Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I bought a Pita, and left my heart!

Today was a good day, leaving me feeling more balanced than I have felt in 2 months. Though at the end of the day I notice there is still a void, but it is less, and went unnoticed during the day. Its hard to explain this void tho, so I won't.

But i did so much and so little today... not in any specific order, I did some thinking, relaxing, reading, washed laundry, did dishes, washed laundry BY HAND (thank goodness for washing machines, if I had to do that for everything I would cry daily), I rode Kantana, got ran over by Apollo, killed some weeds, took some pictures, watched a movie with Cole, tried to go to a bar with Cole (they were all empty), went for a walk and played on a playground with Cole, went and saw a couple ppl at Dennys, now i'm at home and about to watch Nana.

Like I said tho, it was balanced. I did most of the things in my life that are important to me, I rode my horse, took pictures, read a book, spent time with friends... it really was most excellent. But it was also my last day off, and I go back to work tomorrow. A split shift, 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and then 5 p.m.-9:30 p.m. I HATE that shift.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Quick Update :D

Shit... there were 2 reasons for this post... and now I can only remember one of them.

Well heres the only one I can remember at this moment in time. My dear friend Kenny, who many of you know and love, made a movie about tea, and I thought it was particularily funny, and well done :D so all of you should enjoy it.

There was something else, bigger and more important, but I can't remember for the life of me.

In randomness, the mosquitos are driving me FUCKING CRAZY!!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Procrastination is like Masturbation... in the end you're just fucking yourself.

Tho I've actually fond other ways of fucking myself over to... lol!!!

Well, I haven't posted in just over a week, and SO many things have happened so I will break them into segments.

Part 1-Edmonton: 27 hours of freedom from PG

Thats right, I was only gone 27.5 hours in total. The night before we left (Tuesday) I had to work, and it was ssssooooooooo dead that they actually got me out of there by 8 pm. I would've been out by 7:30 but one of my tables ordered desert b/c it was her birthday and then I took all of their picture, which was really cool! Then I sped off to Photo club, an hour late, and watched a presentation on advanced techniques for Photoshop! Was great, learned a couple cool things, but it became to much information after a while so I ducked out before it was finished (the guy was making 50 layers, it was ridiculous!!!) So off to Kayla's (my general manager and concert buddy) house. It was nice, we chatted, watched some TV (Sex and the city, law and order) very relaxing. Then to bed we went, tho I stayed up for some time reading "Rage of Angels" by Sidney Sheldon. This, btw, is my favourite book! It has such a bittersweet ending tho... makes me think I'm a sucker for punishment. I finished this book by the end of the drive to Edmonton. The drive was fine, me and Kayla chatted a bit, listened to music, I read my book, enjoyed the scenery, it was snowing in Hinton :S and very cold in Edmonton.

We arrived in Edmonton with only 2 hours before the show, so we headed to Jeremy's place (Kayla's little brother) got ready for the concert and took the L-Train to Rexall Place!! Now, as most of you know, I LOVE taking things like the sky train, C-train, etc. For some reason, the state of mind I was in, this time it was even better. I felt like a character from my fave manga waiting for the train to go see a concert... it was so perfect. Anwyays, got there, got inside just in time to see Hot Hot Heat open!! I only knew 3-4 of their songs, but all the songs I knew I LOVED!!! They were very great. Then it was the break to get set up for the Killers, so off me and Kayla went to get food... we waited in line for over 1/2 hour to get a freakin hotdog!!! The lines next to us were moving twice as fast, the lady manning our till was bordering on being a COMPLETE IDIOT!! Gah. Very frustrating. We were late getting back to our seats, but lucky for us the Killers were even later getting on stage. Then the Killers did something I'm not used to... their opening song wasn't one of their hit singles. Was very odd for me, since every concert I've gone to the band opens with a song well known. Anyways, it was great, there were BARRELS of glitter being thrown in the air!! Made me SOOOOOOO happy!! And it was worth it all just to hear "Mr. Brightside" I've alwyas loved/hated that song... it just reminds me of my own situation on a few occasions.

