Sunday, October 30, 2005

Edmonton (part 3)-A Night of Highway Confusion

(Last Edmonton post I promise)

Once I left the mall, I perfectly navigated my away accross Edmonton, through downtown Edmonton, we looked at random things, then went back to Whyte ave (what can I say, we love it there) and then did the most cliche thing ever. We went to the Starbucks inside the Chapters, listened to Dashboard Confessionals, while drinking Maple Macchiatos, and talking on our cell phones, Jen, was talking to her ex b/f at the time.... *sigh* how cliche, and of COURSE, I was wearing the orange hat, which I should add makes me look freakin hot! Then I navigated my way around to drop Jen off with Clarke, then back where I came to pickup Wanda.... took Wanda randomly driving... almost ended up in little Italy which APPARENTLY is bad... then waaayyyyy over on one side of Edmonton and actually ended up on a highway to Ft McMurray... got back on track again tho, and headed BACK to WestEd, b/c WANDA said she'd ride the rollercoaster with me!! However, the rollercoaster wasn't open anymore, but insteadn we went and ate at Death By Chocolate... o... m... g.... believe you me, orgasmic experience. and the names were ssssooooo cheesy I ahd "Joeseph and the Technicolour Dream Cake" it had a chocolate coat hanger on it and everything... they were freakin hilarious. And goood.... oh soo good. Then we decided we'd catch a movie, North Country. My goodness, ssssoooo good, very very serious, and just, solid movie right through to the end... and the way they filmed teh 3 different time periods was just amazing!

So then the movie ended at oh.... 12:30. Cool... we got lost leaving the mall. I shit you not, we were lost IN the mall. Didn't get out till 1:00!! it took HALF AN HOUR to get outa the mall. ggrrrrr.... however got outa the mall, into the car that Wanda had forgotten to lock, got some money for her, then drove her home.... however, ended up on the wrong side of a divided street, then got back on track, and what do we start talking about? Philisophical shit, OF COURSE! Soo... i miss my turn off w/o noticing, then for some reason think that this OTHER turnoff is the right one... so once we realize how lost we are, we drop philosophy for a while, get sorted out, then drop Wanda off. Now I'm heading back to Shay'ys house... bout a half hour drive, and tis about 1:30... but I once again miss my turn off (i'm too tired by this piont) then I actually consciously decide to not take the NEXT turn off (don't think I should've been operating a motor vehicle) and heres the prob with AB highways.... theres no just, turnign around... once you miss exits, you keep going till you find one.... so! Part way to Calgary, find an exit for Kavenaugh... w/e, take it... keep going, and where does it lead? Highway 2!!! YES! Know where I am... turn right on it.... figure out later I shoulda turned LEFT... get to some quaint town called Millet... stop at a gas station, and whip out my map... when this drunk comes outside

"WWWhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Man, you can't just sit out here, ya gotta go inside and get some food..."

"Right... will do in a min" *resumes reading map*

"Oh... are ya lost?"


"where ya headed?"


"Nisku's THATAWAY man" *points the direction I just came from* "I'm headed that way, wanna follow"

*thinks... this mans drunk...* "Sure, why not"

He turns, WAY before Leduc, let alone Nisku, however, I was on hwy 2 so I didn't really care. Got to Leduc, then Nisku, then home again, YAY!!! at 3... or 3:30, I can't remember now, but somewhere after 3 I stumbled in the house... *sigh* not cool. Then the next morning it was last minute chats and goodbyes, and homeward bound, where Jen played lotsa awesome music, blasts from the past and such... very much fun! I miss the city already, I feel that Edmonton will always be a place I can call home.

The End

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Edmonton (part 2)-Hot Sex, West Ed

Uggghhh.... I thought I posted this yesterday, but apparently I just saved it.... *sigh* here it is...

SO! we get home where our dear cowboy Eryk is awaiting our arrival. Next thing you know me and Shay'y are having hot sex, and all Eryk can do is watch... of course, I'm talking about the drink Hot Sex, you know, like Baileys, but more chocolaty!! And Eryk had to drive, so he couldn't drink. Sickos!!! Anywyasy, Shay'y cracked out the hot sex, and we started drinking that for a lil while. I felt a lil buzzed, which is a good place. Then we decided to go for a drive. We ended up in Beaumont, looked at a house Eryk had helped build, then found this big tall green metal frame thing, so me and Shay'y grabbed seats on the benches, and watched Eryks sexy ass climb up the frame, and perch on top. Then Jen FINALLY called, an hour after she said she would, so we headed back to meet up with her... tried to get her caught up in drinking, then got BACK in the truck (all four of us, regular cab dodge, but bench seats, so it worked) then we hit up Whyte ave, while the three of us are having more hot sex. very cool, whyte ave is the happenin place, all pretty lit up, very fun. We managed to polish off the hot sex, and I was ok, and tehn WHAM! Hit me like a sack of bricks... *sigh* but then we were off home anywyays, so I didnt' have time to do soemthing embarrassing *phew* so off to bed we went... in our King size bed.

Slept in the next day, especially when you compare the time that Shay'y and Jen got up. Shay'y (whilst I was sleeping) decided to scramble a dozen eggs for breakfast, but then I declined getting up and eating, and Jen only ate somthing like... 3... so shay'y ate the other 9. Poor girl. Then they all crawled in my bed, and Shay'y had way to much fun with the humping dog stuffed animal she got her dad for his bday. Then, we finally got our butts in gear, and me and Jen were headed off to THE mall. However, we made a detour to the IKEA, where I got myself a lamp and xmas bulbs, and my sister some baskets, and Jen frusterated!! But then, we arrived in the mall. We pretty well just... wandered for four hours... we got cards and gifts for mom and dad as a thank you for letting us stay with them, and we took random pictures with random things which will be posted apon development and scanning. Took Jen into Mac Makeup, just because I love the bright colours... if I had too much money, I would end up with too much bright makeup thats for sure. Almost convinced Jen to get on the rollercoaster with me, but she didn't, so I was all sad... *sniff* then we did the stereotypical picture booth thing, those are funny ones! OH! Went and checked out the movie theatre, with the dragon flying accross a starlit sky, and I got it in my head that I wanted to star gaze. So I lied down on the floor and star gazed... much to Jen's disgust, however in her credit, she did eventually lie down with me for a good 15 secs. Annndddd.... I went into a Le Chateau there, and actually tried on a dress (o... m.... g....) and a couple shirts, but after I had enough of that, we were leaving, and I spotted this wonderful horrible orange hat... tried it on.... LOVED it instantyl.... left.... ran back in and paid the freakin $26 for it.... its so wonderful tho, i love it. And then.... the mall no longer held our interest so we departed.

to be continued...

