Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Wow, I realized I don't really update this often anymore (even though I check everyone else's religiously), and I still don't really feel like updating... but I HAD to share this pic!

You have now all been introduced to the awesomeness that is Cyanide and happiness!! Feel free to check out Kris's gallery to see more amazing things.

In the world of Dez, not much new. I'm actually doing h/w and stuff, possibly because Accounting is Satans left hand, and apparently I suck at shaking it, so here I am...

Kantana goes out to Beaverly in 3 days and I've done NO preparations for it...

I also have a night off work in three days, but Cole's taking care of THOSE preparations!!

Barenaked ladies is in 5 days and i'm SO FUCKING EXCITED!!

Um, bought new pants shirt and a foam board today...

That is all!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Its official... I fabricated 1/2 a day :S

SO! The other morning, I briefly awoke to my parents talking loudly on teh stairs. I grumbled to my self about thats why I dont' leave more door open, blah blah blah. Overheard somthing about Dad going back on graveyards, and they were both less than pleased with the idea. Woke up, did some stuff around the house, and talked to my mom on the phone before we go home, and she mentioned how Dad was going back on graveyards, and I told her i had heard from when I woke up... So this friday, Dad went to work... on dayshift. When I asked my mother why this was, she said b/c that is the shift he works. I pointed out that she had recently told me he was going back on graveyards and SHE thought I was crazy. Turns out we'd never had that conversation, mom and dad didn't have that conversation on the stairs, Dad is NOT going back to graveyards... I must have dreamt it all! And THAT is why i'm always so tired... I dont sleep at night, i dream about other possible outcomes in my life.

In other news, leaving work tonight I got my car stuck and had to get 2 coworkers to help me out :S ssooooo embarrassing. *sigh* good night everyone!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On the road to being healthy!

Quick post before sleep... Its official, I went a full day w/o any chocolate candy or dessert!!!!!! Isn't that wonderful? I had three fairly decent meals, hasbrowns with cheese, grill cheese sandwhich, and a pita!!! Tho, looking at my menu, clearly I'm eating alot of cheese... that'll be next weeks problem. And yesterday I did nearly as well, I only had a piece of upside down cake after dinner!! This is seriously the best I've done since leaving for Ontario... And to be honest, I feel pretty good!! The best part tho is my teeth feel CLEAN!! Not an ounce of fuzzyness!!

Got my pictures back tdoay!! The bubble ones didn't turn out too well, but there were some OK ones. AND! Since WHEN does having inferior equipment an advantage?!? It is in Nic's case. So me and Nic were doing light painting, mostly on his camera b/c its digital and no film wasted, but we did a couple on mine for fun. WELL! B/c of zooming in, I had a smaller appature then he, and similar shutter speeds, and HIS didn't suck in NEAR the light of mine... in my photos you can see me, the wall, the sheets... *sigh* and mine should've turned out darker!! Just goes to show how crappy digital is, but, useful in this situation!! Of course, I was also using 400iso film, and his "magic box" was set to a 50iso which is considerably less light sensitive...

Also, I need my glasses... reading SUCKS w/o them, especially dry school books. Reading w/o them makes my eyes tired, and with text books i just burn right out!

Got my renewal statement for my insurance today... was really not happy. In fact, if I lived in Alberta where I had choices for insurance, I would switch, or if I had the option I would NOT reinsure my car. B/c of the car accident I got into last winter which it was decided 50/50 fault, I'm paying a 55% surcharge. Which means for one year of insurance on my $2000 car, I will have to pay $2600 (give or take $50). I can only afford to put 3 months on AT BEST, and may not reinsure my car for the summer... I'll start biking. We'll see how it goes, but this is ridiculous.

Anyways, I need sleep, class comes soon!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

So there's a blonde a brunette and a redhead...

The starting to half the blonde jokes in the world right... how bout this joke:

Aren't we so cute... but we really are the blonde brunette and redhead trio!! *sigh* Just thought it was too funny not to share.

SO! In the world of Dez... not much, I got all of tdoay off and htanks to the openness of my house, and owning a laptop, I haven't really left this side of my house except to feed the horses not 1/2 hour ago. Thats about it, such a lazy hazy day.

Mmmmm.... just ate a chocolate coated spoon (just the chocolate, not the spoon you freak).

The otehr day me Nic and Cole had SO much fun... well... kinda. We went to the park and Cole blew bubbles so me and Nic could take pictures, and Nic got a really fun one of me lying in the snow!!! But.... by the time we got home, we were so freaking cold, and Nic had to leave for school right away w/o warming up. Cole had it worst though, with blowing bubbles his fingers wanted to fall off!!!

Really excited... I nearly have enough money saved up to board my horse out in Beaverly!!! With all this spare time I can ride and play with my ponies... hurrah!!

In closing, I'm going to post some of my favourite photos on DA by some underrated artists!!