After the concert I bought my very first Band Shirt! Its really crazy taht I've never boughten one before, but I saw a Hot Hot Heat one that I LOVED, however, they were sold out when I got to the Merch table, but there was another one I really liked, so I got it!! Then we headed off to the West Ed Mall where Jeremy went off to the Casino while Kayla, Laura (Jeremy's g/f) and I wandered around looking at random things. At one point I rolled along the floor just cause, and Kayla said I was making my own ride. And the best part of the night... MASSAGE CHAIRS!! Seriously, $2 for 4 minutes of HEAVEN. It was one of the better massages I've had... very worth the toonie. Then we headed to the Casino to drag Jeremy out and go home, however, blocking the entrance to the Casino was a picket line. APparently the casino workers were on strike, but only 1/2 of them, lots of backstabbing, etc, but these picketers were RUDE!! They've been battering all the customers going in, it was really terrible. Anwyays, I had my first gambling session!! It SUCKED! I put $5 into a couple slot machines, and I hated every second of it. Then Kayla put $5 into another one and that sucked as well. I will probably never go gambling again. So we headed back to Jeremy's place and went to sleep.

Part 2-Prince George: Grad, Prom, and a BBQ

So we drove home from Edmonton VERY early the next morning (5:30 a.m. to be exact) so that I could make it in time for my Sister's Validictorian Ceremony. Goign through Jasper I got to take a bunch of pictures through the window, and actually caught some good ones. I'm not in Jasper as planned this weekend tho b/c it is SO cold there! I'm a fair weathered photographer so I"m going to go not next weekend, but the weekend after. We arrived at Kayla's house where Stevie was patiently waiting, about 35 mins before the ceremony started, but when Kayla offered her shower, I couldn't refuse and quickly hopped in. Was very nice, very refreshing, then I flew down to the CN centre, and then waited for my parents who were runnign late, then we all barrelled inside to discover no good seats were left, but then I spent the ceremony in the Camera pit anywyas. Took a while to adjust the white balance in the room, but I got it figured it out, and got some good pictures... of Tiffany's friends. The ones of her aren't so great, but such is life I suppose.

Then we all ran home to get Tiffany ready for Prom, I took another swack of pictures, she looked amazing, so did Adam her best friend and date. AND Adam's father allowed him to take the LEXUS to prom...

After they departed my mom and I went to dinner, which was really nice. I don't get to spend near enough time with my mom. Then she left to go practice riding her motorcycle in a parking lot, and I headed to Tiffany's actual prom to take pictures of everyone. At one point during the pictures I had to cameras around my neck, one hanging off my left wrist, and two more on my right wrist, and Cole was holding 3 more cameras!! Was very entertaining.

After THAT we (Cole and I) headed BACK up to Kayla's house for Jessie's going away BBQ. There weren't many ppl there at the begining, but Shelly's daughter was there, plus Kayla's niece and nephew, so I took a swack more pictures... by the end of htis one day I had taken 500+ I love shooting digital. When ppl finally started showing up me and Cole took off since I was so exausted...

Part 3-Printer, Publik Party, Police

Friday I went back to work, and it was so boring I got to sit behind the bar and read for a little while... saturday was even MORE boring, and I read my book for probably an hour and text messaged ppl... noone (except Jenny) replied.

Sunday was an interesting day tho. I tried to purchase a printer, but only London Drugs sells it in town, and they didn't have any and after phoning 4 stores, noone was willing to ship it up here, so the guy took my info, and happily called a couple hours later to inform me that someone is shipping one up and it will be here either wednesday or friday :D Its a HP Photosmart 8750 I'm very excited!!!

After all that excitment I headed to the Casino to visit my friend Angela at work. We chatted for a while, and I was very happy to see her, and JUST as I was leaving, who shows up? My friend Josh, who happens to be Bar Manager at the Publik. He sees me and says "DON"T move, I'll brb" so I eargerly await, htinking he's got a job for me bartending... but no, he asks if I want to party, b/c its their staff party that night and he was allowed to bring one guest. I agree to go thinking it would be fun, and then the jerk informs me he just hired another bartender, so theres not opening. Bastard. Anwyasy, I meet him at the Publik at 5 pm and hang out while he cooks samosa... drunk. Then I end up jumping in and helping him make the samosa... crazy where life leads you!! Who thougth I would end up in the Publik while they were closed cooking samosa?!? I love how strange life can be. We finish that up and head off to Nechako Bowling alley, played some foosball, airhockey, sat around chatting, met some of the members from The Hellsmen, they invited me to their show which I doubt I'll be able to attend unfortunately :S but i'll see what I can do. Met a super cool chick, one of the guitarists g/fs actually, AND the manager who hired Becca at the Waddling Duck. Then the drama errupted, g/fs fighting with b/fs, g/fs bitchings about shit, boys getting into fights... it got so intense at one point that everyone went outsdie to fight, the cops were called, and when I decided to haul Josh's drunk ass home I discovered 4 police cars around mine... now WHY did the drunks decide to fight around MY car... one of the officers "Guided" me out, but I was paranoid as hell since I only have one headlight... thankfully my dad and I got my muffler back on the otehr day. But it all worked out, and Crystal Sonny Josh and I all headed back to Josh's to play "Ring of Fire" and I also had my first "Strip Poker" experience. I nearly lost, and being tired and grumpy once I got down to my underwear I informed them I would not be removing another article of clothing... Josh didn't like that, but Sonny was sympathetic and understood, and of course Crystal did as well since we were similarily naked, lol!!