Friday, October 28, 2005

Edmonton (Part 1)-Our Arrival

Sooooo.... as i'm sure you've all geussed, this post is going to be about my lovely road trip with Jen.

It all started on a dark tuesday morning. I awoke at 3:15 am, packed everythign into my car, then drove downtown to get Jen. Picked up Jen with her mom fussing around, all worried bout her daughter, telling her to call at every major city, her father saying she WASN"T allowed to go to the bars, etc etc. Then off we were... yet, somehow, at 4am, we were HUNGRY. So we stopped at.... you geussed it, Denny's, and got chicken strips and hot chocolate. Then embarked on our adventure. We started it off with... the ultimate Dez Jen car song... also known to us as a Wayne's world, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Very much fun. Before McBride we watched a huge shooting star, it looked like a sparkler beign dragged accross the sky.... very gorgeuos. Then I noticed how bright the stars were due to a lack of city lighting, so I pulled over so we could stare at them, only to discover the tiny patch of sky I could see through the windshield, was the ONLY patch without clouds *Sigh* back in the car, and off we go. Got to McBride and was UBER excited to discover gas was 98 cents (gas was at 102 when me and Jen left) So naturally, filled up there. Continued, saw a moose on the side of the road, but not till it would've been to late if he had run in front of me, which started a conversation about hitting a moose and dying, and Jen exclaiming "MOOSEY FATE MOOSEY FATE" almost puked after that one... rest of the trip was uneventful, we laughed, talked, played music way to loud, and drove way to fast.

7 hours after our departure, we find ourselves just outside Edmonton, HURRAH! So I hand Jen my map, just for something for her to do, and tell her to find certain things that are apart of the directions to Shay'ys house.... and whatda ya know.... like the stereotypical woman (and once again, i do NOT fall into this women category) you hand her a map, and its like cryptonite to superman... *sigh* irrelevant, I have directions, I should be ok, and later we discovered that Shay'ys EXACT address wasn't on the map, however everything leading up to it was.... anyhow. Was right on track till the last part of the directions when... we somehow get very VERY disoriented. Find a road thats been closed, head down a dirt path that runs parrallel to the highway, end up in an industrial construction zone, but Jen with her amazing sense of direction managed to get us back to civilization, where we pulled over gassed up (for 86 cents a litre!!) and called Shay'y. 5 mins after my phone call, this gorgeus chick pulls up in this frickin SEXY truck.. a 2005 regular cap, short box, Dodge hemi.... hemi. Then i relook at the chick, who just HAPPENS to be my best friend Shay'y... :O The truck is hers btw, she bought it herself with a bank loan two weeks ago. She gets us home, where we proceed to give Jen a tour of the house, then I collapse oustide on the lawn. Very relaxing. Of course, Jen was very overwhelmed by the house... the bed (king size which me and Jen shared) would've filled Jen's room, and the bathroom was bigger than Jen's room... the three of us girls managed to all do our makeup in there with room to spare!!!

We then proceeded to wait for Eryk (my really hot dream cowboy... *drool* lol) then we got ahold of him to tell us he wasn't coming till later *cough* bastard. So Shay'y took us for a ride in teh Hemi.... *orgasm* in fact... we were at a stop light, and shot off the line when it went green and I actauly came 3 times... i didnt need a tissue so much as a towel... *ahem* So then Shay'y showed us Whyte ave during the day, (different from night, believe you me) we went into my first sex shop ever, and I fell in love with a pair of black strappy shoes... sad that the shoes I like are in Sex shop... also of course, looked at Dildos, costumes, and other such fun things. Finally left and went to find the whereabouts of dropping Jen off for the guys' band practice... turns out we drove by it EARLIER, but we couldnt' get back to there, managed to find Grant MacEwan, and with some 6th sense that comes to a Denny's employee, I somehow sensed then saw the Denny's so we kicked Jen out and made her walk under the Grant MacEwan hallway bridge!

Me and Shay'y then discovered that hunger had crept up on us, so off we went to BP, had horrible service... kinda annoying, so I only tipped her 12%!!!! lol... *sigh* but good Pizza nonetheless, nice to just sit and talk with my best friend, and not worry about having to be somewhere else, having chores waiting for me, counting the hours of sleep I"m gunna get.... just.... relaxing.. very nice. so then we headed to her old apartment, which due to alot of her stuff missing doesn't quite seem like home anymore, but its still.... home. Anyways, helped her pack up the remainder of her stuff, she gave me the bottle of strawberry wine, cause she remembered how much I liked it last time I was there... then back home where Eryk was waiting for us...

to be continued

Straaaaaaawwwwwwwwwberry Wine

Hi y'all. Just a post to say I'm home from a couple days of paradise, made it home safe, sound, and still half a virgin. I will post more about the trip tomorrow or so, but right now I thought I'd quickly post about my comming home experience. Quickly saw the folks, dropped Jen off, saw Mel, then met Cole at Denny's for chicken strips, then dropped him off, and was heading home... kinda didn't really QUITE stop for the stop sign... which the cop was driving by at that exact moment, who then followed me, then pulled me over. Very nice guy, was super friendly, we joked, talked, OH, and he didn't even bother giving me a warning, just a "well, there've been a lot of drunk UNBC kids tonight, just wanted to make sure you weren't one of em." and off I was.... HURRAH!! So i celebrated with a glass of strawberry wine that i've brought home from Edmonton, however, I feel that the combination of utter lack of sleep, and then alcohol, has caused it all to go straight to my head, and if i were talking i'd prolly be slurring.. hee hee, i think I'm slurrying in my head... I keep having to backspace on here to... anywyas, this pony needs sleep.

Strawwwwwwwwberry wine, 17, my first taste of love... ermm.. something something?

Monday, October 24, 2005


Hurrah, hurrah!! I have almost accomplished everything I need to in preperation for my wonderful trip to EDMONTON !! yay!! Except you know, oil change, car cleaning and packing... the REST is done... spent $50 on food :O SO very very very very excited!! Me and Jen should be hitting the road in.... 12 hours!! Ok, but i gotta go get a start on that oil change! Miss me!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Got no money in my pockets

I've got a hole in my jeans.
I had a job and I lost it.
But it won't get to meeee.
Cause I"m riding with my baby,
and its a brand new day.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee heee hee heee hee heee!!!!!

