Saturday, September 30, 2006

And all the girls say I'm pretty fly, for a shyguy!!

Well, Tabatha's Nintendo party was quite fun!! Shame noone remembered it was a potluck... tho there were a couple deserts. So much fun tho, lots of mario kart, and costume goodness... also, film is being developed as we speak, should have it by thursday/friday.

Its cold outside... like, that autumn chill that sets into your bones.

Worked at Daddyo's today. Looks like a cute place. its quite small, quite easy to manage... tho there is a lot more responsibility than at Denny's. THere are actually only 2 job titles there that I can see... Cook, and server. GENERALLY cooks wash dishes when they have a mo, or maybe its that there are dishwashers that cook when its busy... but servers do dishes to. But its fine. There are only 12 tables, but never more than 2 servers, on slow days only one. Only 12 tables? After 6 months of latenights, I think i can handle it!! lol!!

Thats the life of Dezeray.... I'm going to bed, at 10pm, on a saturday.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Hee hee... that sounds funny....

Anyways. Yes. Right.... I was going to say something... other than complaining taht noone updates htere blogs, which saddens me since everyday I click on my fave's and go to everysingleblog and not ONE (save Jeremy's) has changed in the past couple days...... most in weeks, some in months!

Anwayys, i wasn't complaining about that, I was going to laugh at myself, and the fact I haven't started a costume, AT ALL!! (Tabatha doesn't read this right... lol. Cause if she does I really wouldn't want to mention I haven't started that article either...) HA ha... but in a different spin of events, I did h/w... and studied... and read... in the LIBRARY!!!! *DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!* how odd eh?

Yes, that was my exciting day... worked also (Sport Chek) and fuckin Nickels!! Thast what I wanted to post about!! FUcking Nickels! Seriosuly, fuck Nickels!!! I counted my till today... came up FOUR DOLLARS SHORT!!! $4!!! Ok, recounted it..... Still four fucking dollars short. Have a manger count it... he gets the right number? WTF? I didn't count the nickels. Not the ones in the drawer, not the roll of them.... counted all the other coins, all the other rolls... didn't count the nickels... w... t.... f...? Anyways, thats my rant. Good nigth y'all.

Wanted: Dance partner for a country dance friday night.

All the world's a stage...

And somedays I wish I could live out the fantasy.

SO! To Jeremy, sorry for not updating CONSTANTLY, I am still LIVING over here... but here's an update jsut for you.

Lets start with "Magic" shall we... yes... Magic. You've all read about my CIS class, but Math is getting up there to. You see, the teacher talks in circles and can never actually answer a question. Oh, and have I mentioned today we learned about y= mx + b? Ya.... thats only what, Grade 10??!?! And of course, all the other stuff we've done is just a review from psych 101... But in the begining of the year my teacher said to the entire class "get a proper calculator for statistics, b/c we want to spend more time discussing the answer than figuring it out" not a great start for a somewhat logical mathmatical mind like mine. But today tops it. She stands in front of the class, and I somewhat quote "So there is a formula in the text book," (OMG>... really?!? SWEET! MATH!! In a MATH Course, who'da thunk it?!??!) "but you can just ignore it, we're not going to use it for anything. See, if we put the data in the calculator, it does magic and gets the right answer, so we can just talk about the answers." Magic... my math class was just summed up by a calculator being magic!! *sigh*

Now WHo's your daddy? Doesn't really matter, but in recent news I got another job today. At Daddyo's Pizza Restaurant. Dropped off a resume. Went back 1/2 hour later for a job interview. Got a call couple hours after getting home saying to come in on Saturday for training. Hurray. Not sure how I feel about this... but oh well, we shall see, we shall see.

Also, finished first "Wheel of Time" book today... the plot is so similar to "Sword of Truth" its kinda funny... but its good, but I think most books are good, and I"m a sucker for series. But ya, it was good, and the really amazing thing, I didn't cry... not taht there was actually anything to cry over, but I still didn't... I may one day just not cry anymore... doubtful, but a girl can hope.

