if you left your name. Thanks y'all!

"There is a fine line between genius and insanity, I have erased that line."

I was the turkey...

I was the turkey the whooooooooole time.

*ahem* so i sit before my computer at 12:03 to write on my blog for the sake of keeping awake a few hours more so that late nights don't suck as much over the next few days. Just returneth from Mel's house where we caused Becca to have multiple orgasms ;) (j/k) oh, and of course watched Shakespeare in Love which i believe was brilliantly done, developing alot of Shakespeares plays with in this one movie centered around a romance similar to that of Romeo and Juliet. "For never was there a tale of more woe, then this of Juliet, and her Romeo" *sigh* the beauty of it all.

Soooooo..... i spend all of my waking hours at work... i sleep, go to work, go home and sleep, get up, go to work.... alas, woe is me.

I unfortunatly have nothing of interest or value to say on this blog, so without further adieu, i shall spare you the minutes of your life you will never get back.... goodnight

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


UUUUGgghhhhhh...... aslghasdhgajklgh ag asdhgalsfgh alh ahglshgklasdgkdfsghfkjklj..... *cough* ok lets try this again... i'm ssssoooo sleepy, and sore, and welll asdjkhasdh seems the only word to describe it. Have been working late nights, which means I start at 10pm, and work till 6am... of course, to top that lovely piece of work there, i'm DEZ, which means I've also been working another job during this... ha ha... ok, i HAVEN"T previously bitched about this (just skimmed other posts) so here was my schedule the past couple days.

Sunday, worked 10pm-6am. Monday, was awoken after an hours worth of sleep, but managed to squeeze another 2 in.... went to the airport to pick up Patience and Jeff, went to work at Superstore from 2:30-6:30, came home, stalled in the driveway (i'm EXAUSTED what do you expect? plus the gate was closed so i had to stop, start, stop start) annnddd.... it wouldn't start again... walk in to the house, have a melt down, dad and mom come and push the car while i've got it in second with the clutch in, release the clutch quickly, and car starts beautifully, drive in to the yard, dad fiddles with my neutral safety release button (WHICH i told him it wasn't already...) then he takes a metal rod, pokes it through the engine near the starter, and THWACKS it a few good times, tells me to start it, and oila! so now i have a steel rod in my trunk in case it happens again, but is that SERIOUSLY considered fixing it? anyways, go in the house sleep for an hour, go to Denny's and do it ALLLLLLL over again. THEN! came home, 7:15, went to bed, and.... had a dream that Mel called my cell phone, and i flipped it open and closed... woke up later, and realized oh no, that was real... *sigh*

So during my late night escapades, i've only had one walk out, last night, fuckin bastard! and one set of really drunk ppl the night before. Now the drunk ppl were just crude... getting them to agree to food we actually made at 2:00am was difficult to say the least, and in the end i just asked the cook to unthaw some stuff to keep em happy. THEN, i go see how everything is, and i get "peachy" and "smurfy".... well now thats intriguing,

dez: Why smurfy, everything blue?

drunk 1: Yaaa..... we're all blue.....

Drunk 2: I wish i could get my hands on some blue (they'd been pressing for beer all night)

drunk 3: Ya we're blue, specially my balls, i have the urge to splurge (tuned him out here, tho i imagine it was more of the same stuff)

Drunk 1: ha ha, you get paid to stand here and take this crap with a smile

Dez: Yup

Drunk 3: hey she knows i'm kidding

UUggggghhhh.... w/e, that was just tttooooo weird for me. *yawn* uggggh..... so sleepy, only got 4 hours sleep this morning, and i have to go work at the superstore at 4.... when will this nightmare end?

