Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Whats the difference between light and hard?

  • You can sleep with a light on.
  • Something Ben says to me all the time, I just had to share it since it always makes me crack up!!!!
  • WELL!! I'm finally slowly able to do things for myself like a big girl, like put on my bra. This sunday Ben and I went to Powder King for snowboarding. For those of you who don't know, even tho I live 10 minutes away from a hill, and even worked for the same hill, I've never been skiing or snowboarding. Never. So this sunday was my first time ever on a hill... ACK!! I was so terrified, but Ben was really great, started me on a board on a flat spot pulling me by my hands, then on to the lift we went. I recommend EVERYONE go there at least once... the scenery was breathtaking. As for the snowboarding, I"m not sure what to tell you, Ben says I picked it up really fast, but I seem to remember falling more than anything. I literally did cartwheels and sommersaults, and as a result every single muscle in my body is in mass pain, even two days later.
  • I'm not sure what else to report. I spend alot of my time with Ben, I'm amazingly happy. I'm behind in school, but thats nothing new. Exams are comming up, then summer hurray!! I might get to cure my travel bug this spring after all, tho the location is opposite from the norm. Kaylee, Steph, Jen, and I may head to Edmonton at the end of April, which is generally my fall trip, in spring I usually head to Van, but a road trip is a road trip! I haven't much time (or the physical ability) to ride to much, and a lack of inspiration for photography. However, with that late spring hopefully blooming it will be easier to do both, and beign out of school will give me more time.

  • Bwa ha ha... I just put bullets on my blog... for no apparent reason. Anywyays, dinner is nearly ready and then I should get ready for the "Swollen Members" concert we're going to see tonight... should be fun, tho I have a sneaking suspicion I'll be the only girl.

  • Deviation of the week: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/50203260/ I'm absolutly in love with this picture... the background is stunning

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Heart of a 5 year old, freedom and finances of a 19 year old.

Yesterday was one of THE best days I've ever had. I spent it with most of my favourite people, and did some of the most innocent fun things.

Started it by getting my h/w done and handed in, then I hung out with my friend Angela at school and just talked. Then Cole got out of class, so the three of us hung out talking, laughing, swapping stories. It was really comforting.

Then off to Mel's I went, bearing gifts of tea and a doughnut for her, and sandwhich for me (the time I ate the sandwhich was 12:30, it will be important later), where we proceeded in merriment. We played Mario Kart, gave her a massage, looked up the compatibility of our signs as lovers, played a game of crib (I WON!) and War (I won that too!!) then we busted out the playdough and made a pile of fruit (pictures pending), and then we coloured a picture of Snow White and Grumpy with crayons!! I got to colour Grumpy!! Then I had to take my leave of my friend.

Now its just before 5 p.m. and Ben is supposed to get off work between 5 and 6 and then we're going out on a date. But off to ride Apollo I go anyways, had a great ride, he was very calm, collected, and all grown up!! Brushed him all out, its just before 6, but Ben txted me saying he had to work late! Awesome!!! Gives me time to drive home and have a shower. Which I do... sit with the rents, hop in the shower, while I'm in the shower he phones, gets my mom who was pre-told to tell him I expect him to pick me up! Awesome, its 7 p.m when he calls, says he's going to have a quick shower and drive right out. Quick shower, 5 mins right? Drive out to my house, 20 mins TOPS, so we're lookin at 30-35 mins MAXIMUM for him to arrive... adn I haven't eaten since 12:30 at Mel's house... at 7:55 he shows up.... By this point, the lovely wonderful sweet innocent Dez you all know and love has grown fangs... The low blood sugar was causing Dez to be a titch grumpy, so I tried not to yell too much which earned me accusations of silence treatment, but we made it to dinner both alive. He took me to Franco's, a cute little Italian restaurant on George street, where I was still grumpy, but capable of conversation. Of course, after I ate, I felt much better, tho a little emotionally drained...

SO off we went for a drive. Which led to parking in a parking lot and blaring Bohemian Rhapsody, which led to driving to a school and playing on the playground! Swings and monkey bars, and such! So much fun. Then it was off to the mohawk for Ice cream cones!!! And THEN we went to CNC to play archade games, Donkey Kong, Ms Pacman, and Pin ball!! So much fun!! Then it was back to his house so I could kick HIS ass at a game of crib, and then get in trouble for keeping his younger sister up teaching her how to play crib... seriously, it was the best date I've ever been on, it was one of the best days I've had in a long time. I'm so ridiculously happy I'm afraid its a dream I'm going to wake up from...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Goodbye health, hello sugar cookies!