Anyways, hope this was sufficient enough for you Jeremy... and whoever reads it, not that anyone, and I mean ANYONE (besides Jeremy clearly) updates...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Life's like a big wheel...

I think i failed to mention that those little beer sleeves they were handing out? ya, I caught one!!!


Aaron Pritchett makes me want to drink beer.

Went to the Aaron Pritchett show tonight with my mom. So amazing... so good... so... *sigh* He actually has a six person band. There's Aaron lead vocals, acoustic guitar; lead guitar (electric); drums; bass; keyboard, electric guitar; and fiddle, ukilaili like instrument. The night was awesome. I, beign the type of girl who rarely knows who sings what, was surprised to discover many of my favourite songs are by him, not just a couple of my top songs. In fact, there were maybe 4 songs I didn't know the entire night... He opened with "John Roland Wood" and just kept playing... he then had a "break" where all the band members save him and lead guitar went off stage, and they had an acoustic show. Then the band came back and Aaron left and they jammed!! Was awesome, everyone did a solo on their main instrument, some very impressive talent on that stage. (For the record, Aaron plays a Gibson) Then back into full playing. At first I think Aaron was embarrassed the welcome he was given, the show being at the PG Playhouse made it quite the intimate experience, and we made sure Aaron knew how happy we were for him to be there. The band members clearly were having fun to, my mom labeled the drum player a "bobble head" since his head was always jammin to the music, and more than once did I spy the keyboardist and bass player jamming together, whispering and laughing whilst playing... Another memorable moment would be on of Aaron's guitar strings breaking. He rolled it up and tossed it in the audience, and happily a little old lady who was there more than an hour before the show (I Know, I was there 45 mins early!!) and sat by herself caught... right in front of me, *sigh* but thats alright since later they threw out beer sleeves that say "HOLD MY BEER" on one side, and have the Aaron Pritchett logo on the back... THen the band departed, and despite the fact they hadn't played "Life's like a big wheel" <- my personal fave, or "Hold my beer" <-their biggest hit, we gave them a standing ovation. And never sat down. So when he came back out for an encore little while later, he saw us all still standing and clapping. So he invited us down to the stage, it was sweet, I got to jump up and down, a foot away from the stage, and belt out both of the above mentioned songs...... so much fun..... My mom enjoyed it so much as well. Girly fact, he has the most breathtaking smile ever... *sigh* well my sleepy calm down tea is kicking in... not to say i wasn't physically exausted before. Please excuse the utterly horrible grammer, and the lack of flow to this post.... not that my posts ever really have either. Adieu.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I am your angel of music...

Well... finally broke down and watched the entire "Phantom of the Opera". Its really surprising I've waited so long... Such a sad love story. You feel so torn between the Phantom and Raoul. The ending is so heart breaking as well, but the final shot is amazing. *sigh* On a lighter side, I love how Raoul rode in on a white steed!!! Ah theatre, how I love thee... very jealous of Darby, and Jen S, who both got to see the production of "Phantom of the Opera" live.

Sweet dreams to you all... may we all find love so deep and passionate, that it blinds us to the outer so that we may see the good inside.

Monday, September 18, 2006

A Night of Jeremy Hotz

"Last night I dreamt three bald ducks burst into my bedroom and started pecking my pillow 'cause they wanted their feathers back. What the hell does that mean, Freud: my pillows are foam!"

"I got the colored lenses. I got the brown ones. Not a big seller the brown contact lenses. My eyes are naturally brown, but they're not the brown I was looking for. Do you have a more shit brown color for me? It really brings out my true personality."

"I have astigmatism in my eye, do you have the same problem? Yeah, it's when your eye goes screwy. My Optometrist said it was from years of doing stand-up comedy staring into the lights. Said he could fix it with laser surgery. I said what are you going to do, he said: 'I'm going to shine this light in your eyes."

"Canada should just attack another country. Man, no one would see that coming. Greatest coo in military history. Lay low for 275 years. Then attack...Turkey! Just show up, "Guess what, we're takin it. And we're calling it Chicken you assholes!"

