Wednesday, January 03, 2007


GAH!! My left tricep will NOT stop twitching... it started 2 days ago and it keeps getting WORSE... so annoying.

In otehr terrible news... overwrote my Zelda file... thats right 20 hours of Zelda playing gone to fucking hell... I get to start my file from scratch for the THIRD time... the good news is b/c I"ve done it so many times, I know it off by heart... and its only taken me 2:45 to get up to the mountain temple... something that took 8 hours last time.

And now I'm resisting sleep.... I have no idea why... ok, time to put George away and try!


GopherX said...

Can you really complain about having to play more zelda?

becca said...

Ah, Dez, you crack me up. Never a dull moment with this one...