I leave for Edmonton in 2 days!! But Shay'y says no vodka, which is poopy! lol!! We had SSSSOOOOO much fun with vodka *grimace* especially when she threw the cap out the window and proclaimed we had to finish the vodka now that we had no cap for it... *sigh* *SPLASH* I want COLD water! *snicker* pooooor poor Eryk!! Also, yseterdays dilema is over... a friend from work, Tanja, said some REALLY nice things about him, and us, and I feel totally better. PLUS, he apologized for the whole thing being like elementary school like... and after spending some time with him yesterday, i realized how much I really like him... tee hee.

Work last night was alright, got a $20 tip off of a table, they weren't drunk, they were more like buisiness class couple, who thought i was a REALLY good server especially compared to the server in the section next to them. So yay! Also, SA Chris came in really really drunk... was very funny, he kept saying odd things, making sexual innuendos, then talked about how I was younger than his baby sister, and how Im innocent, and actually, in fact, I'm like a little sister to him, he'd prefer to think of me as his little sister, and his little sister is a slut.... *cough* thanks Chris... lol. Very fun tho!! He is genuinly a nice guy, was very concerned about Tanja cause she wasn't in a good mood and shes his friend, and he cares about his friends... lol very cute. Also another nameless employee came in a lil later a lil tipsy herself... very funny, she didnt' stay long tho, just long enough to run in the back, then out again... and of course, Mike, Stan, Diana, and a friend of theirs came in plastered! Well.... Diana wasn't, she was DD. OMG funny. Stan was all "Dez.. Dez I love you..... and you love Di, and Di loves you. See see, taht was cause you siad I'd do that all drunk, see i was just pretending..." *sigh* Yes Stan.. I got that. BUt thank you for the explanation, and then later writing it on my note pad upside down in the middle of an order, *thumbs up* It was awesoem tho, very fun having them there. Then Mike decided he didn't want to go stay at Stan adn Diana's house, he HAD to go home... but Di wasn't going to let nasty drive him home... so made him ask me, cause i live in the same general direction... so i took him and Mac (who was actually sober and just got off work at the same time as me, AND I found out is a relative of someone Mel plays poker with...) and stuffed them in my car (they actually fit! i don tknow how comfy it was tho...) drove Mac home, then took Mike, still a lil tipsy to feed my horse... very amusing... however, everyone got home safe and sound, and thats all taht matters, tho I was nearly to tired to be driving myself by the end, due to 5 hours sleep in a 48 hour period.

Finished house sitting for Patience today, so I sleep at my house tomorrow morning, night, then off to Edmonton, then when I get back I'm house sitting for the Murdochs for 2 weeks... so back out to the lake and bat infested imagination. I clearly dont' live at home very much.. Oh well, I like money!! Alot more than I'm afriad of bats.

In other news, while I'm gone moms bringing Kantana home again, and after I get back, Apollos going down, so making a horse swap, and speaking of horses, I need to get Apollo ready for bed and go put Kantana too bed! Sending hugs to all teh drunk Denny's employees, even tho none of them read this!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I Think Harry Potter Hates Me...

Ok, completly random... but I'm pretty sure Harry Potter hates me... last night.... er, this morning, when I got in after breakfast with the Denny's crew and had to pee REALLY badly, so I dropped my stuff on the ground in the hallway, however, Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince drops RIGHT on my big toe!!! Sooooooooo not cool, and this morning.... er evening, it still kills to walk on or touch... *sigh* I should call into work!! lol!!

OK, STILL haven't gotten ahold of Shay'y, this is starting to concern me... but I leave in Edmonton for two days, AND Jen's comming with!! HURRAY!!!! Excited, have to admit was kinda looking forward to the drive alone, but this'll be better!! We could BOTH use the time off!!

Sooo... I need a place to vent and try and figure things out, so this is the place. back in what... March... ya, March, I dated this guy... which was, well off, because I didnt' want to date anyone, but we met in a concert, adn there was this instant connection, and I was instantly comfortable with him, then BAM, we were dating... now once we started dating, I kinda started resisting the idea of it, and liking him and such, and the stupid pisces noticed, and talked to me about it, and basically told me not to be scared, he wasn't going to hurt me, and what was so bad about falling in love... so I did. Which i know sounds stupid cause we weren't dating that long, but it was the connection. Things were wonderful, we always had SSSOOOO much fun, everywhere, together, with other ppl, it was awesome. And then one day, outa the blue, he just ended it. ANd since then I've slowly pieced together that I was used, and pretty well a means to an end... he needed a change in life, and I was the way to do it... so once my purpose was served, that was the end of that. Now, as many of you know, I have a new spark in my life... he asked me out yesterdya, and I talked to him for quite some time about it, just cause like always theres complications, and I being an EXCEPTIONALLY blunt person, outright told him I didnt' want to be one of his whores... however all in all, we decided it was a good idea... and then I start doing it again... instantly distant, resistant... like, wtf?!?? I've liked this guy for sooooooo long now, and then BAM, changed my mind.... *GRRRRRR!* So... why? Am i just afraid to fall for him and be ditched? I doubt my feelings could've randomly changed so quickly... so waht the hell is wrong with me? *sigh* i dont get it... at all. Am I just a bitter person, who feels the need to inflict it on the world?

YAY! Just got a txt msg from Shay'y... i think this might mean contact and planning.

Anwyays, tonight, stupid Mike and Stan got the night off, so they and Diana (Stan's wife) are going bar hopping!! Grrr to them... and then, THEN, they're comming into Denny's afterwards... we hates them!! We hates them sooooo bad.

Ok, well sorry about the above vent, but I think Edmonton will help, just give me time to think things through... all that good stuff. But i unfortunatly, and unlike Mike and Stan, have to work tonight, and have to accomplish things before I get there... so i bid yee all good night, and adieu.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Ha ha... I like being 17

If you like Pina Coladas,
and getting caught in the rain.
If you're not in to yoga,
if you have half a brain.
If you like makin love at midnight,
in the dunes of a cave.

I like Pina Coladas,
and getting caught in the rain.
I'm not much into health food,
I am in to champagne.