"Let's get out of here. Let's just go. 300 of us. That'd be great. Let's go bowling right now. Oh Christ that'd be hysterical. We show up at the same bowling alley at the same time. Just freak the guy behind the counter out. We're here! 'Holy fuck. I don't have shoes for these people!' "

"Tarzana full of the biggest snails I've ever seen in my life. You don't get the snails in the East here. Snails the size of my hand just crawling across the side walk. No where near water, how the hell did they get there? I hate snails. I don't trust them. Pulling their house on their back. Walking around: "Nothing can harm me, I got my house on my back." Crunch. "Where'd that foot come from? Bastard broke my house. I don't have insurance."

"I used to live here in New York but now I live in Los Angeles, I had to move. L.A., what a miserable place that is. Nothing ever changes. "Oh the fall in L.A., what a beautiful time of year. So different than the other seasons! Look at that tree, I think it's changing color!" "No, it's just dead."

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Forgive me friends, for I have sinned...

I have 2 confessions to make... the first may come as a surprise. I'm addicted to chocolate/candy. Horribly... as I sit here I"m contemplating driving to the Mr. G's and getting a chocolate bar... or a cyclone... anything with refine sugar that I can eat really.

The second, is I"m addicted to running. Now, when put side by side with addiction one, isn't that in the same league as an alcoholic being addicted to AA meetings?!?! Its true tho... if I drive my Massich Place Stadium, I park my car, throw in my earphones, and run 2-3 laps around the track, do some stretches, hop in my car and drive away like nothing happened.

Yes.... right.... I was actually typing stuff. ANyways, So ya, if you need me, I'll be running with a chocolate bar in each hand...

Best Day Ever!

Yesterday was SUCH a great day.... though just by looking at it, you wouldn't know. Kinda slowly drug my butt outa bed, played Zelda (great start right there), there was no milk, so I couldn't satisfy my random and odd craving for oatmeal, so had Ice cream and chocolate sauce instead. Then mosied on over to the computer, and played with Print Shop 21 for a while. THEN!! I cleaned the bathroom! Not just a normal cleaning, but a deep cleaning. I scraped all the hardwater build up off every spot in our bathtub.... so gross, however, very clean now. Then my mommy came home, which was good b/c she went grocery shopping and brought home the bread which I wanted earlier for a grill ham and cheese sandwhich. Anyways, we quickly unpack the groceries, and run outside to ride my horses, which I couldn't do b/c I didn't have keys the the shop where all my tack is being kept. Actually just thinking about it... today I'm going to have the same problem. Drat!! Anyways, so then I rode Apollo, and mom rode Kantana after we administered their eyedrops (they both have eye infections). It was awesome!! First time I've ridden since before I left for Ontario... since comming home I"ve been lunging them to try and get them into some sort of shape other than blobs. Upon our return, my mom ran inside and made AWESOME home made Pizza... then me and her played some Dr. Mario, and I ran (actually, drove, lets not lie here! Lol) downtown and picked up Mel, played at Adam's place, left, ran (again, drove) off to Zac's place, tortured Zac, raided their fridge, and played some super mario. Then they wanted to go to the Shell station, so I thought I'd go along... so off we walked... yes I mean walked... I, Dezeray... Walked... *gag* However, I survived... nearly died a couple times, did some acrobatics, watched Graham nearly die, stole Zac's coat, and arrived back at Zac's, where I had to take Mel home, b/c she'd been up for 22 hours. I went to bed, and this morning so far have done alot of it all over again. Drug outa bed, played Zelda, had cold Pizza, dont' have keys to get into the shop, and am about to play with Print Shop 21 again. The difference today would be going to a study group... wwwwwhhheeeeeeeeeeeee....... I love my life!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Southwestern Peeps

Pecking order...
left to right, Charlotte, James, Rebecca, Dez.
The story : Charlotte recruited James, who recruited Rebecca, who recruited me.