Hello all of blogger land!! Good news: I've regained some of my hearing!!! Hurray!!! Now, I'm going to use this time, space, and attention spans to post a couple short mildly entertaining stories. We'll start with the most recent and work backwards.

Just now I was looking at some pics on DA, and I kept hearing something scraping next to me. Very odd since I"m sitting at the kitchen counter and noone is home but me. It was really starting to freak me out, I started moving papers, looking under things... then I noticed there was a dried flower petal on the floor and the heat vent was blowing it around... *sigh*

Last night! Went for a drive with Boy, was very much fun. Showed the city slicker what real stars look like, took a picture of them, then we were heading back into town, and I told him how much I love the view of the city from airport hill and have always wanted a picture, but there is no great place to pull over. We find a semi decent spot and decide, what the heck, so we throw on the hazards and set up the tripod. Now my light meter is meant for portrait studio settings only, so in these situations I must rely on the camera's light meter. So I'm going through settings seeing where I might get enough light and at 30" 4.0 I have enough light, but I want to be zoomed in to 5.3, so I figure I'll go for 45, should be good. THere isn't a setting for this so I just open my shutter manually with the intentions of closing it manually. Of course, being the blonde that I am and the fact I was cold and in a hurry, i figured 30" was seconds... but of course it isn't, the last setting on my camera is 30 minutes. So, I only left the shutter open for 45 seconds anyways, b/c I was cold, we'll see if it works! So then we're packing up, and hop back in the car, but i don't have my keys, I gave them to Ben. But HE claims I didn't, and he can't find them, and THEN a truck pulls up beside us to see if we're ok... waved him off and thanked him, found the keys (Ben DID have them) and then passed the guy on the highway... fairly funny.

Last story! as already posted, ended up in walk-in clinic and was prescribed Ammoxicilin. So we go in and get it filled, wander around, I eat a box of chocolate, go back to pick it up, and the pharmasist informs me of a side effect. I heard her say "This makes your birth control more effective, so its like you're taking 2 forms this month", Ben heard "It doesn't effect your birth control, so no worries" (or something to that effect), later on we discovered she actually said "this lowers the effectiveness of your birth control so you should take a 2nd form this month". Not sure how we were both so off, my excuse is I can't hear due to the double ear infections. ANyways, thats not even the funny part, now I"m glad he didn't actually say it, but he was going to say to the pharmasist "Actually, I"m her brother, but thanks for the concern." .... Seriously... thats the funniest thing ever, but would've been mortifying.

Anywyas, those are my stories... I should get to h/w, I'm so screwed right now... speaking of being screwed I shall leave you with a picture of a guy on a short leash...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Mucas is like a banana

*warning, below post is ranty and slightly sarcastic*

When its green its irrellevant, but when it turns yellow you know its good to go... seriously tho, yesterday I was hacking up flourecent green mucas, but apparently thats not a problem. Today it was yellow, so off to walk in I went. Actually, that and the inability to hear out of my left ear, AND the feeling of the infection crawling into my right ear were also good incentives to hit up the walk in. So now I"m on Ammoxicilin. The type of pennicilin I am on most often. In fact this will be the 5th time in 12 months i've been on penicilin!! I"VE HAD ENOUGH OF PENICILIN!! Also, wahts with Dr's. So I go to the walk in today. He asks a bunch of questions, looks down my throat, in my left ear, says "oh my, this is bad" looks in my right ear, listens to my heart and breathing, asks abuot penicilin allergies which I tell him I have none but HAVE been on penicilin 4 times already in the past 12 months, he writes out a prescription and goes to leave. But whats missing from this... oh I know, WTF IS WRONG WITH ME?!!!? I had to stop him and ask. Only then did he tell me I may have STREP THROAT, or just an infection, the 10 day prescription should clear it up. Thanks. Thats it. Doesn't even MENTION my ears. I hate Dr's. And my right ear is throbbing and I have no hearing in the left at all. Hurrah. OH! AND, i called in sick to work today. I HATE calling in sick. Hopefully I"ll make it tomorrow. Since I have the night off tho, I should take advantage and go to bed. *hugs* to all of you in blogger land.

Monday, March 12, 2007

In recent news!!

Recent to me anywyas. I've had a funny conversation a few times today that I thought I'd share with everyone!!

It all started with me and Jenny talking about love and relationships and such, when she told me that according to some study she read once, the brain activity of a person in love, and a person on cocaine are the same!!! Seriously, no fuss no muss!! Screw dinner and dancing... all a girl needs on a saturday night is a hit of cocaine and a battery operated "friend". Really if you get down to it, cocaine is probably cheaper, no birth control, dinner, dancing, flowers, or phone bills (reminds me of a quote, the difference between sex for money and sex for free is sex for free costs more), it won't leave the toilet seat up or forget your birthday, you don't have to worry about whether cocaine feels the same way about you, and if you start losing that "magic feeling" up the dosage. With the vibrator your biggest worries are dead batteries; to hell with whether it gets off, or if it gets off before you.