YAAAAAYYYY!!!! I got to see my Mel last night, so nice. I misseded her sooooo much! :( But shes doin good, shes got a *cough* burning lesson tonight, OH! And shes going to the casino! YAY!! Oh, i'm also glad OTHERS are getting kicks out of my age. Last night Mel was at Timmy's for decorating, but abandoned them to come see me, now of course Mel is a very lovely sexy person, plus smart and talented so her leaving them would be very detrimental to the decorating, so they started complaining, and she said
"I"m sorry, but my friend called and I haven't seen her forever."
to which they replied, "She... is she hot?"
"THen BRING her!!" "Melissa buddy 'ol pal.... I'm VERY single right now"
"Guys... she'd eat you alive"
She then allowed them to rant and rave about bringing me down for introductions and dates for a good 5 mins... when it looked to have finally subsided, she looked at tehm and siad
"Boys... shes 17"
Ha ha... geuss she almost killed them, which I'm assuming makes me a LIL young for them... *shrugs shoulders* Meh. But then when we head to Denny's for uh... pecan pie, *cough* they were THERE, so naturally Mel had to introduce me... *sigh* the bliss. So we've started planning a joint 19th bday for Walrus and Disco Fat, very much excited for... invitations and everything!! Streamers, I'm gunna go get goody bags, cause Mel wouldn't let us yesterday...

Ha ha... so in my attempts to go to Edmonton, i've finally broke down and just TOLD Shay'y that i'm comming in an e-mail cause that seems to be the ONLY way to get ahold of her... *sigh* very stupid! so much for the surprise, but now my chances of lodging are better!! lol!! So very VERY excited to go see her... YAY!

Ugh... have to work tonight... but should be interessting according to all the things I've heard from others lately... *sigh* drama sucks... not as in the subject, but as in the drama ppl place on the ongoings of others lives... it kinda sucks, but alas. And then saturday stupid Mike and Stan took the day off, and are going to the bar, and then, just to rub it in, are comming in to Dennys!! Fuckers... OH! And on Halloween, after 1 am, i was s'posed to work alone... however I bitched, and now Krysten's on! Yay! We like Krysten!! Anywaysy, there has been nothing pertinent in this post so I should just post it, have a nap and start my day!!

Why does a man take it for granted that a girl who flirts with him wants him to kiss her -- when, nine times out of ten, she only wants him to want to kiss her?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

*Sigh* the good 'ol days... just trying to talk about it gives me a lump... in my pants.

Don't you mean in your throat?!?

Its my lump I'll put it wherever the FUCK i want to!!!!!!

Hello all!! Above quote is from "The Champ" I found it quite amusing... therefore I decided to post it!!! So did stupid post office testing today, took 40 mins for me to find the freaking post office, but arrived in time, and wrote the stupid thing. Tested our ability to see if 2 addresses were the same (derrr), number sequencing (dbl derrr), arithmatic, memory, and reading comprehension. However, the only thing I successfully finished within the ridiculous time limits, were memory (go figure) and reading comprehension (derrr...), but the time limits were crazy... noone finished the ones I didn't either, so I dont' feel stupid... and in fact, i did by FAR the best on the memory.... I finished way before anyone else did, but it was ssoooooo awesome I applied all my knowledge from Psych and the memory thing was a breeze.... which is odd cause lets face it... its Dez... anyways, I'll be getting a call in the next couple weeks, all that jazz, blah blah blah...

And on a random topic and post, me and Becca have decided noone's as good at being Dez, as I am... I'm just.... the perfect Dez, very.... Dez like.... I think we can all concur.. speakin of Becca I'm sitting here waiting for her to call cause we were all s'posed to hang out tonight... *sigh*

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

You can dress me up

But it won't change how I walk against the grain. You can take me home, but I'm gunna drive, cause this girrrrrrrrl... is one of the guys.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hee heee.... I'm so happy over here... first off, well, the obvious, a guy. But ALSO, I'm all registered up for school, I just have to pay my fees, and take my EMAT, a four hour exam to determine if I retained anythign from grade 12... OH! And tomorrow, I go for some sort of testing at the post office to test my memory, comprehension, and arithmetic (jeeeeez, whats with all the freakin tests?!?!)... so does that mean they're skipping the first job interview? or IS that the first job interview? anywyasy, I think after the test i pretty well have the job, so... well, I geuss we'll see what they offer me... Anwyays, i've actually grown weary of posting, and need sleeeeeeeeeep. Ciao!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sometimes I laugh Sometimes I cry

Sometimes I do both, and I don't know whyyyyyyyyy.

Hellllllloooooo! SO... first off, work this weekend, well, s'alright I spose. Made money, all that good stuff. Told a customer that the girls he was bothering "don't know who the FUCK you are, so go sit at your own table" taht was fun... scared a bunch of regulars. Had this jeff-a-ma-jerk come in to... man that SUCKED! ha ha.. ok, maybe it was fun, but its cause Liv is HOT! Jesse came in liquored too.... tried to grab my "name tag" riiigghhtttt... ha ha.... was good to see him tho, then I told him I was easy... then told the Denny's staff I was good at roleplaying... So I've recently decided I should just stop talking in public... but like THAT'll happen... oh well, can't do much about it. Monday night was ssoooooo dead, i sold $360 YAY!! woop woop!

Ok i know i said first off implying that I'd write more, but I lied, maybe Il'l write more after my councellor appointment tomorrow at the College to discuss my courses!!!

BTW, leaving for Edmonton this next tuesday for all who didn't know.

"Without lies humanity would perish of despair and boredom."

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad."

Friday, October 14, 2005

Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On

Billy's at the bar, he's been there all night, first ten beers he's had since her good bye.
She left him broke, took his new truck, he don't smoke, but he lights one up, temporary fix for his heartache, he's hurtin bad, but he's feeeeeeelin great.

He's on the dance floor, yellin free bird, singin off pitch but he knows everyword (whoa... remind you of someone) grabs him another girl and holds on tight, he don't see ugly through blodshot eyes. He'll fall apart, when he gets home, right now his worries are gone, life looks good good good, billy's got his beer goggles, on.

That there is my second fave song, But seriously, I'll stop that and actually post something.

So last nigth, went and watched Becca's play, which was superb! Really enjoyed myself, one of the bimbos bothered me, and the other was a lil weak at times, but all in all wonderful performance! "The "M" Word" would've been fantastic I"m sure, however the male actor completly froze, and they ended up skipping a bunch just to get through it, unfortunate, but it happens. "The Diary of Adam and Eve" However... was quite a disapointment. Adam did quite well, but Eve's character was a lil off.... and the worst of it was she didnt' know her lines, they had a prompter in the audience... very frusterating. Best part was when teh Gel fell off the light right above me and Jen and Jen whispered "The sky is falling..."