All in all, its been a crazy week... I love how you never know where life is going to take you, you just have to stay open and flexible and let it happen.

Part 4-Picture time :D

So everyone knows, my sister made her dress and the masks she and her date are wearing :D

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Well He's a Friend and I Knew Him Before Ya

Your famous friend, ya I blew him before ya...

SO! To help fuel my wonderful manga/anime obsession atm (only Paradise Kiss and Nana) Cole burnt me all the songs from those two animes :D :D :D So happy!! I put them on while i was running today, very excellent. Which leadsl me to my next topic

My father bought a treadmill the other day! Hurray for me, now I don't have to risk the dogs of the neighbourhood or go into town to run at Massey then wander around town sweaty! Excellent. But then I did soemthing very silly and ran in BARE feet... bah. My feet hurt so bad... I almost have no skin in certain patches on the balls of my feet... so very hurty. So today I put on shoes like a smart kid :D

BAH! Work is frustrating me sssooooo badly right now. My schedule was all flipped around next week which is annoying as hell, but I managed to make the best of it, and it worked out great. But it actually doesnt'... .tuesday the photoclub is doing a studio portrait demonstration and i REALLY wanted to see it... and then I turn around and the moron schedules me for wednesday to!!! Thank goodness its the General Manager taking me to Edmonton, she put a huge note on the schedule saying "Dezeray CANNOT work this wednesday" so it all works out, but its still a major piss off. Plus Amber, the other bartender isn't supposed to get home till late tuesday, and he scheduled her to SERVE tuesday 5-10. I take serving shifts from time to time, but Amber almost NEVER does.

Something else exciting happened that I wanted to post about, but I really cant remmeber :S Today should be a good day tho, we're gunna go do my horses feet, then I'm going to meet up with Amanda (friend from school) and we're gunna get icecream, go to a park, and watch Shrek 3 :D:D:D very excited. With that I should post this and go catch victim, I mean horse, number one.

OH WAIT! Speaking of my beasts of burden, i realized Kantana is very easily the love of my life. Yesterday we had a HUGE lightning storm, that turned into pouring rain and hail. So outside i run to put hte horses in the barn, they are quite relieved to see me, and follow me right in. 10 mins later its sunny, so I put them out in the arena so they can play and eat! Couple hours later same thing, rain, hail, run outside to pull them out of the arena and they WOULD NOT COME!! Everytime I got close to them they ran away, then finally i lfet the gate open in hopes they would go to the barn on their own accord, which they almost did till lightning struck above the barn sending them running, then they stood outside EATING. Jerks. Finally got them in, and I returned to the house soaking wet. Have I mentioned I was in boxers, a teeshirt, crocs, and an auzzie coat?!? The things I do for those boys...

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Shoebox of Life!!

So maybe its true.... maybe everything does happen for a reason!!! Everyweek I get sunday monday tuesday off, and this week I don't. This week in fact I get sunday off, then wednesday thursday off. This actually annoyed me at first b/c I had intended on going to Jasper for those 3 days off by myself to do some massive photography; however, I really needed the thursday off for my sisters graduation. Then while I was at work yesterday my manager Kayla, who has been planning on going to the Killers for quite some time now, discovered the girl she was going with can't make it now. Bummer. She was quite upset, and kept expressing she needed to find someone with wednesday thursday off. Well guess who has those days off? But I need to be home for Thursday, so I kinda halfheartidly offerred explaining that I have to be home EARLY thursday for my sisters grad.... so guess whos going to the Killers in Edmonton? Thats right, I am. Really actually quite excited!!!

Going to be a busy next 2 weeks tho, work tonight (if I decide I'm healthy enough to even bother), work Saturday, Sunday off going to get icecream and go to a park with Amanda, work monday tuesday, leave for edmonton wednesday, come home thursday, go to my sisters grad, do the photographer thing of her in her dress, work friday saturday, then go to Jasper sunday come home tuesday :D very excited. Haven't decided where to sleep while I'm in Jasper tho... I could stay at a hostel for $24/night, or I could just sleep in my car... we'll see!!!

