Saturday, December 30, 2006

In other news...

Tonight was tres fun!! After working a semi hellish shift at BP I picked up Jenny and met Jen and Susie at the Generator for a night of fun. With them came AJ, and before them arrived Cole. We didn't ACTUALLY go INTO the Generator as I was terrified and Jenny was leery. You see, whilst waiting for 2 very late girls to come, a man approached our locked car shouting some sort of obsenities kicked at the car shook his fist, proceeded to the door of the Genny, kicked it, yelled and shook his fist at us some more, and walked away. Not exactly my idea of a good time, so we headed to the Rum Jungle for dancing to terribly crappy music!! I could only stay a lil while (So i could sleep...?) because I work in the morning. Was fun tho, got some good Madonna in, I dislike a Justin Timberlake song that Jenny acutally likes so the world is comming to an end... I apologize. SO! On the way home I'm nearing the DQ and I think, "I'd love a blizzard" which is complete and utter b/s!! I mostly dislike blizzards, they make me feel ill, and they're so god damned expensive. Thankfully (or not) i remember this before reaching the DQ and purchasing one, so I veer to the right and head for the nearest McDick's for a carmel oreo McFlurry. Pull up to the drive through adn the guy asks me to wait he'll be "right with me"... couple mins go by... I put on a sweater, count half my float in my apron... couple more mins go by, I say "hello?" my replial, "I'll be right with you *heavy breathing*" wtf?!?! W/e, couple mins later, takes my order, I pull up... noone there... wait a while longer.... guy comes and takes money.... no McFlurry... no McFlurry, WAIT!! I see someones head... yes, coming to the window, window opens and boy says "You wanted Oreo Caramel right?" *DEz's eyes bug out of her head, but she forces a smile and nods her head" couple mins go by... couple more mins go by! YES! Guy appears with McFlurry... Dez wishes hima goodnight and drives away, and actually stalls the car on the road when I realize instead of a McFlurry spoon I"ve been given a crappy plastic spoon... not only that, my McFlurry looks like its only been stirred by a crummy plastic spoon... w... t... f...?!?!? theres like A glob of caramel, thats it, plus its just icecream at the bottom of the cup... Now I tried to be reasonable and justify wtf went on, but nothing I think of can justify it!! At all!! I can think of all these reasons, then think of the reasons why that ISN"T a reason... *sigh* oh well.

In other news, me and George are getting along well... still trying to get used to each otehrs styles, tho its difficult. He has weird positioning for the left shift and enter key, and I really like to push his CAP LOCKS button; also, he lacks a Number pad, but I"m adjusting... can't have it all right?!?! He's getting better endurance as far as internet connections go to, which is tres happY!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Crack Doing Squirrel

Hello everyone!! GUESS WHAT?!?!? I HAVE A DAY OFF!! All day.. and so far I've wasted most of it... I didnt' get home till tres late, which meant I slept in ,which means I"m still tired, and half the day has gone by... *sigh* oh well. Also, everyone else in my family is working, which means I"m home alone and able to do w/e I want w/o interruption or guilt... yes, that means very shortly Zelda is comming on, after I get some breaky tho, I'm hungry!!

Featured Deviant this day... its actually a flash art, you should click on the link under Artists comments to see it with the song, but watch it songless first!! whats funny is that this flash made it to teh front page... its not overly artiistic but it is well put together, coreographed, and just randomly funny. But yes, watch it, love it.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy day after boxing day!!

Hello everybody, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, filled with love, relaxation, and family!! I dont mean to sound spoiled, but I have to share what I got for xmas this year... A LAPTOP!!! (from now on known as George) George is a Toshiba Sattelite, and seriously, the most expensive gift x3 I've EVER gotten for xmas. I was SO shocked. Its really nice having my own computer, tho in the morning I still go into the computer room to sit down and check my e-mail till I'm like... oh wait... George. We fight already, tho I think its getting better... his key positions are weird, and it causes alot of mistakes or entire page changes at times :S AND! No number key pad... I work on a number key pad ALL DAY LONG!! And now its gone... oh well, I figure its time I learn where they are on the typing portion of the keyboard.

Special mention to other amazing gifts, my sister got me a sweet hat (similar to the orange one) but in green so it better matches my red hair, and some nice clothes, b/c as we all know if someone doesn't buy me new clothes I'll probably just look like a redneck and/or treeplanter 24/7. Cole got me an awesome tee shirt that is light blue with a picture of Navi and says "HEY LISTEN!" so perfect!! Nic got me a photography book (the ONLY photography parafanilia I got... not even ONE roll of film from any of my family). My mom made me my FAVOURITE type of gloves in MY size which is amazing! OH! And I almost forgot, my grandmother got me a Magic Bullet blender thing.... it looks cool, I"m going to have to make my breakfast with it this morning!! Seriously, I was so spoiled this Christmas.