After the play though, we all decided complete and utter humiliation of ourselves was necessary at Denny's, so off we went unable to think of a BETTER place to go. We didn't order forever just cause we were socializing, kinda drove Krysten (our server) nuts i'm sure, but we tipped well, so tahts all taht matters! Finally ordered, we're all socializing, me and Becca trek off to the bathroom, don't even stay that long, and low and behold, OUR FREAKIN FOOD ARRIVED!! I can't imagine why this always happens to me and Becca *pout* anyways, ate wonderful chicken strips, drank way to much hot chocolate, me and Jen went outside and relaxed for a lil while, then eventually everyone dispuresed, but me and Jen remained to socialize with David Baycroft who showed up later, which was nice, then dropped Jen off and went to bed myself.

Where I discovered that I could pretty well live... in my bed that is. I slept for a good 9 hours, got up only because I had to pee ssssoooooooo bad. hung out upstairs for a while, went back to bed and read for 1/2 hour, went back upstairs, accomplsihed things, then went BACK to bed read for an hourish, slept for another 2 hours, and FORCED myself outa bed to go do stuff (like post...) before I went to work tonight... what can i say, i love sleep now that i'm semi deprived of it!

SO! School update for y'all, looks like I'm going to try and get a diploma in marketing and mangement, and then upgrade that to a degree in university! Very excited, to at LAST have some form of direction... of course, I've had this much direction and excitement for something before... anyways, this time I"m going to see a counsellor at CNC on wednsday!

we don't like to go out shoppin,
when you come over at half time,
and say does this dress fit to tight?
we just look you in the eye with a big fat lie,
and say "uh uh, looks just right."

Well thats the truth about men,
thats the truth about us.
we'd rather pick guitars,
and work on cars,
then work on the problems in our lives.
No matter what line we hand you,
when we come draggin in,
we ain't wrong, we ain't sorry
and its probly gunna happen again.

Jump up and down like fools,
when we see the new tools
at the home depo store.
We don't really wanna take you to dinner,
at soem fancy restaurant,
the only reason we do is cause we know it leads to
the one thing that we all want.

Sorry, had to post that, first off, cause its hilarious, second of all, my sister says everytime she hears this song, it reminds her of me...


She don't get, one single fashion tip, from cosmo magazine, I dont' need no beauty queen.
She don't choose, from the regular menu, just the special of the day, makes them cook it her own way.
Ya she does, just because, She does her own thing, cause she ain't ordinary, plays by her own rules, has her own vocabulary, out of the normal, and she don't have to be innocent, magnificent, just different!
She don't buy, into idealistic lies, or the flavour of the week, its all part of her mystique.
She dont' care, about havin perfect hair, or what other ppl think, thats what makes her so distinct, ain't no doubt, she stands out!

That there, is one of my favourite songs, and I think I'm going to post selections of some of my favourite lyrics of my favourite songs. Why? because its my blog and I can post w/e the hell I want!! Mwa ha ha ha.

First off, most of them are country songs, which alot of ppl don't like, but I appreciate music for the lyrics, and how it affects me emotionally. For the most part country makes me uber happy and bouncy, the "depressing" songs don't depress me, but in fact put me in a more reflective mood.

THis next song I absolutly love, because its a page out of my own fairytale!!

She was in the back yard say it was a little past nine,
When her prince pulled up,
White pickup truck.

Her folks shoulda seen it commin it was only just a matter of time,
Plenty old enough,
And you can't stop love,
No you can't fence time.

Shes got her pretty little bare feet hangin out the window and they're headed out to vegas tonight,
How could 18 years just up and walk away?

Course... I think 18 years (the age that is almost apon me) is a little young... however, a randomized Vegas eloping is right up my alley.

Yeah Connie came back,
for her seconds cousin's wedding.
First time she'd been home in a year or two,
Just in time for the rehersal dinner,
That crazy connie wasn't wearing any shoes <-thast me!!

That song was titled "You can't take the honkey tonk outa the girl" And i'm pretty sure i made it a lil clear part of the reason I like it!

(For the record I've only posted the lyrics I wanted you to read, tehres been a lot in teh middle cut from different songs)

Anywyays, those were some songs that if you didn't notice (and i dont' know how you couldn't!) remind me of me in one form or another. This next song however I like for the inspiration and humour!

Ever been misunderstood misused or misled?
Ever knock on the sky and have it fall on your head?
Well don't worry about it, no no don't worry.

Ever lost your luggage, your marbles your house?
Or found youself in bed with Uncle Sam or Mickey Mouse?

Ever been accused of murder on music row?
Or caught in morning traffic when you really gotta go?


Life is funny life's a mess,
Sometimes I'm cursed soemtimes i'm blessing.
Dont worry about a thing, don't worry about it,
Life is sticky life can bruise, sometimes you win, sometimes you're losing,
No matter what it brings don't worry about a thing.

Ever sit yourself down when the seat is all wet,
Or see your ex suckin face with a lil brunette?
Don't wory about it, no no don't wory.
Ever lost your religion, ever lost your best freind?
Ever found your lost record in the bargain bin?

Or scrape someone else's gum off the bottom your shoe...
Boo hoo!!

We've all got a little junk in the trunk,
And when you're feeling good and sorry.
Remember everything will be just fine,
If i laugh at yours, will you laugh at mine?!

I'm sure just having the lyrics written out doesn't really do the song any justice, but that song is my all time favourite right now!! Makes me uber happy! Anyways, I"ll post this, then maybe post a more significant post, specially since it'll prolly be my last one for a while, since I embark on another work week.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I'm not into health food...

I am in to Champagne.

Hee hee.... the above picture is for my friend Mel!! I figured she'd like it, and even the walrus could appreciate, even tho she actually likes broccoli, but she pointed out its BECAUSE its evil that she likes it. I did the editing myself, you can hardly tell eh?!?!

SO! Thanks to Cole and his ubertastic friendship seeking favour skills.... I found out, I'm still registered at college, all I have to do is pick my courses for spring and pay all my fees!!!! I'm so excited.... ssooooo I'm going back to school!! I"m only gunna take 2, maybe 3 courses, and still stay on late nights at Denny's as many hours as possible!!! Am super excited over here!!

