Monday, February 26, 2007


Ok, I tried to post this directly to my blog, but apparently you can only post pictures, or what becca does is has a youtube account I believe. ANyways, watch this and enjoy, its a lesson on proper etiquette.

But why's the V8 gone...

Warning: The below post will be terribly boring and to no point.


Was not able to eat much before work today b/c I got called in... apon arriving at BP i realized I was hungry and was getting hungrier. I ordered a pizza and ate it whilst working, but then felt ill. Finished it anyways, then after work tooks some pics iwth Ash and Adam, hten got a cheeseburger from McDicks. THEN ate half a can of Zoodles, and I"m still freakin hungry!!! wtf.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Make sure to always moderate your moderation.

So I've decided I have the perfect relationship. Unfortunatly he's not human.

Me and Kantana have the perfect relationship. We love each otehr unconditionally. We are so comfortable with each other that we are nothing but purely ourselves when with each other. I pet other horses, he flirts with other riders, and it never bothers us because we know it means nothing. Sometimes he gets annoyed that I dont' come see him for a couple days, but he understands and gets over it right away. Somedays he's grumpy and doesn't want to cuddle, but so am I. We generally force the other into it anywyas. All he expects of me is food, shelter and love. And all I want from him is company, someone to talk to, and of course love. What can I say he's the love of my life, and noone will ever be able to replace him.

So any men interessted in behaving similarily to my horse....

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What a great day!

And I've only been up for 45 mins!! I got 10 hours of sleep, and I feel GREAT! Turned on the music, nothing but great songs, made an awesome breakfast (Frozen blueberries, fresh banana, strawberry yogurt smoothie!! So delicious and nutritious). I feel GREAT!

Great great great!!

PLans for reading break:
Do some school reading
Do some other reading
Do the 100 themes challenge
Ride ponies!!
Change oil, oil filter, air filter, and spark plugs for Stevie!
Finish cleaning room, and organizing photos!

GO Dez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mrs. Darcy. Mrs. Darcy... Mrs. Darcy. *sigh*

Seriously.... where is MY Mr. Darcy?!?!? Happens everytime I see Pride and Prejudice, I become overly lovey dovey, and swoon and sway, and dream of love and happy sickly thoughts. Its a curse I tell you.

In other randomness, watching LOTR in reverse is quite funny. Other than the long walking scenes, one would never notice it was reverse because there isn't enough movement, you'd just have a different spin on events. Its quite entertaining. Hello's become goodbyes, throwing becomes catching, casting something off of a table becomes putting it back up, or uprooting a tree becomes putting it back, etc etc.

Other than wanting ot kill my pony today, its been so wonderful spending time with him. Very thereputic. I feel less frustrated with everything, and in fact picked up my camera again yesterday. Not going to lie I took a dozen photos of Kantana and Kantana and Me. But still, great to be with my pony, and great to be behind the lens again.

My "Singles Awareness Day" was also qutie fun. After work I had a couple drinks, some food, then went to teh Caddy with 2 other BP workers and one of their friends. It was awesmoe, me and three guys, chillin at the Cadilac. Got some great dancing in, and the singer in the band was quite good, both the girl and boy.

Ok, so if I can't have Mr. Darcy, I'll settle for Aragorn. So manly and tough, and yummy. Kinda reminds me of Link actually. ALl this fantasizing has made me realize I was born in the wrong time.

Another connection between LOTR and WoT. THe main character's both have wounds that are magically inflicted and never heal. Frodo the knife blade in the shoulder, and Rand the stab in his side. Interessting.

Anyways, I need to start on that case study that is due tomorrow and get some sleep as well. Enough random rambles from Dez!

Oh, before I go, the picture is a result of fighting with someone today... its not very good editing, just a quick mockup.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Single's Awareness Day!!

Regrettably, I and only a couple others of my friends are actually single on this wretched holiday; however, I plan to celebrate it by putting up anit-valentine poems! Enjoy :D
Some milkshakes come with straws for two.
Some parks are made for skipping through.
Some views are made for sighing over.
Some folks hold hands in fields of clover.
It's Valentine's Day - know what I'll do?
I'll celebrate being over you.