It was nice to have a day off, but then it was to sport chek on Boxing day... omg, so busy. We had SOOOO much cash at the end of the night!! Was ridiculous!!! But I got put on the back corner till, which was SSOOO nice. It was quieter and less chaotic back there b/c there was only ONE person behind the till, and only ONE lineup on the otherside!! Tres happy!! and tonight its back to Boston Pizza... *sigh* no rest for the wicked... or as AJ says, the Wicked Awesome!!

Hugs and love to all, I hope you had the most festive season, and I hope to see you in or before the new year!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Daringly Devious Dreams

Blah, my dreams are comming more and more often and becomming stranger and stranger. TOnight was mostly one super long ass dream.

I can't remmeber the exact begining, but the gist was for one night, we were redoing the Hobbit at the playhouse. No rehersals, just doing it. Nothing was organized, only half the cast was the original, I hadn't a chance to read my lines before showing up for the show. and no costumes were planned... it was weird. Curtain went up, adn most characters were going out in lab coats, then using a computer and teleporting or something, I brought all the dwarf costumes out (which btw were dark pink snow suits), and I was constantly following Sam around b/c she had a script and reread her lines and since our characters were brothers I was trying to get caught up. We managed to get through 2 scenes (I was in niether, and never really knew WHAT was going on), the second one was half naked people running in circles with cardboard leaves. During these scenes nearly everyone was visible on the side stages, poeple were yelling backstage, and got angry with me when I shushed them, causing them to yell more... it was bad. Then we took a "break" Which actually meant we pushed all the audience up on the sides of the wall, and killed 3 mice in the audience. And after that, intermission! Which actaully meant I was swept away by a few people, and we had to do some volunteering during intermission. We did all this driving, and the bathroom was so confusing, and then we ended up at my aunts house where we were supposed to clean the house, put groceries away, then get back to the play for "act II". Except... we were gone for more than an hour. Seriously, this dream was so fucked up!! And so realistic to.

Blah, what happened to the good ol' days when I didn't dream at all... personally, I'm blaming WoT.

Featured deviation :

and fun for all you Kingdom Hearts fans :

Sunday, December 17, 2006

No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks!!!

For a little while anyways.

Two side rants: 1) I got a cup from the cupboard and poured water in it, then went to the computer room and drank half of it. Set it down then looked AT it.... it had this white film flaking off the bottom... *shudder* so SO gross.
2) In the past 20 minutes I've had to repair my wireless network SIX FUCKING TIMES!!! Its so annyoing, you cna't get things done b/c, OH! Not connected anymore... s.o.b.

And... thats actually all i REALLY have time for, as I have to leave for work about 4 seconds ago.

Hopefully I can post this w/o the internet crapping out!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Twilight Bartender!! "its all about the free fuckin food!!"

Let us begin this epic post with my bartending experience on tuesday!! I was bartending for a society's xmas party, (forgive me, but I can't remember the society's name but its apart of the City) where the board of directors, mayor and other big shots attended. Was cool, met the olympic speed skater that is in town, he seemed bored, but was very nice!! It was such a neat experience, seriously I chatted with the Mayor so much... he showed me an easier and better way of pouring wine, gave me a Mr PG pin, and talked about my dad. He was SO nice, which clears up my earlier opinion of him (resulting from an incident at the gymnasatics club when I was about 12?!?). Other cool aspects of that night (besides the mass amount of money I made...) was I met the man who is managing the "Four Points of Sheraton" hotel that is opening in PG in April!! That was so cool, as some of you may know, me and Jenny stayed at a 4 Points of the Sheraton hotel when we went to Edmonton to see Tool!!!

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Need I say more?! Unfortunatly yes. Lol It was finally released for the Game Cube on tuesday, so naturally my father picked it up and played for 7 hours straight the first day... now I've already started a file on the Guy's Wii, and put 12 hours in; however, with the game at home I figured I'd start my own file so the guy's can claim their file back. BUT! Alas, the game is REVERSED!! Everything that was on the left on the Wii, is on the right on the GC!!! He even opens the round sliding doors to the left opossed to right. Now this isnt' tramatic, but it IS quite disorienting. *sigh* the shit I put up with for the love of my life... like my dad said, at least I can't get pregnant.

Exams: DONE! Finished! Finito!! Fini!! HURRAY!! Wrote the last one this morning, so I'm done till new year. Can't tell y'all how happy I am!!