So, last night managed to pick up an extra shift! YES! It was part swing part late night... discovered I really like late night, and not a big fan of swing... for one, tips are better on late night, secondly hostesses are stupid, and lets face it, I'm antisocial. All in all, last night was fun tho, worked with Kassy (server age 17), Garfield (new server age 20), Crystal (hostess age 18), Ashley (new girl age 18), and Debi (Kids Craft Corner age 15). Ok, now you're all wondering why I typed in the age, but I wanted you to know how young our floor was. Clearly Garfield is not only the oldest, but the only one legal to serve alcohol. Now, Garfield started by making fun of Ashley and Kassy, callin them youngens and such till I told him to leave us minors alone... he was kinda like, why do you care, they're all so young... so I told him.... I"m 17... he uh.. pitched a fit, and exclaimed that I was lying, cause I clearly had to be 21... Poor kid, went from thinking I was a year older than him, to just over 2 years younger... OK! SO! Kassy goes on her break, so we "shut" section one down, except for the 3 tables we've designated as Ashley's tables. THen i just keep working section 2 and Garfield section 3. WELL we got a dinner rush and the hostess forgot.... SO! I got section one and two, which meant seating went ASH DEZ DEZ GARFIELD DEZ DEZ GARFIELD ASH DEZ DEZ GARFIELD. At one ponit, I counted my tables to see that I had 8... Garfield had 3. Therefore I gave garfield one of my tables in an attempt to catch up... it was uh, slightly crazy. But enough about work, that was my psycho night.

Still have been unable to ride other than the once... this is quickly turning into a waste of $223 this month... hopefully next month is better, tho doubtful as it will be Apollo whos downtown next month... but seriously, how does crap keep happening!?!?! I'm SUPPOSED to have GOOD luck... I even have a horseshoe in the middle of my thumb print! *sigh* I geuss I'll just have to start making my own luck.

OH! Back to the age thing... this relates to a conversation me adn Stan had. Its funny that everyone thinks I'm over 20, it really is. Everytime I remind Lynn I live at home she almost chokes, its god awefully funny. Tho i can't imagine how old I"m going to look when I'm ACTUALLY 20... i have to admit that almsot frightens me. Anyways, irrelevant. Stan figures I'm actually older than 100, but b/c I'm a vampire, I can really say I'm w/e age I wanna be, and the only reason I'm "17 going on 18" is cause I don't want to serve my own alcohol! Bwa ha ha ha.... was there actually a point to this paragraph?

Well I"m going to go "do" things.... you know, things to see, ppl to do.... :D Anywaysy adieu to yee all *bites everyones shoulder*

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. "

"It don't make much difference what you study, so long as you don't like it."

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Denny's Fairy

Tonight, while working (the other option was clearly sleeping... *sigh* my over exciting life except of course, i would have said day not night, cause i sleep during the day, and work at night... which also kinda makes me sound like a hooker... which would explain why I come home exausted and with wads of cash...) Um.... anyways, as i was saying, I ended up piling a TONNE of dishes on the counter below the pass bar, and then leaving them to go pull and empty salt and pepper shakers. Whence i returned, i found the dishes all still piled there, so I sighed to myself and complained to Mac that once again, the fairies didn't come to help me. His replial was "What? The Denny's fairies? They don't come around ever..." which got me thinking... I AM the freakin Denny's fairy!! When dayshift comes on monday mornings, (er.... tuesday mornings lately...) All the salt and pepper shakers are clean, and at any given time, there is an insert full of cut and wrapped brownies, its all like magic!! Not to mention all the sidework swing conveniently forgot has been done *cough, PHIL cough*, and the restaurant is spotless, and there is cutlery rolled (on a good night anyways...) MAGIC I tell you! Phil can sympathize with this, as he used to be a Denny's fairy, and it actually makes alot more sense now, because I've always seen Phil as a fairy *runs between Phils legs to avoid him hitting me, bites his knee cap* So i explained all this to Mac who muttered somthing about an evil fairy... *sniff* and then i also noticed with all the bitching I was doing to mac , I'm also a bitter fairy... so I geuss I'm the Evil Bitter Hooking Vampish Nocturnal Denny's Fairy... :S

Anyhoo, Jen, remember, we're going thursday to see Becca's play!! *sigh* what am I to do with you child?!?!

ANnnndddd.. I need sleep, as I'm do back at work in....8 hours! *sigh*

Saturday, October 08, 2005


OK! First off I'd like to say.... WWEEEEEE HEE HEE HEE!! My counter has reached 101!! yay!! lol. Next, last night I was watching the end of Pretty Woman, and it occurred to me that I think most girls want the fairy tale ending. The guy who rides in on a white horse, with a boquet of flowers, and sweeps them off their feet and steals them away (Dez translation, shows up in a white pickuptruck, loads of money and passion for life, and takes me to Vegas to get married after shoving a chocolate muffin up his nose). I geuss the only difference between fairytales, is the plot line. And as Kit points out, it has happened, to Cinder-fucking-ella.

And now I'd say, on to more meaningful things, but I'm pretty sure Cinder-fucking-ella (anyone notice how much I just like saying that?!?!) is the most meaningful thing that will be on this post. Oh, and yay for Phil being seduced into a blog, it happens to all of us eventually i spose... lol. Cept stupid Mel, she thinks shes all that :P!! J/k!! I loooooooooooooooooves you!!

OH! Was struck by a thought the other day (and YES it DID hurt). I think i wanna go into Buisness Management, and by the smug look on a certain best friend *cough* Melissa *cough*'s face, i'm geussing she thinks it would be a good thing, she muttered somthing about control.... lol. But, I dunno, its an idea and a start, so maybe this spring I'll get into CNC and start taking some buisness courses, as I do agree with Phil, i DON"T wanna work in a restaurant all my life, but I'm sure I made that evident in my previous post.

GGGgrrrrrrrrrr...... Why is this riding thing NOT working out for me!? I bring my horse dowtown, and for the first 3 days I'm to busy to ride, just have time to feed and pet. SO! 4th day, go down, and figure, hey, he's going to need to be lunged before I ride... two things strike me, first off, I dont' have FREAKIN ROPERS (Riding boots) secondly, he's such an idiot on the lungeline, i pretty well plant my feet and let him run around me turning me as he goes... I got so dizzy i was afraid I was gunna pass out. *sigh* So, we lunge for a couple days, and then, wahtdayaknow hes calmed down, AWESOME, so last night I'm like, YES, I am RIDING!!!! Grab my horse, gather all my tack annndd.... i didnt' bring a saddle pad downtown!! GRRRRR!! *sigh* but in happy news I bought myself 2 new pairs of breeches, and TODAY i will be bringing a saddle pad down.

