Saturday, February 03, 2007

What a day!

Seriously! Yesterday was QUITE the day!!! We'll start at the begining like anygood story does! I slept through english. Not good. Eventually got up tho and started preparing for taking my horse down to Beaverly. Found everything, unstuck the truck and trailer.... and my horse ran away. Due to a couple fences being down, they're able to get into the back field. *grumble* and when we started hooking up the trailer, they started wandering away. By the time I was ready to grab Kantana, they were in the field just in front of the lagoon!!! *mutter* so I try to coax them out with cookies, but they won't come. I eventually trod out there in my shoes through deep snow hopping from hoof print to hoof print because this is the FIRST time ALL winter they've gone out this direction. Jerks. Finally get out there, and the snow is half way up their cannon bones!!! (shin for you human ppl) so i hand out cookies to seem like the good guy even though I'm about to seperate these guys for 2 months, then halter Kantana, and decide riding back is better than walking back. But due to deep snow and being fat and outa shape and holding a cookie tin in my hand, i could not get on. Eventually putting a hand on each horses neck, my feet on Apollo's shoulder while he nudged my backend up with his head, I got on!! Rode through the field, loaded Kantana IN to the trailer. And we're off.

We arrive at Loreth Performance Horses with out incident. I fill out all the paperwork and its time to put Kantana in his paddock. No problem, simple enough to find, I lead him straight in look up and am directly facing a COW!!!!! The paddocks are all clustered quite close together, horses everywhere but in the paddock behind Kantana's is a cow, whom apparently believes he is a horse. Well, Kantana doesn't notice QUITE as soon as I, so I release him, give him a huge hug and stand back. YOu see, Kantana is TERRIFIED of cows. He notices Henry (the cow) and his eyes bulge and he goes to the side of the fence furthest away from the cow. He realizes theres a munch of hay so he reaches down to eat it quite content, then outa the corner of his eye sees the cow again and jumps. Very funny boy. As long as I was there he never left the corner closest to my car and furthest from the cow, I felt so bad for him, tho my Mom and Niki thought this was all terribly funny. The good news is later on that day Henry lay down for a nap and Kantana was as close as he could get to Henry trying to puzzle this out, so hopefully this means he won't try and commit suicide.

Left there, running late, ran to sick sick Melissa's house, chatted for a while, departed for school, went to Cole's house where we ordered Pizza and watched the last episode of season 2 of Arrested development, got the third season and started watching a couple episodes of that, then ran home to find my ENTIRE family home. It was weird. In fact at one point, we all sat on the couch togehter. Was nice to see my family!

NOW! its time for going out. Cole picks me up, late, and I'm not ready to boot. We get to Boston Pizza, order appys and the worst strawberry daquiri of my life. Laugh joke talk eat. Then we head out for the bars!! Actually, about HALF of us decide to go out to the bars, and only HALF of the ppl invited even came *sigh*. But it was great, all together there was Sonja, AJ, Graham, Tabatha, Stephanie, Adam, Ashley, Cole and myself at the bar. We started at 1201, danced, drank, had a fair amount of fun. Then headed over to the caddy where we had even more fun!! We danced ourselves silly! It was such a great time! I even remember most of it!! OH! And the best part of my story is we stopped at Tabatha's on the way home, wrote on her wall and ate SUCH good sugar cookies... seriously, that is now become my drunk food. Sugar cookies!! Anwyasy, that was our night! Tonnes of fun with great people! What a day!

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Sonja said...

Hee. That was quite a lot of fun, we need to do that again soon instead of waiting another couple months!