And yesterday the snowbank was winning until I brought the birtch tree into it!!! SO! Driving into the house I"m house sitting for. the yard is a sheet of ice. Dogs are jumping in front of me, I go to stop, can't. in fact I'm not even steering. Land in a minor snowbank, no biggie. Reverse. Apply brakes before turning wheels and going forward, and next thing I know I've slid down a hill and am stuck at the bottom; however, there is a snow bank. SO! I run UP the snowbank and use the momentum to coast back UP the hill. ALMOST works, but not quite, so I take one more run, and get stuck, slide, backend stuck in snowbank, front end stuck ON snowbank. Phone mother, she gets aunt with 4x4 truck. Arrives. Truck gets stuck. Unstick truck, use birtch tree to winch backend out of snow bank, then truck to pull car BACK up hill. Unstuck... did I mention by this point i am 1 1/2 hours LATE for work :S Such a funny time!! Thank goodness for family willing to come play in the snow for you!!

To finish this post I'll quickly yibber yabber about tonight. It was Becca's bday (the big ol' 2 0) so we met for appy's and drinks at Earl's, adn to celebrate the end of school. one hour later, Becca showed up!! lol!! (we love you anyways ;) ) then after convo and food and drinks, we (Jenny, Becca, Nic and I) Head off to a bar! We start with 1201, till we realize we're the ONLY ones there. So we head to the Cadilac (YES). It was awesome, we danced, Jenny tried to get herself in trouble, Cole arrived, we danced more, constantly, till I couldn't breathe. Danced dramatically till I fell down... it was awesome!! Nic had a rough start, punching me in the face, but after that it was smooth sailing!! lol!! Such a great time, I can hardly talk, I think I was yelling the words instead of singing... oh well!!

Snowy evening to all, and to all a goodnight!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Having fun is what we do best!

Tonight (actually, when you think about it, the whole day) was my dear friend Jenny's birthday!! Before I pass out from exaustion of the past couple days events, I'd like to summarize my part of her birthday.

We started out with a suprise party at Boston Pizza, that only a few people showed up to, but it was wonderful anywyas!! She wasn't expecting it at all, and her close friends were there including a good friend that moved away and has come back again!! Very cool to see!! We had some appy's and food, ordered Jenny drinks, all while I obsessed about extracting a film. After food, the waitress wouldn't come back so we paid our bill and wandered to the bar where 7 people did a shot of Gibsons! *gag* THEN! Off to Sargents!! An even smaller group came to Sargents (Jenny, Stephanie, Cole, Charity, Scott and myself) where Jenny had the most DISGUSTING DRINK I"VE EVER TASTED... Gin and tonic. I had to have a glass of water after my minute sip b/c it was so nasty, but like Jen said, she's Scottish, she can drink anything. So we all sat and bs'd told jokes, embarassing stories, and just fun stuff. Eventually the bartender flipped the lights on high (a signal for us to gtfo) soooooo.... I decide we should go over to the iceskatting rink by the Civic Center, take pics andhave fun!! THis is where the real stuff started!!! We slid (stuck more often than not), posed, danced, acrobated, made a human pyramid, and just had fun!! It was seriously the best time I've had in a while!!

*sigh* and now I"m about to pass out due to overworking, and under sleeping however I have to leave you with the BEST picture ever!! I chose it more for its content than quality :)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Featured Photograph!!

For those interessted I'm going to start posting a link to an artists space on Deviant every once in a while when a photo captures me.

Today, I fell head over heels in love with htis photo. I literally love EVERYTHING about it. I stared at it for nearly 5 mins, commented, then went back to staring at it.

p.s. view photo in full view mode

When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

Ok, so I wasn't going to post about this, even tho I figured everyone would find out within a matter of hours anyways, but then I read my MSN name (blog title) and decided it wasn't my fault there were other powers at work.

So after work and eating appy's with Melissa, I stop by the guy's apartment to pick up my cell phone. Zac randomly mentions Jeremy needs a ride over, so I say I'll pick him up on my way home. Clearly i"m exausted, b/c he is SO far the opposite way of me going home. Anyways, I go pick him up, back out of his driveway, turn right onto what I think is Tabor. We're driving, its great, and I switch lanes so that I'm in the left lane... except, we're NOT on Tabor, we're actually on a 2 lane side street, and Jeremy starts FREAKING out b/c we're in the oncomming lane (no vehicles were comming) and he feels I'm going to kill him!! Next time I'm tired, I'm going home and Jeremy can walk :P

p.s. This has been my MSN name for a couple days now :S

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Two wrongs don't make a right, but two Wrights make an airplane.

ok, i've been meaning to right this post for QUITE some time now.

Once Nic said to me (tho he now can't recall) that he believed that all people were naturally good, adn that sometimes they just get misguided. I, at the time, decided it was a bunch of hooey; however, I think Nic may have been on to soemthing.

The terrible snow of the past week has really proved somehting to me: People WANT to do the right thing. I was stuck at an intersection, adn two ppl in a truck pulled over, hopped out, pushed my car till I was free, and drove off again. Mel got stuck nearly in someones driveway, and when she knocked on their door at 9 amish, they had no problem comming out and giving her a hand. Allison got stuck on her residential street, and some neighbors she had never met pushed her out in their PYJAMAS after pushing out a few other cars on the street. I'm sure all of you know of instances like this in the past week. Total strangers helping total strangers just b/c they're in need.