Anyhoo, my throat still hurts, and I need to get a start on things out in the world... so I shall post this and be on my way.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Roland the Roadie, Loved Gertrude The Groupie, But Gertrude the Groupie Loves Groups!

OK, so like, most awesome night ever!!! I really enjoyed Kazzer one of the opening acts, Julian (guitarist) had awesome stage presence, and was really fun to watch, with his 4"long dreads. And after their set Jen wanted to pop by the merch table to see if they showed, and when they did, she was just gunna leave, and I was like say WHA!? we came all the way over here and your'e not even gunna go say hi?! So she was like, I should ask if I buy them a beer will they show me their guitars?! And i was all doooooo it! So she did! Was quite amusing, you could almost see him go, "oh god... another freaky girl" when Jen said, "I'll buy you a beer if..." and then he was sooo shocked when she said "you let me see the Gibson (guitar)" this then resulted in a babbled comment about guitars being locked up (I use that one for alcohol on late night AALLLLL the time) but then went into a full out guitar conversation for like, 7 minutes while me and Steph smiled and went *blonde giggle* lol.... but it was awesome to see Jenny talking to someone with the same knowledge and passion about guitars. Julian then introduced himself to me and Steph (did i mention he was hot?) and then Jen was all "we're goign to Denny's afterwards, you should come" to which the replial was somthin along the lines of "uh... maybe". Then Jen moved on to talking to other band members when this blonde chick pops outa nowhere, looks at Julian, runs away, runs back and says... "are you from Kazzer? omg god *fans herself* can i... have a hug?" *Gag* like.... comeon hes human... Anywyas, so then Boy came on, and I wasn't to fond of them, but w/e, but then.... THEN.... came Collective Soul!!! Awesome intro, woke me rigth up (due to horrible sleeping patterns right before they came on I was fighting off sleep) but their middle kinda... draggged, and caused me adn Steph to kinda drift off for a couple mins, but the ending was TOTALLY awesome!! OMG good!! Hee hee, he made us sing, over and over and over and over again, whcih was totally awesome for me, cause I was gunna sing no matter what, I'm Dez, its what I do, but he encouraged it, so I was like! YES!!!! Just, awesome freakin show. So, then we all treked over to Denny's Gordie showed up, Kaylee had to go early, which really sucked, then we all had food, and Mike and Stan were really off, so Dan couldn't really pay when he wanted to, and he was tired, so me and Jen said we'd get it.... and in the end, we also got Gordie's food, which reaaaaaally didnt' make me to happy. Another thing, I seem to only be able to tolerate Gordie when I'm drunk, or he's driving me in his awesome truck. Anwyays, we had almost given up hope that Kazzer would show, when who walks through the door? Julian and Derek, and everyone else! It was so awesome, so they grabbed a booth next to us, Derek the roadie took Jen and me outside to show her the custom made guitar, while we were out there, some random came up, and said to Julian.... "Yo'ure not kazzer are yoU?" To which the replial was (omg, fucking awesom) "No... but i'm in a band called Kazzer" *drum roll* made me happy, and then the guy was all... no way.... goes back inside, and when we get inside, he's got this picture of some kid, and a sharpie and gettin them to autograph the back of it... *sigh* but seriously, fuckin awesome night!

OH! and Kudos to Becca for making the front page, when Collective Soul was on page 3! We're all very proud!

Thursday, October 06, 2005


WWeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Today's the Collective Soul concert!! YAY! I didnt' realize how excited I was till i woke up this morning and was all "ITS TODAY, ITS TODAY"!! Lol!! Funniest part is...... i still don't really know who they are... *sigh* leave that to Dez eh? I geuss I'll figure out who they are tonight! Today is also my last day of house sitting for TWO WEEKS!! I have to live at home for TWO WEEKS!! *sigh* Oh well...

OK! So the anxiety about quitting superstore was that in the past everytime I went to quit... my hours would drop at my other job. SO! I quit the superstore, and Denny's drops me to 32, instead of 36... whcih really sucks b/c it seemed easier to pick up extra hours on thursday, just cause I didnt' take a half cause it was a4 hour, and then i stayed for an hour afterwards doing sidework and such. But i geuss they're trying to put Mike on swing (WHhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy..........????????) and then I'll be THE late night server. Which means 40 hours a week. And has also freaked me right the hell out. THE late night server. THE LATE NIGHT SERVER!!!!!!!! ACK!! It sssooooooo says, "LIFER" And... i dont' wanna be a lifer. Hell, i hardly wanna do late nights, I just really like the ppl i'm workin with on latenights, but in fact i like MOST of the ppl at Dennys!!! And do these ppl remember how old I am?!? 17!!! Who would trust the running of their restaurant w/o a manager to a 17 year old?!?! *sigh* So am once again, rethinkging life and my situation, and going to try and fix things.

AHA!! SO my victory of the week... I went to bed shortly after 9pm tonight, was simply exausted... aaaannnnnnddddd..... woke up shortly after 9 am this morning!! I was awake for nearly an hour between 5 and 6, but other than that, decent sleep!! More than 11 hours, kinda helps make up for last shitty week. Tho all you psych students know that we can never fully regain that which we've lost. And whats sad and pathetic is that my sleep patterns are so exciting in my life that it gets a whole paragraph to itself.

OK! So, i have a lump on my head, that is the result of the worst head i've gotten, during an orgie in Phils car yesterday. Lol!! It was hilarious, we put me Becca, Jen, and Phil in the front seat of his standard car. Only meant for 2, we doubled it. And when i went to get in (aka, straddle Becca) I slammed my head on the top of the car, then on the door of the car... and today, have lump on the base of my skull!! *sigh* WORST head ever. But the orgie was fun, till Phil took off the emergency brake w/o the car being in gear so we started rolling backwards. Good times.

Hmmmm..... I'm officially broke, and i have a REALLY sore throat right now... hoepfully it'll be better before tonight, or its only going to be worse after all the screaming!! Well, i geuss i should go pick up my paycheck, OH and we get paid tomorrow to, and i'll get another paycheck tomorrow also... *sigh* happy days! Lol!! *hugs for all* Becca, break a leg!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Hello to all who unfortunatly stumble upon my blog! First off, I'd like to explain that it is nearly 4 am, and I have, against my will, been up for nearly an hour. I tried to post at 11 o'clock last night, but was sssoooo tired, i was unable, so instead i curled up on the couch and fell asleep because i was to exausted to walk downstairs to my bed, YET HERE I FREAKIN WELL AM!!!