Gopherboy Chess

Gopherboy Bubbles

Andy's Sea Crabs

Gheto Spider

Allison's Mushroom

Arcanacarie's Horse

That should be good... if you only pic one gallery to overview pic Arcanacarie's.... she has sssooooo many wonderful photos!!!

Hope everyone enjoys!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Melodic Voice!

Before I forget... I think the world's gone crazy, or its just been cruel to me... I figured it was just common knowledge I"m not that great of a singer... I've always been made fun of for my singing, been told its bad, etc etc. However, random strangers haven't gotten the memo or something. I'm not sure who I was with, but at the Subway in Cachecreek the guy told me I had an awesome singing voice, and tonight one of the dishwashers at work who's father is a music teacher, told me I had a great voice and I must sing alot... just thought I'd throw that out there...

I've so much to post about, but now I"ve mostly forgotten... things like I've started classes again, bought new glasses, should get the shortly, the weather is ridiculously cold, I worked my last day at Sport Chek (will go into further detail), and am still madly in love with Link (more to come) and George.

Sport Chek: On my last day of work, I serenaded a customer, lay down on the floor, wrote a speech (good story) and sat on a ladder behind my till. And i"m not going to lie, it was probably one of the better shifts I've worked there. On the speech note, I've always just accredited myself with having no imagination, especially when compared to my sister; however, at Sport chek I faced a hidden truth and that was that I really do have an imagination, it jsut tends to not come out unless public speaking is involved. On the spot at work I wrote a page for a speech about "Ravenous Shoe Boxes" was tres fun.

In Zelda news I'm caught up and past where I was before overwriting my file.. hurrah!!!

Bought more fruit for blending goodness!! Makes me happy!!

Photo of the day: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/46350242/?&q=too+much+on+plate&qh=boost%3Apopular+age_sigma%3A24h+age_scale%3A5

Not only good quality, awesome content! View and love!! And George is falling asleep (AKA battery dying) so its time I do the same...

Friday, January 05, 2007

There is a piece of rawhide occupying my bathtub...

Only in my house I suppose. No, the title to this blog is not fictitious, the bathtub is full of water and a piece of rawhide that nearly fills the tub length and widthwise. You see, my mom needs to soak it in water before she can cut and shape it to put on her saddle and the only place big enough for this is our bathtub. I always find it amussing to find "other" things in the bathtub than the "norm".

Have I mentioned how much I love George?!? Seriously, i'm not sure how I lived w/o him...

In other news, I was to tired/lazy to put the sheets and blankets back on my bed last night, so I slept in a sleeping bag on my matress...

On Tuesday Nic and I will be going to our first ever photo club meeting which is tres exciting. Nic will only be going if certain requirments are met tho... like, job hunting and dishes!! lol!!! (just a friendly reminder dearie with no memory). Also, I stopped by London Drugs today (and only spent $0.99 on camera parafanilia!!) and FINALLY found a camera strap... not taht I've really looked, but its sweet, its actually a Nikon strap, AND it was $0.99!!! So cool. And then... I looked at the D40 AND D80... I have to say, the D80 is super pretty, and very similar setup as my camera... but big. Especially compared to the D40 which is smaller, but doens't have the top screen that I love so much... *sigh* tho, $750 w/lens and $1300 w/o lens... not much of a choice is there!?!? I'm sure I will love the D40.

ACKKKK!!!!!!!! Ok, my computer just signed me into a different version of messenger all by its self... fuckity fuck fuck. I wanna know WHERE and HOW its doing that... *sigh*

So tomorrow and saturday I bartend AND close... not fun :S well, kinda fun, cause I'm bartending, and not fun cause I'm there till 2:30 a.m. *sigh*

WHY CAN"T I GET ON TO DEVIANT ART... blah... I was going to show you guys THE coolest animation ever... but... I cna't even get to the front page let alone sign in and dig up someone elses work.. blah.

SO! Today was fun, I'm slowly catching up my Zelda file, I only need to finish one temple, collect 3 full hearts, and collect 26 more poes. Plus collect some bugs, donate money to fix the bridge, then donate money to buy out a store, and THEN collect enough money to buy magic armour, so hurray for only another 2 or 3 hours left!! Then it'll be like nothing happened... ish... Except a good 10 hours of Zelda playing gone to waste. Also today, I saw Happy Feet with Melissa! It was awesome one on one best friend sneaking food into the theatre and dancing during the movie time!!! And hopefully tomorrow I shall go glasses shopping with Mr Hewlett before work.... that would be good. Also, finish cleaning my room, and maybe start my car.

Ok, i'm to tired/lazy to throw the blankets and sheets on my bed... again, so I'm going to put George to sleep and curl up in my sleeping bag!! G'night everyone!!

P.S. It's been WAY to long since I posted a Zelda picture...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


GAH!! My left tricep will NOT stop twitching... it started 2 days ago and it keeps getting WORSE... so annoying.

