Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Impulsive One

Many things to report, from minor to major.

First off, one of my horses (Apollo) tried to kill himself and Kantana. He pulled back while both of them were tied to the hitching rail, broke off both fence posts, drug Kantana by the post around the yard flipping out, rearing and such. I kept trying to jump in to detatch Kantana then Apollo from the post but Apollo wouldn't stand still long enough for me to get in, eventually one of the fence posts fell off the rail on Kantana's side, and they finally stood long enough for me to dettach Kantana. Once Kantana was released from the rail, the tension between them removed, Apollo remained still long enough for me to detach him as well. I konw I cannot describe to you the horror I felt while all of this happened, so I won't bother trying. Just as I was detaching Apollo my mom arrived and watched me sieze Kantana's head in my arms hugging him and sobbing while calling Apollo every horrible name I could think of. At the time I felt no injury but by the time I made it back to the house I noticed the tip of my pinky finger had swollen. It must have been crushed between the swinging fence posts and the rail in one of the escape attempts. The next morning to my horror I discovere I had strained my inner elbow, making it difficult to use my bicep, making work absolutly aweful. Also, my middle finger on the same hand is sprained. At this point all but my middle finger have healed. Very annoying, but enough complaints.

Tomorrow I start my new job, I work monday-friday 7 a.m.-3 p.m. I will continue to work at BP as well, i'm doing my last bartending shifts this week, then I will go back to a lowly server working wednesday-friday evenings. Excitingly, this leaves me with saturday sundays free :D

In other exciting news, Saturday Stephanie Roos and I put a damage deposit down on a 2 bedroom apartment in Oak Manor on 15th ave. Theoretically we could be moving in this weekend.

Also saturday I managed to put a couple extra holes in my head... now w/e posses me to everyonce in a while alter my appearance I shall never know. It is entertaining tho. However, the minor pain it leaves me with, on top of a burnt middle finger (from dinner this evening) the other middle finger sprained, my thumb infected, and a mild headache, leaves me with multiple aches... There I go complaining again.

Today was great fun tho! Jen Schluter, Brendan, Cole, Tiffany, Suzie and I all headed out to the lake!! Cole and Tiff played volleyball, Suzie and Brendan did horrible dances, all but I swam, it was most excellent :D we left the apartment around 11:30, and were back again shortly afer 2. We will have to do it again, on a day when people are more available :) Pictures will be posted at a later date :D

Well, I somehow need to entirely switch my sleeping patterns over, so a bath and bed are in order from this girl. If you don't hear from me too much in the next while try not to worry, I'm just busy as always :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Kids these days

I'm switching, for the night, to a very point form posting structure.

Work was boring, then crazy busy did 90% of my sales in 1 1/2 hours. Talked with the manager whilst polishing glasses, was very nice. Got home late, was dead tired, discovered my sister and her friends on the trampoline so we stayed up talking and watching the ever approaching dawn.

For fathers day we spent hours at the show and shine, my forehead is now burnt, paid for my father and grandfather's lunch, dad and i had a nap on the couch, made pancakes and berries for dinner, watched some TV he went to bed while I stayed up feeling sorry for myself. Cole and AJ are the only friend I have who are single at this moment... Also, e-bay + credit card + love for Nana = bad. Bought the ring nana wears for only $5 from hong kong, so after shipping and stuff it was only $12, my very first internet purchase :D

Today was cleaning cleaning cleaning, watched the end of Cabaret and the begining of Stick It with Tiff, then searching for a cafe with Jenny that happened to be open past 5 p.m. on a monday. Then we rolled down the aisles of staples in chairs, entertaining the staff, coached a Mohawk worker on his last shift through creating a triple scoop ice cream cone for me and scratched lottery tickets. Jenny won on the bonus! Went to Stephs, watched "Never Been Kissed" then came home and here I are.

Mel gets home in 10 days! I'm more than excited!!!!

On Thursday I go to Red Rock Nursery for orientation, sorting seedlings. Its piece work, the average worker makes $12/hour. Now I have to weasle out of bartending for BP, could be tricky. We shall see.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Today is my friday!!!