Me and Lauren.
Lauren is my amazing British friend... she's so wonderful, and I miss her dearly. She may actually come up for my birthday, but she's amazing. She was born in England (New Market I believe, which is on the same meridian as Quesnel), moved to the Middle East when she was young, moved back to England when the war started, moved back to the middle east a few years later, moved to Canada. She also had a tonne of trouble getting accross the border in to the states both times... they always thought she was some British Terrorist or something, which is funny if you know my very shy friend!
The First Year Girls, Plus Rebecca!
Top Row: Darby
Middle Row left to right: Jill, Lily, Dezeray, Lauren
Bottom Row: Rebecca

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Time Travellers Wife

First of all, I'd like to state my condition. It is exactly 1:51 am, I have a class in a little more than 6 hours, my nose is runny, my eyes are red and puffy, and still leaking, due to the fact I've been crying for the last 150 pages, full out sobbing for the last 50.

"The Time Traveller's Wife" is SUCH an amazing book.... well written, well put together, and just an amazing story itself. Of course, I being the emotional one, became overly involved in the book, thinking about it when I wasn't reading it (good thing it only took a lil more than 2 days to read the 500 pages...) and here I sit, crying still, at the mere thought of it all.

In other news, I had a job interview at Moxie's tonight.... it went well, but they're not exactly hiring... we shall see.

Well, I should post this, grab a roll of toilet paper, and cry myself to sleep.... classes come early.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Why do cars wait for you to be lost in a strange city at midnight to break down?

I'm really REALLY wondering....

To give this story some background info.... I had an awards banquet for Southwestern in Vancouver this saturday. SO! I loaded up my car, picked up Rebecca Mulhern (my student manager), and off we went. Of course, Rebecca being Rebecca, she hadn't packed a thing, so we were off to a late start (am I seeing a pattern in names here....?). Was a fun drive there, we talked, laughed, played music, finally dropped her off at 11:30 pm, left at about 11:45 off to Becca's!! Now I'm navigating my way along, get accross the bridge, and get really confused around this whole turny thing, and end up zigging when I should've zagged, and found myself in this more industrial area, with a couple car dealerships. And thats when my car stopped running. I actually managed to get it to the stop line, in hopes I could restart it. No such luck. Ok... maybe i'm out of gas. Shit. Phone Becca to tell her I might be late. Then this couple stops next to my car (not hard, I'm sitting at a traffic light) and signal for me to roll down my window. They were so nice, they wanted to know what happened, if I was ok. Told them I might be outa gas, so they got me to lock my car up, and hop in theres... so, off on another adventure, I took a chance, and locked my car and got in theirs. They drove me to their house first, so they could get a gas can, then drove to a gas station so we could get some gas. Then off to my car again. Put in some gas, checked the oil annddddddd........ nothing. Fuck. So the man pushes my car and I steer it on to the side road, its in gear, and I"m releasing the clutch (a trick to starting cars with dead batteries... easier to do in standards than automatics) nothing. Pull the car over.... hook it up to jumper cables. Nothing... starting to get panicky. Try and wind it over, and still nothing. Shit. Musn't cry. So, he told me to lock up the car, and he was taking me to Becca's house. So... what else could I do, I took out my camera, and left everything else I'd brought with me in the car, in hopes noone would steal it, break in to it, or hit it, and we were off. They were wonderful tho, such a happy friendly couple.... wouldn't accept money for gas, insisted I just help someone else out. Got to Becca's, and called her down. Then collapsed on the sidewalk balling... then cheered up after awhile in Becca's house, and we chatted, then slept.

The next day, was all fun and games. The awards banquet was at 1 pm, we got up at 8 am. A friend of Becca's from theatre school came and picked us up, and drove us to my car. Still wouldn't start (it was worth a try tho right...). So we wander around the area trying to find a mechanic, but none are open. however one of the dealerships was, so she called a couple mechanics to see if anyone could take us. Found one, by the name of Prem. Called BCAA, and used my last call to get the car towed to Prem's place. Within seconds he looks at me and tells me its my distributer, and distributer cap. Yay. Only $150 for a used one! Hurrah... but he has to find one.... So Becca's friend takes us back to the aparment, where we get ready, kinda depending on the ride from the friend to get to UBC, but no clue on how to get home. But my grandfather calls, who is in Van for the week. Give him the number of the mechanic, he phones back to tell me he bartered the mechanic down, AND, the car is ready! Woo hoo! Finish getting ready, call Becca's friend, get to the car, (we've got 15 mins to get to UBC) and its off to pick up to Rebecca... of course, I take a wronge turn, blah blah blah, pick up Rebecca and her mom, and race to UBC. Showed up late, as per tradition, but at least alive.