But what can you expect comming from me and Jen, the relationship-a-phobics. Ironically enough tho we're both in relationships where we are very happy... go fuckin figure.

Too much of a good thing... is a good thing!

Alright, so I took Nic's new personality test thing he found, and I LOVED it!! So I pulled the widget and thought I"d post it!! http://dna.imagini.net/friends/

Neat eh!? Very accurate.

So I managed to spend 22 hours with Ben yesterday (yes that means i got a whopping 1 1/2 hours sleep plus maybe 10 min nap on Mel's couch)... 3 hours after work, went home and slept for a couple hours, dropped my aunt and her kids off at the airport, then spent another 19 hours with him. Also, it added up to like 5 dates in one day! Or six... we went to the bar, and I drove him home. Came back, watched a movie, grabbed lunch at Timmy's and watched a movie at Mel's house, back to his house played crib and created a Mii for me, had a family dinner, learned how to play Canasta, went to 300, went back to his house and hung out talking and such for another few hours! What can I say, i'm bordering on infatuation here, and its weird, and wonderful.

BUt enough of that mushy shit!! Lol!! My aunt Christine and her 2 sons, Jack and Max, came for just under a week visit. It was wonderful!! I took nearly two rolls of film of them, i'll post some of the B&W on my deviantart later. I enjoyed getting to know the kids as people. Jack is wonderful, he's so happy and such a boy!! He loved it when we played, be it spinning him around, tickling him, or flinging him over my shoulder... And nothing was more satisfying than making Max (age 6 mos) giggle. Such a smily baby, they're all so wonderful, and such important parts of my life!!

Anwyays, I have to work today, how odd, so I need to shower and get ready to go! Also, anyone looking for a car, a friend of mine is selling a 1990 Ford Taurus for $450, she paid $800 for it, running condition and perfect for driving around PG. Anyone interested drop me a note and I"ll send you the contact info.

Also, for some amazing photos check out www.dezdez.deviantart.com !!! I've got some great ones up atm

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Twitterpated-confused by affection or infatuation

Such a fun word!!

Anyways, waht a week/day/life! lol!! I got my scholarship today, was really cool! The ceremony was nothing special, but my parents came which made me feel great!! Before that I was a big girl, and rode Apollo!! He was really good, I love the way he moves... we'll see what tomorrow brings. Before that, ordered my sis a bday present, and hung out with Ben, and of course school. After the ceremony I visited Mel, watched a movie, had great talks. Then saw Kaylee and Steph and had more great talks... all in all a crazy day..... waht a crazy beautiful life!!

In other fan-fucking-tastic news, my Aunt Chris and her kids Max and Jack are commin tomorrow!! I'm so excited!!! Very happy!!

ANd I'm so tired I keep seeing things outa the corner of my eye, so I'm going to sleep....


Monday, March 05, 2007

Picture Parade!

OK! Due to popular request I"m placing pictures of the new haircut up for everyone... forgive the fact I look terrible in all of them, I'm used to the OTHER side of the camera.... now w/o further ado, heres a bunch of ME!!

:D :D :D :D

*flashes a seemingly permanent smile bright enough to blind*

I'm giddy.... I'm happy... I'm giddy happy....

I forgot what this feels like, its wonderful!!!!! Amazing.

I just went for tea, which turned into a 200+ km drive around PG and surrounding area, to a movie, to talking, to rushing home early in the morning!!!

Tee hee :D


I cut most of my hair off and redyed it. I'm a brilliant red head with jaw length layered hair!!

*giggles uncontrollably*

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I misseded my bed!

Due to keeping friends company, and unforeseeable circumstances, I didn't come home for 3 days except to load my horse into the horse trailer to cart him off to the dentist. I came home after work last night, and didn't realize how much I missed my bed. Seriously, I'm such a homebody, and I love my bed. More my blankets than anything. If (god save my soul) i ever get married (actually... god have mercy on his poor soul) he will have to love having 5 10lbs blankets!!! I love the weight of it... its wonderful. Or maybe we'll just have to have separate covers. But yes, I love lots of heavy blankets!! I've recently added another blanket to my bed, and its not very heavy, but it adds a little more weight!!

Wow... a whole post dedicated to my bed, and blankets! Wow...

And!! Featured photo of the day, I begining to think I have a thing for canibalsim...