SO! we'll start with the photoshoot, since at this very moment i'm doing all the prints for it. I was there for 3 1/2 hours, took nearly 300 pictures, and the client selected 36 of them! All in all I'd say it was a success; however, the actually printing right now isn't going so hot. At the begining they were comming out fine, but then I ran out of B&W but I had a spare so no biggie. Then for some reason the red isn't printing very well :S I'm nto certain why, so now that I've printed all the 4x6's I'll give the printer some time to cool down before doing the 5x7s... i hope it improves :S

As for the rest of life... not much exciting has happened. I go to work, I read some of my book, I come home read more of my book, go to sleep. I'm on book 4 of The Sword of Truth... I very rarely re-read books, but this series is so good I'm reading it for a 2nd time!!! It makes me very happy. The split shifts are getting to me. On Wednesday I phone 4 ppl, and noone answered the phone so I went to Connaught and read my book at a picnic table till it was time to go back to work. Was nice and relaxing but I really could be doing more with my time.

Ok, after consutling my manual it says I should try cleaning the cartridges, which I'm attempting atm, whilst I eat apple sauce :D

So it seems all attempts at me moving out are being foiled, and I just may give up for the moment. There was a change in plans with Melissa, so my friend Steph offered up to move out with me, but SHE was supposed to move in with Kaylee, and in attempt to make sure noone felt left out Kaylee was also offered to move in with us... but, not to sound selfish, I really do not want two roommates. Its nothing against my friends, both of which I love dearly, but I'm kinda particular and seclusive, and having 2 roommates decreases the amount of alone time i'll have, increases the amount of ppl in the house at one time... plus, its easier for 2 people to mesh lifestyles than 3 people. *sigh*

So the cleaning of the cartridges kinda worked, I ended up washing one manually and after the 2nd auto clean it looks like its nearly fixed... close enough I hope :S Ok, now that i've started the 5x7s and i've rambled about enough meaningless thigns, I should go find my horses... they WERE wandering around outside in view, but now I can't see them :S

Monday, June 11, 2007

But I don't wanna....

Ok, so I keep going to update my blog, and then change my mind and do something else. But it's been over a week now, so I should throw a few things out there.

Photography: Doing my first commisioned photoshoot this tuesday for my GM. Also, in the next week or two I shall be doing a shoot for some promotional photography for a band's website. Also, For the first time ever I've placed photos in a photo album... its kinda nice to have moments of my life and pieces of me in an organized manor easily accessible. Lastly, i've updated my deviant art site again, so check it out :D

Horses: Fat and happy... we've been spending much time together playing and talking and cuddling and scratchign since the bugs are bad. Should really start riding more...

Work: I'm not a big fan of it right now... I think its a combination of lower tips and grumpier customers... but since it looks like I can get the time off I need this summer I'm going to stick it out for at least a couple more months... also might pick up another 5 hour shift a week.

Life: Theres actually a few things to say on this... in randomness last tuesday Steph and I went for coffee.... in Quesnel. Except instead of coffee we ended up having A&W b/c I was starving. The other part of life I find hilarious right now. As I"ve mentioned 100 times on this blog, I have EVERY Sunday Monday Tuesday off... every week. Once again, last week noone called to hang out on any of these three days. Now I'm also to blame since I'm not calling ppl either, but more to the point of my story. When wednesday rolls around and I have to go back to work, low and behold, 3 phone calls and 4 text messages!! People never cease to amaze me. lol!

In other news i'm cleaning my room, organizing, sick but getting healthy again, and reading lots. Now that you're all bored out of your skulls, I shall bid yee adieu.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Curse of the Bens

Bah! What a busy past few days... Friday, got up in the morning, went directly to work, got off work, went to Melissa's house for playing with kids and dinner, then went out dancing!! Stayed out till WAY too late, met this guy, had this instant connection, his name you ask? Ben. I couldn't believe it. But this one wasn't a pisces. That night I had the best kiss of my life. It was everything a first kiss should be, soft warm easy comforting perfect. Got up the next morning, went to work, after work drove up to the hart communtiy centre to bartend, and after that went to the boys' apartment for Jen's welcome home/Jeremy's going away party!!