Rose are Red
Violets are Blue
Our love is like a poem
Which doesn't work.

roses are red,
violets are blue,
most poems rhyme,
but this one doesnt!!!

The roses are wilting,
The violets are dead,
The sugar bowls empty,
And so is your head.

Valentines day: when getting laid is just a box of chocolates away.

happy valentines day.
now please just go away.
i wanted to see a real sweet heart,
who had some thing inteligent to say.
instead i was stuck with you today.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"He's going to feel that tomorrow!" "I think he's feeling it now!"

10 points to whoever knows what movie that is off of.

The title of this blog is definetly how i feel at this moment. I rode my horse today, instead of the typical lunging I've been doing since bringing him to the arena. I thought during the ride "I'm going to feel this tomorrow" then changed that thought a couple minutes later to "why god why". Now I am sitting in a comfy couch and realizing just how many muscles are actually required to type, and feeling everysingle one of them. owwwee...

I'm feeling more healthy tho, which is very good!! Thursday night I felt as tho I had been hit by a truck... the bronchitis truck. Friday morning I was having troubles breathing and ended up not leaving the couch. Missed classses, and called in sick to work. Saturday told work I would come in, screwed in 2 hinges while sitting on the floor and became exausted, went to work where I stood behind the bar and glared at all servers and felt like dying. When I finally had to serve, on more than one occasion I went to a table and tried to say something, but nothing came out. Sunday me and Mel hung out, very fun, saw Pan's Labrynth, very gory, went to BP and felt as tho my head would explode.... wrote a midterm on Monday with a drippy nose and terrible cough... but today is better! Next time I am sick I will consume an entire package of halls centers in an hour on the first day! Clearly it's magically curing.

I really enjoy having 3 days off, but it really makes it hard to go back to work come Wednesday. But tomorrow is SINGLES AWARENESS DAY!!!! Which means I'll spend my night selling heart shaped pizzas!!! *gag*

Oh well, dinners ready!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I must look a mess...

Let me describe to you my current state.

Clothes: Wrinkled, covered with mud and dust from a dirty Kantana. Button on pants undone.

Eyes: Bloodshot and watery. Eyeliners smudged down face. Glasses on.

Hair: In two fraying braids, bangs held up with a paper clamp thing.

Ears: Red, swollen, throbbing, with a little puss and blood leaking out of one earing hole.

Surroundings: In computer room, papers and books spread everywhere, empty chip bowl, empty chip dip (dill pickle) empty butter tart shell tins, empty pop can, 3/4 cup of tea (green).

Why you ask?!? because it is 1:37 a.m. and i'm still freaking working on English. Two bibliographies to be exact. Ok, back to figuring out that god damned MLA format I never had to use in highschool... why can't I use APA... what is really the difference?!?! Why do we voluntarily give ppl our money so they can stress us out with time restrained assignments and high anxiety tests just so I can have a piece of paper that lets me start as supervisor at Wendy's and boost my chances of becomming employee of hte month within a short few months?!

While I'm asking questions, WHY does the human body need 7-9 hours to function properly?!? it is SUCH a waste of time, imagine how much more you could accomplish if 4 hours was all you needed?!?! 5 hours would be sleeping in by 25% !! it would be wonderful.... *sigh* I have a feeling tomorrow I will be demonstrating my ability to function on 4 hours... maybe more if I post this and get back to what I was doing.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

BP dreams... noooooooooo!!!!