I really should go to work tonight... even though the things i'm doing aren't too too expensive, they're still going to cost money. OH! ANd in happiness, seems like the piercing in the top of my right ear has FINALLY healed... last week it hurt so bad I was concerned that i was going to have to give it up, but today its entirely fine :D Very happy. Also, Tattoo is nearly done healing... its so sexy.

My parents sent me the BEST fairytale today... I'd like to share it with you all!

Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl, "Will you marry me?" The girl said "No" and she lived happily ever after and went shopping, drank martinis with friends, always had a clean house, never had to cook, had a closet full of shoes and handbags, stayed skinny, and was never farted on.

The End

The benefits of living in the sticks. Im home alone right now, and currently sitting on the couch in front of the bay window... naked. And now I'm going to go jump on the trampoline :D

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fantastically Foiled!

Well this week has certainly been a productive one, tho many roadblocks have popped up! :S My three days off were very excellent, I cleaned alot, the house, my room (tho after doing lots of laundry you wouldn't know :S), my car, bathed both my horses. And speaking of my days off.

Everyweek, unless otherwise stated I have Sunday, Monday, Tuesday off.

I don't believe I got one phone call during those days off... then Wednesday, my first day back at work, I get 2-3!! Come on people!! lol!! Now having stated that, next week I do NOT have sunday-tuesday off, one of the roadblocks. I really REALLY wanted to go to Jasper this sunday and come home tuesday just to take lots of pictures and stuff, but I have to work monday tuesday this week and get wednesday thursday off. Which actually really works b/c its my sisters grad on thursday so thats good!

And now that its been nearly 2 months since I was last on antibiotics I think my body has decided to go into withdrawls and is causing me to spit up CUPS of fluid that are a lovely yellow colour. I'm so sick of being sick. However, I feel better today than I did yesterday which means I'll actually go into work, unfortunatly, yesterday I was thinking I should call in sick... maybe I'll just work the first 1/2 of my shift.

The otehr roadblock? SCHOOL! I've decided I hate it, for starters, lol, not really new news. But I want something to show for the amount of work I have put into it, so instead of the 9 courses required to get my diploma, I can take 2 more classes and get a certificate! Great right? No, one of the classes I need is only offerred in the spring! Grrr... so now I have no idea if I will even bother going back this fall. So frustrating.

With that I should go rake my hair and paint my face so I don't frighten the customers!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

But all the COOL kids are doing it!!!

Or was it a suicide attempt?!?! None the less, I'm missing a good hunk of my middle finger on my left hand!!! Happened when I was cutting lemons at work... was such an interessting day, after that a very cute tree planter came in, he was from Winnipeg on his way to Dawsons Creek and had an 11 hour layover in PG. We talked for quite a while, he snowboards, spent $5600 on the BODY of his Nikon camera *jealous*, but his real passion is wakeboarding! He had nothing to do that night, and I didn't either so we made plans to meet at Shooters at 8:30, and me being me, was a little late, but I was IN the bar by 8:35, and he was nowhere to be found... so I hung out till 9:00 pm, then took off. I assume he got lost, or changed his mind, w/e not a big deal, but believe it or not that was the very first time I've been stood up!! Bought WAY too many munchies after that and went to Jennys house and watched "Night at the Museum" it was cute, then went home!! I love just letting life take you where it will...

The night before at work was much more interessting. You see, I was serving a birthday party for a young girl, and her mom asked that when I bring out the cake I put 10 candles on it! Easy enough. So time comes, I can't find the stupid cake, finally find it, shove 10 candles on to it, round everyone up to sing songs, light the candles, carry it accross the restaurant, get it to the table, and everyone just stares at us... I brought the wrong @#*(&R cake. Go figure! So we bring it back, I almost drop it, totally remove the whip cream in one spot and leave a thumbmark in the side of it... and it ALSO has 10 holes in it... but best of all, let me point out the writing on it said "Happy 17th Birthday Bridgette" You think I woulda clued in on the 17. After that naturally noone wanted to sing happy birthday for this table and I had to sucker new people in! Lol!!

Work has been SUCH a gong show lately. Its really frustrating. Not one shift this week did everyone come to work, in fact Thursday-Saturday we were short 2+ people. People calling in sick, going home sick 1/2 way through, people not showing up at all, people calling in to quit, management calling in sick. Management also had to slap on an apron for most of these shifts since we were so short staffed... its really frustrating, and annoying!!!