The awards ceremony itself was cool, they introduced every single person and got them up on stage.... that was infact the entire ceremony. Very nice. Rebecca said some nice things about me, and I was so happy to have Becca there, even tho she was quite sick. OMG, my sister is singing in the shower. Anwyays, then dropped Rebecca's mom off, then Rebecca, then took Becca home, took her shopping, she made me a lovely Tofu Stirfry (my first tofu experince) and we just chilled out, watched Bridget Jones' Diary, and of course, some Sex and the City, and just tlaked.

For all Becca parties, her place is wonderful. THe roommates are super friendly, and Becca has a nice sized bathroom, the most wonderful towels in the world, and a spiffy room that screams Becca. Its awesome. And so comfortable... I just felt at home there. I miss it already. But I"ve said it before, adn I'll say it again, i'm so proud of that girl, and being there with her this weekend proved to me even more, that she belongs there.

Also, for the record, car is still not running smoothly... father and I will look into it tomorrow!

Hugs to you all, and I shall see you all soon hopefully!

OH! Happy link, watch "The Love CartooN" very funny.... I like Betty best!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Life's a bitch... and then you get hired at Sport Chek!

So.... I don't think I posted about this... but I got hired at Sport Chek... I actually only handed out 6 resumes, and only 2 of those places were hiring... one of which was Sport Chek. They asked for an interview right when I dropped it off... went in for the interview, stood around waiting for her forever... finally sat down for the interview.... she asked questions, I would start to answer, she would finish for me... then told me that the dress code is simple, a pair of khaki coloured pants, but if you wear jeans, no biggie, throw $2 in the staff fund, I'll need some banking information for you, and training is two four hour shifts, cna you come in THursday? A'ight. W/e.... its a minimum wage job, which..... as odd as it is to say, its the first time I've worked for minimum wage... Denny's I got $8.25 for late night plus tips... Tabor Mtn was $8.25, Superstore at first was $9, and when I left, $9.60...... how odd. However, on the way to training today I picked up a job application form for Synovate.... I dotn' think I"ve stopped looking, its just a hiatus while I"m in Vancouver.

I like being at home again where I can post properly on my blog, and properly view others blogs...

SO! Tomorrow, after classes, I head to Vancouver, to live with Becca, and go to my Southwester Fall Banquet!! Should be fun!! Might even see Mr I Suck at Kung Fu Jeff-a-ma-jerk. He's going to a pirate party!!

Have I mentioned I haven't actually packed yet? Or even unpacked from Ontario, let alone Edmonton... *sigh* i'm so slow at this stuff.

Really weird.... I've slept well for.... quite some time now, at least since leaving PG for Nashville and Ontario... even when I got home, slept great, teeth pulled? Woke up once or twice...... but the past 2 nights i"ve hardly slept... last night wasn't as bad as Tuesday night.... I literally didn't sleep!! Was.... annoying.... really sucked going to school at 8 am after that to... to much on the brain possibly...... boys, and school, and work, and vancouver, and life.... lol. I dunno. However, I just finished my stoner tea, and I"m going to take some melatonin, and hopefully I can clean the car and pack before I pass out!! Lol!! Good night everyone!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

If you can see it, and you can touch it, then its Hardware!!!

SO!!!!! I attend my very first CIS 152 today!! And I learned alot... let me share it with you..... in a Chinese accent of course.....