Funniest thing at the party last night tho... AJ was trying to do handstand pushups, and they were terrible... not his strength, but form. So I got up to show him how it was done, perfect elegant... oh ya, being out of gymnastics for over 6 years, I don't have the strength to push back up. Very funny. Very unfortunate, and embarrassing.

I made no money this week either... very frustrating. Wednesday I probably made the most, at about $70. Thursday $40, Friday $35, Saturday.... a whopping $18, but my float was short that day, so I only brought home $13. Hurrah. And i went home 2 hours early saturday, an hour early friday, and 1.5 hours early thursday... Plus at the Hart Community centre, they brought in way too many bartenders, and I was tired, so after 1.5 hours they were talking about sending someone home, adn the 2 useless ones weren't offering, so I did. Also got no tips. Bah!

I had so much fun with teh kidlets to!!! There is nothing in life to make you feel more loved, than a 2 year old girl sitting on the couch next to you and cuddling up to you!!! Me and Carter played catch, then I set up Mario Kart for them, me and Maddy looked for the missing polar bear... all in all way too much fun! OH! Maddy and Danny watched me put on my makeup, and in the end they somehow had shiny lips, and pretty blue/purple eyelids *angelic look*

Anwyays, I have no idea what is up for today, but I'm sure I"ll figure it out...

Friday, June 01, 2007

Those things called life love and happiness.

I really feel I've had enough of all of them. Think about that collection of words tho... isn't life really the search of happiness obtained through the love of something/one... so w/o one there cannot be the other. Interessting.

But really... I remember why I hate ppl being all drooly over me... they're never ppl I'm attracted to. Though I think thats partially b/c they let me walk all over them, and I find that very unattractive... I only go for the ones that have no interest :P. I should explain how I got my printer... a very cute, and very dorky/nerdy boy was standing around at London Drugs, so I approached him in my "on a mission and confident about it" way, asking about a very specific printer. Instantly I can tell this boy is attracted to me, he scuttles over to a computer and starts looking it up, discovers they don't have it, looks up who in Canada does. Finds one with 4, phones, they won't send it up, phones 4 more stores, none will send it up, one says they MAY be able to, they'll call him back, so I wander off for a while... he tracks me down, says they havne't called, should he call them again? I tell him its no big deal, they call a little while later explaining they can't send it up... he takes my information so he can call me if he finds one... not 2 hours later I get a phone call from him, he tracked one down... I can't even fathom how many stores he called, or how long it took him... seirously, crazy. Today was a blast from the past, and i"m not certain how to take it... he showed up at BP, we chatted for a while, then both took off, he came back at night to meet up with friends, then we all decided to go out for a couple drinks and dancing. He drove me there, fair enough, then he drank way too much, resulting in me driving his car to BP, leaving it there and driving him home in my car. Came with him upstairs b/c he had a toaster he didn't need so he wanted me to have it for when I move out, cool cool. Just as I'm leaving, drunk part of boy starts gushing feelings again... he really messed up when he was with me, he wishes htings would've worked out, he really likes me, blah blah blah, oh, and I regret not hooking up with you that night you were drunk. GAH! Um... thanks? But to be honest, its emotionally draining to be around these ppl who are more like puppy dogs... I dont mean to sound arrogant or anything... jsut, frustrated right now.

And why do I seem incapable of controlling my own wants and desires?!? I couldn't believe, that while laying in the arms of a guy, I still wished it was a very specific someone. Why do I only want what I can't have?

Also, what is with life changing in a moments notice. When I returned from Edmonton many things were thrown at me, changes and decisions... I got it all sorted out, had a plan... and change AGAIN! Frustrated!

I doubt this post really makes sense, and I dearly hope I don't come off as arrogant or concieted or anything. Just frustrated at the moment... I'm really a closet fairytale end wisher.