OH! I also managed to market myself to a complete stranger!! Kind of, he's the husband of a lady my mom rides with, whom among many were invited to our house the otehr night. I'm not sure how it started but we got into photography, I showed him some of my work, gave him my card, and I might be shooting his next album cover!! Very excited, and scared. Also, tomorrow I'm going to set up the lights and take proper family portraits! Excited and nervous about that... hopefully family is in a more photographic mood, and feels patient.

I think I've covered most everything, I've been watching Nana quite a bit lately, and reading lots which is always nice and relaxign... but now I should feed the ponies, upload some pictures, and maybe go have a nice bath :D

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


NAH nah nah nah nah nah.... My friend just phoneded me :D:D:D I'm so happy!!! She just arrived in London England, and is in the airport where she will be for a few hours waiting for her cousin to arrive. Incase anyone is curious, London is 8 hours ahead of Prince George. In other randomness, the calling card she used showed up on my caller ID as Idaho... maybe its implying something about me? *drum roll implying corny joke punchline*

That is all, I just felt like bragging!! I misses my friend... :( BUT SHE PHONED ME AND I GOT TO TALK TO HER!! YAYAYAYAYAYYAAYYAAY!!!!

:D <-Perma smile!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I wanna need your love... I'm a broken rose!

Well, let me tell you about my day so far.


That pretty well sums it up. I haven't really gotten outa bed. Acutally, I've gotten out 3 times, once to go pee and grab George, once more to grab some lunch and *insert camera name here*, and one more time to put some Vitamin E on my tattoo and grab some more water. Its been most excellent. I lay here wallowing in self pity, then I checked all the blogs, looked at pictures on DA, Cole has graciously been sending me Nana so I've been watching anime in bed, I ate my breakfast here in bed, I edited some pictures, talked to Jenny on the phone... however I have a feeling my day of lazing is about to end, since I still have things I need to do, including bathing and starting the wood stove. But not in that order.

Random fact about me. I'm a bitch. Its a simple fact. However, in conflict to that, I cannot stand hurting people. Discovering that I've caused someone pain, or knowing that I have to (breaking up with ppl, etc) causes me great pain. Infact, sometimes I think the pain i feel is greater than the pain i caused, which is really ironic and just plain silly.

In other news, i'm done school this semester and have decided to only take 3 courses next semester and get my Business Administration Certificate, opposed to 5 classes then 4 more classes to get my Marketing Management Diploma. Also, I think I might get a different job... full time bartending or something! Lol!

Thats all for now, omg, I just had the oddest craving for those "Cow" candies... you konw, the caramels with chocolate inside... or a kitkat bar... bah, i have a feeling I'm getting outa bed now... after I do my resume and watch another anime episode.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Love List

1. Loves me for who I am

2. Great conversation

3. Truthful

4. Oral sex (w/o asking)

5. Patient

6. Ambitious

7. Passionate

8. Supportive

9. Open Minded

10. Self confident

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

To Edmonton to Edmonton to spend a lot of money, home again home again sweeter than honey!

Ok, so I actually got home monday, tho neither my blog or my voicemail are reflecting this! lol!!

Edmonton was great, altered my physical appearance, got some down time in, spent WAY too much money, have portrait lights, did random things with the girls and have the pictures to prove it, didn't drink too terribly much (unfortunate), got some portrait lights for my camera, it was really great!!! Now it seems life has thrown all it has at me at once, so I"m trying to sort through all of that *sigh* it never rains, it pours.

In other happy news, I got my grades back! English: A, Marketing-Personal Selling: A-, Marketing-Retail Management: B, Accounting 152: C+. HURRAY!!! Very happy with that, especially the C+ in accounting since I hate that class so much, not the teacher shes WONDERFUL, its just accounting is not logical to me at all :S. But I'm done. For now.

Saw the Love List with Kirsten yesterday, it was fantastically hilarious. Now I will write my own love list... later.

Glad to be home, see you all soon I'm sure! But first I will leave you with some pictures of the past week! Me dressied up for the play!

Random metal horse we found in Edmonton... we were trying to eat eachother.

You can't see us behind an EDMONTON Tree!!

Aren't we cute! We're actually sitting outside a church, not sure why me and Jen haven't lit on fire yet... :S

WHy?!?!? Why is his nose so big?

Look! We're monkeys!!

YAY! Shadow puppets on the hotel wall!!