OK! So sunday I had the LEAST productive day ever. Tried to deposit my coins but the bank was closed. Tried to buy tires but they didn't have the ones i wanted in stock then tried to convince me to get other ones... went to superstore to hand in my letter of resignation, noone was their to accept it... how pathetic is that, i couldn't even quit my freakkin job! Tried to buy coin rolllers, superstore was outa stock, tried to give my aunt her b-day card, she wasn't home, tried to see cole and get my gifst, he wasn't home... i did however nab my gift and run... :D

Been seeing lots of Cole and Daniel and Jeremy and Zack and Andrea lately, b/c they figured out that if they want to see me, they have to go to where i'm working. So sunday we all hung out at Denny's for 2 1/2 hours, and then we all went grocery shopping monday!! lol! it was awesome that i was getting paid to visit with friends.

Ok this work aholic is going back to bed...

"Sleep is HIGHLY overrated... you'll get enough of it when you die!"

Monday, September 05, 2005



Sunday, September 04, 2005


BLaaaahhhhhhhhh.... so... bored/tired/cold/blah/sleepy/awake its not even funny... except for the fact its hilarious to some of you i know! lol! ugh... trying to stay awake late so i can sleep late tomorrow so late nights (aka graveyards) isn't so bad tomorrow... did i use tomorrow often enough in that sentence? maybe not, lets try more! TOMORROW TOMORROW, I LOVE YOU TOMORROW, YOU"RE ONLY A DAY AWAAAAAAAAAAAY!! And that my friends was our musical interlude, however tomorrow is being incorrectly used as it is two o'clock in the morning and therefore it is merely TODAY that i shall be working graveyards.... *le sigh* And <-that was a result of both Becca, and the fact that i occasionally (such as today) get a french table at work and try to converse wtih them in their own language!!

SO! worked today (any one surprised... fine, only ONE job today? HA! NOW you're surprised!! aren't you? AREN"T YOU?) anwyays, it was goooooooood, fan-fucking-tastic tips today to! sold just under 600, and went home with 65, so very sweet!! It got SUPER busy at Denny's today, had a bus come in, so that took up the front (section one that is) and i got section three, tho somehow Kyla ended up with 2 of my tables most of the time... silly hostesses, and stupid since one lost a Visa payment on me... *grumble grumble* anwyays, lovely french ppl came in, and our bi-lingual cook/sa took the order for me (YES!) then i talked to them a lil in french, which was absolutly awesome!! yay for dez!!

Hmmmm... so i'm house sitting again, kinda two places, both my parents, and Patience's house, so many animals, 4 cats, 2 dogs, 1 horse, plus my 4 horses, which APPARENTLY don't want to stay in their paddock OR their pasture... i came home last night to see them on the lawn, w/e, locked them up for the night... fed in the morning, an hour later, BAM all out in the yard again, locked them up, searcehd for broken fences, couldn't find them, so made some low fences higher, start walking away, and then watch both my fat ponies jump one of the medium fences *grumble grumble* then the other two jumped as well, but i didn't notice, so i opened the gate to that pasture and added another pole to the one they must be jumping to get into the yard. Go to work, come home, and oh, Kantana and Becky are on the lawn... this time they knocked down a rail and crawled under... sooooooooo tomorrow i get to fix fences properly, ugh!

Eeeeeeeeee hee hee, this computer amuses me to no end, if you push the keyboard holder thinger to the left, the monitor moves to the left as well!! *contended sigh* GRR!! to pass time and hopefully be able to one day return game to cole, was playing Kingdom hearts, but realized i FREAKIN WELL FORGOT TO SAVE LAST NIGHT AFTER PLAYING FOR 2 HOURS!!! *deep breaths* so played for an hour and a 1/2 ish to try and recatch up, this time i saved after making stupid mistakes and getting pissed off...

Ok, and tips are abso-fucking-lutely awesome!! Tomorrow i'm buying 4 new 185 13" all season tires for my car off tip money from the past week or so... PLUS with my coin money from the past month, i'm gunna try and get a stereo! yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!

Anyhoo, Richard Rahl is calling to me... so i must go tither... bon soir!!

"In TV today, you can say I pricked my finger, but you can't say it the other way around."