Well, yesterday was an interessting day. Got off work just after 6:30, bought a croissant and a green tea, and as it has become somewhat of a habit, sat in Kantana's stall and ate breakfast with him. The day before it was a bagel and cream cheese, which Kantana deemed not fit for consumption (after a very thorough smelling) but yesterday he actually attempted to eat the croissant which kinda resulted in him slobbering on it and not really biting a piece off, so i ripped off a piece so he could push it around in his shavings... he's so cute, I love him so much. Then fed him, came home to find my sister still home (missed the bus, AGAIN) so this time I drove her downtown, went to Spruce Cap. found some cheap jodphurs, bought a really cool grooming block for my fat man, and found apart of Becca's bday/xmas present... whichever i decide, prolly bday cause i'm so excited to give it to her, lol (which is the reason I rarely buy gifts any sooner than necessary cause I always want the person to have it right away) anyways, then went and cashed some checks, deposited my coin, came home, talked to dad, then FINALLY went to bed at 10:30... and woke up just before 4:30... which was bad b/c i was supposed to be at the Superstore at 4:00... *shrugs shoulders* whatcha gunna do, it was my last day ever, and as far as i'm concerned not showing up on your last day is a tradition that I have no right breaking, tho i DID intend to call in sick, but either way works...

So then I got up, got Apollo's stall all ready for bed, and tried out my new grooming tool on him, which works pretty flippin awesome!! Went downtown to brush my fat man... apparently had to much "fun" fighting with him and realized i was late, through the grooming tools away, ran to my car, drove to the theatre... and couldn't find Mel or Jeff who had given up waiting for me and already went in... found them tho, JUST before the movie came on and we watched "Just Like Heaven" good movie, kinda... i dunno the ending was a little off, but still really good. THEN!!! We all went to Earls for french fries, and orgasmic chocolate cake. I think i've replaced sex with this chocolate cake... of course, what choice do i have?! lol! Anywasys, of course we had an AWESOME time, looked at some pics of Becca all bimboed up (fuckin A) Becca's started working on a different character, AKA, lesbian sex obsessed freak, and caught me WAY off gaurd at one point, which was odd, cause it takes alot for that to happen... but i desensitized fairly quickly and started making her squirm, which is how it should be!! loL! (poor poor Becca)

So all over the arena right now are signs saying "Do not bring apples to the agriplex, only owners and caretakers should feed horses." and ones on Paddocks saying "Please do not feed me apples or leftover pieces of hay, I could get sick." I've decided that should I put one on Kantana's stall, it should say "Please do not feed me, I am FAT!!" maybe he should join Becca and Erics little club... lol, maybe not, i'm actually going to try and get this weight off of him, we're going on an excersize program and diet together... hurrah.

Hmmm... what really sucks about being awake right now, is I can't even do that which I wanted to do. I wanted to play on the PS2 b/c i don't HAVE a PS2, and generally when I'm awake at this god aweful hour I play nintendo, AND I still have Kingdom Hearts for the PS2, and Patience has a PS2 (See how somthing good can come of being awake right now?!), EXCEPT, not only could I not find Kingdom Hearts (Dont worry Cole, its prolly hiding in my bedroom somewhere, you know how that is) but Jeff took his PS2 when he moved to the Lake... grrr... i geuss i could go read Harry Potter for a lil while... I'm kinda a geek aren't I?

Jen, why does your blog have some sort of parental warning on it? I can't access it from Patience's house (where i'm currently house sitting) b/c of the parental controls and lack of a password... grrr *shakes fist at you*

Anyways, i'm a sleepy pony, and should go try and curl up on my couch again, or tomorrow i just might be a grumpy pony.

WTF?!?!! Now this stupid computer wont' even let me see my own freakin blog!!!! GAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I found my friends, they're all in my head.


Now that we've established that, on to more meaningful things... like, well, me being a geek!!! Yesterday I bought.... The 20 best of Andrew Lloyd Webber!! YYAAAYYY!! Phantom of the opera, Cats, Joeseph and the Technicolour Dream Coat, Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar... *sigh* its like a lil piece of heaven.... and no pun intended.

SO! I finally got a new starter in my car, and I got my brand new tires on ze car yesterday!! YAAYYY!!!! Am also broke, filled my tank yesterday too, and had $1 left to my name... and i had ssooooo much cash! *alas* But i should be finished with the spending money for a little while, plus i have 4 paychecks comming up in the next 2 weeks. Tabor tomorrow, Denny's on the 7th, House sitting monday/tuesday, House sitting thursday/friday, and Supesrtore NEXT thursday... whoa... thats actually 5. Hee hee, i'm rich! lol! WHICH, is in actuallity a really nice change for me, growing up we NEVER had money... in recent years we've done better, but everyone in my family has a passion and they take so much money that not much is ever left over for.. Things. We always have food and stuff, and once or twice a year we go to the movies as a family. So its nice now to be able to go out and watch a movie, or buy deserts at a restaurant and such! Very nice indeed!

So, after work tonight, which is actually tomorrow morning for all of you. Me and the late night crew are going out for breakfast, whcih I'm really excited about. the late night crew of course is me, Mike, Stan, Mac, and maybe other Mike... so.... me and a bunch of guys, lol, some things never change. But i'm really excited about it, and it'll work out great, first off, i NEVER eat enough on this stupid shfit, i'm down to 2 meals a day, sometimes only one... but then, after breakfast I have to go to Tabor Mtn and relearn what goes on there b/c of all the changes so i can manage next saturday, plus pick up my paycheck (geeze... i quit one job only to go back to the other... *sigh*), then THEN!!!!!!!! Eeeee heee heeee!!! Bring Kantana down town!! YAAAAYYYY!!!! i'm SSOOOOO freakin pumped!!!

Ha ha... I'd like to take this paragraph to laugh at ppl who pay rent, (even tho i know one day soon i will to... lol) for not only do i not pay rent, ppl actually pay ME to live in their houses. Very humorous really, I'll finish house sitting bat infested paradise monday, and start house sitting at Patiences tuesday, finishe thursdyaish, *(cant' remember) then 2 weeks later, house sit patiences for a few more days, then less than a week later, back to bat infested paradise for 2 weeks, then December back to patiences for 2 weeks. Very nice.

But speaking of Kantana, i'm afraid I havent' packed all his stuff yet, and he'll be very sad w/o it, so i must bid yee all adieu, and sweet dreams while i deal with drunk ppl and clean ketchup and water off tables... *sigh*