HA! Blogger said they found NO misspellings in this post, I'm not fixing the mistakes to mock its lack of intelligence!

Monday, December 04, 2006

With proper diet, rest, and exercise a healthy body will last a lifetime.

Hello all you avid blog readers, and the non avid blog readers who coincidentally just happened to check in time to read this post!

Yesterday was SUCH a crazy day, that I am going to spend a good part of this post telling YOU the avid reader, all about it. It started with me waking up, dragging my carcass outa bed to get dressed scrounge breakfast and start car. As I went outside to start the car I thought, "Wow, we got alot of snow in the past couple days... oh well." how naive. As I go to leave the yard, my mother goes to feed the horses, adn I am quite thankful she was awake. I managed to turn around before getting stuck. So mom tried to push the car to get unstuck and obtain some momentum. No luck. We tried to shovel around my car; didn't help. So she started plowing while I called Sport Chek (at this point I had to be there in 10 mins) to make them aware of my unavoidable lateness. So mom plows, I shovel, we push the car to a different location; however, mom can't plow the end of the driveway. So we walk to my neighbors house and get him to do the end of the driveway. Its done! Now I'm off. Around first ave Troy (manager on shift) phones to check if I'm alive, which I assure him I am. As I hang up, I slow for an intersection I have to turn at, then stop b/c someone is comming. I manage to get going, get the car turned 90' and get stuck. Great. Then 2 ppl who happen to be driving by, park their truck, get out, hop behind mine and push me till I'm good again! YES! Get to work, 1 1/2 hours late and go to grab my debit card so I can eat lunch/dinner. Its not with me. I left it at home. shit. So I take my twoonie and buy a H2O bottle and 1 chocolate bar that I got the 2nd free!! So I go to work, get on a till right away, it worked out that it wasn't too big of a deal I wasn't there, so that was great. Then MEL shows up just after noon. SO!! After working for 1 1/2 hours after being 1 1/2 hours late, I go for my 1/2 hour break so she can buy me lunch! Yay!! THen we do some xmas shopping, I go back to work... and Troy decides to send 1 of the 4 cashiers home. ME!

I proceed to go from work, to Melissa's house so we could play in the snow, but SHE is on her way to Stacey's for a visit. So I hop in her car and we go visit Stacey and Sean. Tres fun, sat talking and laughing, then Rahul showed up, and it was just great! Then we went home, got into snow gear, and PLAYED IN THE SNOW!!!!! It was awesome, her mom took pictures of us lying in the snow where we "fell", then Mel dug a fort while I supervised, I even crawled in it and stayed for a minute or two before panicing. Then I took pcitures, we threw snowballs, wrestled, destroyed her neighbors lawn, then ran in the house for some Reubans, and watched friends.

Then I decided since I was still in town I should go to the Sport Chek xmas party, which I'm glad I did. Adam and Ashley bought me a virgin daquiri, and I socialized mostly with them, then with some of the girls we work with. Allison (head cashier) decided to buy me a shot of tequila as a belated birthday present, which was fine. Then Ricki decided I HAD to do a muff diver shot... For those of you who do not know ALL the details of a muffdiver shot, let me tell you. It is a cocktail glass filled with whipcream with a shot glass in the middle filled with Kahlua and some other liquor, with MORE whip cream on top. The cocktail glass is then put between the legs of some girl, and without hands you must pull out the shot glass and drink (which once I realized what I had to do, I did with great ease). Needless to say, whip cream EVERYWHERE, and many sexual jokes made. So funny, so much fun. Hung around for a lil while longer laughing at all my drunk drunk co-workers

Then I ran over to Cole's house to lapse a lil more time before driving home (more than an hour passed between Tequila and muff shot). THen went home, and collapsed in bed.

Today, I have to add, started quite similar to yesterday... I got stuck at the end of the driveway the neighbor had to plow in front of me, and dad pushed me out. *sigh* maybe I should get some snow tires... It'll be my xmas present to my parents "Look mom and dad, for xmas I got tires so that you don't have to worry about me :D" I dunno... maybe I"ll just sell my soul.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Clearing up misconceptions...

No Nic, the bars do not open at 11 a.m. However BOSTON PIZZA opens at 11 a.m. and most restaurant liquor licenses allow you to start serving alcohol at that time.

Thanks Jen and Jeremy, but just so you konw Jen, those drinks are actually coloured water!! lol!!

I think those were all the misconceptions... so far.

YAY! Today was my last day of English class... kinda sad, I really like my English teacher, he's such an awesome guy, however he's off to do some contract negotiation next semester :(

Thats all for today!