Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I wanna need your love... I'm a broken rose!

Well, let me tell you about my day so far.


That pretty well sums it up. I haven't really gotten outa bed. Acutally, I've gotten out 3 times, once to go pee and grab George, once more to grab some lunch and *insert camera name here*, and one more time to put some Vitamin E on my tattoo and grab some more water. Its been most excellent. I lay here wallowing in self pity, then I checked all the blogs, looked at pictures on DA, Cole has graciously been sending me Nana so I've been watching anime in bed, I ate my breakfast here in bed, I edited some pictures, talked to Jenny on the phone... however I have a feeling my day of lazing is about to end, since I still have things I need to do, including bathing and starting the wood stove. But not in that order.

Random fact about me. I'm a bitch. Its a simple fact. However, in conflict to that, I cannot stand hurting people. Discovering that I've caused someone pain, or knowing that I have to (breaking up with ppl, etc) causes me great pain. Infact, sometimes I think the pain i feel is greater than the pain i caused, which is really ironic and just plain silly.

In other news, i'm done school this semester and have decided to only take 3 courses next semester and get my Business Administration Certificate, opposed to 5 classes then 4 more classes to get my Marketing Management Diploma. Also, I think I might get a different job... full time bartending or something! Lol!

Thats all for now, omg, I just had the oddest craving for those "Cow" candies... you konw, the caramels with chocolate inside... or a kitkat bar... bah, i have a feeling I'm getting outa bed now... after I do my resume and watch another anime episode.


safromhell said...

first i have never known you to be a bitch. second i would recomend you to apply at alfredo's except i think you want to be paid more

Cole said...

Yeah.. Chris alfredo's is awesome but they don't make to much tips wise. So I hear.

iconic_dork said...

sinead o'conner once wore a shirt to an impromptu interview that said "If you think I'm a bitch, you should meet my mother"

i like it