Ok, last night I had one effed up dream!!! I was at work (naturally) and in my dream i was working the bistro which was 20 feet wider and 10 feet longer than its actual dimensions. Also, there were twice as many coolers behind the bar, but they weren't just behind the bar the stretched down the entire length of the bistro to the server aisle. In this dream I got 6 tables all at once, 2 of them over 6 people. I went to the first table sat (also the largest) and tried to get a drink order. They were sssoooooo picky, and I ended up running back and forth with drinks for more than ten minutes. At one point I went into the coolers behind the bar to discover some stupid server was storing left over pizza's in there and put all the Cooler Bottles up on top getting warm and in one cooler there was an SLR camera with a ziplock bag over the lens. So I'm trying to get drinks to this table for more than 10 mins, and I still have all these other tables, and I'm about to start freaking out. So I run to try and find Marissa and get her help, but she wont' help me because there is a crocodile on the floor (other area of restaurant down from bistro) so she says she needs to deal with that, but all she's really doing is watching it. In turn, all the crocodile was really doing was walking around snapping its teeth in the air (there were no customers in THAT part of the restraunt). I was so frustrated, but the weird part was some of my other tables were somehow getting drinks (no other employee ever stepped into the bistro) so I had NO clue what was going on. And the customers didn't even seem annoyed except for the one table I was dealing with... *sigh* then I woke up. Figure that out Freud!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

What a day!

Seriously! Yesterday was QUITE the day!!! We'll start at the begining like anygood story does! I slept through english. Not good. Eventually got up tho and started preparing for taking my horse down to Beaverly. Found everything, unstuck the truck and trailer.... and my horse ran away. Due to a couple fences being down, they're able to get into the back field. *grumble* and when we started hooking up the trailer, they started wandering away. By the time I was ready to grab Kantana, they were in the field just in front of the lagoon!!! *mutter* so I try to coax them out with cookies, but they won't come. I eventually trod out there in my shoes through deep snow hopping from hoof print to hoof print because this is the FIRST time ALL winter they've gone out this direction. Jerks. Finally get out there, and the snow is half way up their cannon bones!!! (shin for you human ppl) so i hand out cookies to seem like the good guy even though I'm about to seperate these guys for 2 months, then halter Kantana, and decide riding back is better than walking back. But due to deep snow and being fat and outa shape and holding a cookie tin in my hand, i could not get on. Eventually putting a hand on each horses neck, my feet on Apollo's shoulder while he nudged my backend up with his head, I got on!! Rode through the field, loaded Kantana IN to the trailer. And we're off.

We arrive at Loreth Performance Horses with out incident. I fill out all the paperwork and its time to put Kantana in his paddock. No problem, simple enough to find, I lead him straight in look up and am directly facing a COW!!!!! The paddocks are all clustered quite close together, horses everywhere but in the paddock behind Kantana's is a cow, whom apparently believes he is a horse. Well, Kantana doesn't notice QUITE as soon as I, so I release him, give him a huge hug and stand back. YOu see, Kantana is TERRIFIED of cows. He notices Henry (the cow) and his eyes bulge and he goes to the side of the fence furthest away from the cow. He realizes theres a munch of hay so he reaches down to eat it quite content, then outa the corner of his eye sees the cow again and jumps. Very funny boy. As long as I was there he never left the corner closest to my car and furthest from the cow, I felt so bad for him, tho my Mom and Niki thought this was all terribly funny. The good news is later on that day Henry lay down for a nap and Kantana was as close as he could get to Henry trying to puzzle this out, so hopefully this means he won't try and commit suicide.

Left there, running late, ran to sick sick Melissa's house, chatted for a while, departed for school, went to Cole's house where we ordered Pizza and watched the last episode of season 2 of Arrested development, got the third season and started watching a couple episodes of that, then ran home to find my ENTIRE family home. It was weird. In fact at one point, we all sat on the couch togehter. Was nice to see my family!

NOW! its time for going out. Cole picks me up, late, and I'm not ready to boot. We get to Boston Pizza, order appys and the worst strawberry daquiri of my life. Laugh joke talk eat. Then we head out for the bars!! Actually, about HALF of us decide to go out to the bars, and only HALF of the ppl invited even came *sigh*. But it was great, all together there was Sonja, AJ, Graham, Tabatha, Stephanie, Adam, Ashley, Cole and myself at the bar. We started at 1201, danced, drank, had a fair amount of fun. Then headed over to the caddy where we had even more fun!! We danced ourselves silly! It was such a great time! I even remember most of it!! OH! And the best part of my story is we stopped at Tabatha's on the way home, wrote on her wall and ate SUCH good sugar cookies... seriously, that is now become my drunk food. Sugar cookies!! Anwyasy, that was our night! Tonnes of fun with great people! What a day!