In otehr terrible news... overwrote my Zelda file... thats right 20 hours of Zelda playing gone to fucking hell... I get to start my file from scratch for the THIRD time... the good news is b/c I"ve done it so many times, I know it off by heart... and its only taken me 2:45 to get up to the mountain temple... something that took 8 hours last time.

And now I'm resisting sleep.... I have no idea why... ok, time to put George away and try!

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 is upon us...


Hey guys, thought I'd give 2007 a test run before wishing everyone a happy new year, and so far it feels great!! I spent time with my family, went skating with Melissa and some of her new friends, cleaned the guy's apartment (so THEY could have a great start to the new year), and watched some good ol' Flight of the Conchords with my little sister. Seriously, those guys are hilarious, and I give Jenny full credit for getting me hooked on them!!

Now, I already sent out a recap of my year via e-mail; however, not all of my avid readers get that e-mail so I shall post it here. For those of you who DO get the e-mail, I apologize you can skip the next 3 paragraphs

And what a crazy year it was, fell in and out of love, drove to vancouver twice, edmonton and calgary once, drove accross the United States, lived in St Catherines Ontario for a little more than 3 months, partied in Nashville Tennesee, worked 5 seperate jobs, quit 3 jobs, finished another, am still employed at the last, lost alot of money, made alot of money, started college in the Marketing and Management program, went to 3 big concerts, turned 19, got into a car accident, got a new car, started reading another fantasy series, had wisdom teeth pulled, dyed hair... repeatedly, got a blue wig, got a laptop, made new friends, lost contact with old ones, learned many life lessons, got bit by the photography bug bad, lost glasses, and having my first new year in 4 new years w/o someone to give a new years kiss to, tho I'm sure I know a couple ppl who'd be willing ;) lol and in total randomness I broke down and bought those ugly crocs... mine are bright orange with little skulls on them... man am i cool or what?!?!

In my family, Mom quit her job, is restarting her business, hurt her knee, is training horses and living her dream, got an MP3 player (go mom). Dad is going to school for computer tech, won the worlds in powerlifting and is still at PG Sawmills and bought himself a lap top. Tiff entered the working world coaching gymnastics, and working at staples, had surgery on her knee and is applying to many art schools for fashion design, plus got her own sewing machine. We're all so busy we sometimes forget what we look like, but i have the closest family in otehr ways, we love and support each otehr and cherish the time we do spend together.

In the world... war still rages in the Middle East, terrorism is still a concern, having some extreme weather, the poor are still poor, the rich get richer, some of the worlds favourite stars have passed away, and the big blue ball is about to embark on anotehr trip around the world.

SO! To quickly sum up my new years eve, it was SSSOOOOOO fun!! I drug my little sister to the guy's apartment where we met a TONNE of our friends!! They were already full blown into a make shift (lack of rules or points) game of "Scene it". It was quite the experience to watch and realize that my friends have no lives and dedicate themselves to movies and actors from the 50's to present... but we love them anyways!! Then, it was twister; which I did NOT partake in due to I FEARED FOR MY LIFE!! and it was much more fun to watch. But I DID participate in teh next game which was Taboo. I should stop to point out by this time I've had a decent amount of alchohol. It was awesome fun, we did girls vs boys, which meant Zac was with teh girls, and later Jenny was with the boys, and No, surprisingly enough I was NOT with the boys. Mel and Daniel were awesome at teh game, but I'd like to think I pulled a close third to those two!! I was in fact the only one to get 6 in one shot. Maybe the key is alcohol, by the end of the game I was deffinetly liquored. The rest is just a blur of talking, hanging out, falling down, popping champagne and kissing every person in the apartment on the cheek at midnight in less then a minute!! By 2 a.m. we all decided Denny's was a great idea... it really wasn't. I felt bad for how busy it was there, and seriously, that much grease on an alcohol filled stomach is jsut BAD!! But fun to see Shirley and Stan and the gang.

So here I am in the year 2007 curled up in my bed with George on my lap resisting sleep posting on my blog and thinking of the year to come. I certainly have goals, like, getting my room clean, and car, staying organized, saving money, getting in shape, doing well in school, riding more, learning more about photography and being less bitter towards people. But, I won't go as far as to call the new years resolutions b/c i think resolutions are b/s and as Jeff said "They're only for the weak" but its always good to have goals in sight and mind.

*Unrelated blog post topic* I quit Sportchek. So all you people who share the sentiment that I work to much can feel better, I'm down to one job for school, AND only available 4 days a week. When I go broke and hungry you will all have yourselves to blame :P. But in all seriousness I feel like a great weight has been lifted. I'm guarunteed days off, and less stress. Going to be a great year.

With all of the above said, I should post this and sleep. But I'd like to leave you with a poem I recieved in a forwarded e-mail once which I really appreciate.

"I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright.
I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.
I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive.
I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger.
I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.
I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.
I wish enough "Hello's" to get you through the final "Goodbye." "

I truley wish each and everyone one of you "enough", Happy New Year!