"If you can see it, and you can touch it... then it is hardware. It is the physical components... like the mouse... you can see it, and touch it.... so it is hardware. If you can't see it, and you cant' touch it, then it is software.... which is important. There is also imput and output... like your keyboard is input... because you input information... and your speakers are input to... OH! No, ha ha... a MIKE is input your speakers are...???? Output!! ANd... because you can see them, and you can touch them... they are HARDWARE!!!"

Ok, seriously she seems liek a wonderful lady.... she moved here from China 20 years ago, has been teaching ever since... and I know that b/c I can see her, and touch her, she is hardware....

All I keep thinking is about a mans pants, and if I can see it... and I can touch it... then it is HARD there....

Monday, September 04, 2006

Its all gone to the birds.

SO! To actually update on my present life. Well, I'm back in town, the swelling in jaw is nearly gone, and I may one day eat solid food.... one day. Tomorrow I start job hunting, adn I have orientation for school!! All very exciting, also, i'm going to start teaching my friend Reese how to drive.

Also, at the current moment, I"m house sitting for my grandparents, who are unfortunatly in Vancouver, initially b/c of the health problems of my Grandpa's mother, but now b/c of her passing...

However, my chores here are pretty simple, I spend the night, and I take the cover off hte bird cage in the morning, make sure he has food, clean his water...... and my Aunt Inga pretty well takes care of the rest, I just have to play a game of N64 Mario golf with her everyonce in a while.

But the bird... his name is cocoa, andyou can see his picture above. He's very cute, he sings alot, and likes if you whistle to him. But in the begining we didn't get along so very well.... you see, he would refuse to get on to my finger so I could put him in his cage, and instead would unmercilessly attack it.... thankfully it doesn't hurt to much.... or he would fly into the kitchen and sit on the cabinets, and when I finally coaxed him onto my finger, got him back to his cage... he would do it all again!!! Very frusterating. However, yesterday.... we had a break through. We're actually good buddies now!! He sits on my shoulder while I do stuff in the morning, and shares my breakfast..... yes, I share my breakfast iwth a parrot. But its quite fun, however, this mornign he drew the line on our closeness... or should I say shit on it. I was wearing a tanktop, so he was sitting on my bear shoulder.... and he shit on it!! *sigh* my aunt came over and noticed and wiped it off for me... little bugger. However, I loves him, he's my buddy.

Last night was also tres fun. Me Melissa, Eric, and Eric's cousin Thomas all went to the drive in theatre to watch Cars, and Pirates of the Carribean 2. Also where I tried to eat foods that aren't post wisdom removal friendly. Oh, and a fun fact for the day, Melissa's car LOVES popcorn.... thats why it ate half my bucket... lol. But I really liked both movies... I deffinetly want to watch Pirates again to really form an opinion... The characters are deffiently a lil diff from the first movie, but I don't think it was as bad as some ppl were telling me......

Anyways, as always I have TONNES to do... excersizing horses, cleaning my disaster of a bedroom, making a resume...... all those fun things.

Hell Bent and Nashville Bound

And we deffinetly had Whiskey Bottles by the pound....

SO! After my hellish week of getting up before six, and in to bed around 2 am..... we drove down to Nashville to start a hellish week of paperwork day in and day out..... BUT! On the tuesday we all went on a Limo ride, and then to a club. See.... clubs in the states that have proper permits can let 18+ in to teh bar, and only the 21+ can drink, so the 18-20's get black X's on their hands....

SO! We get in the limo... a great group of us, my roommates Darby and Lisa, Robin, Lisa's b/f. James and Rebecca, the 2 other Prince Georgians (well... they go to school here) plus Jared, and Jill and Lilly, and Lauren, and Lindsay, adn Natasha, and Jen, and Lauren, and Joran..... yes, we were deffinetly over our limit for the limo..... however, tonnes of fun, tonnes of booze. Now I beleieve Ive mentioned how sick I was all summer...... so i didn't want to over due the alcohol thing, so I only had one Mikes hard.... and felt fine, so I grabbed another, felt ill halfway through, so switched to water, felt alright, finished off the cooler, but when the limo stopped so we could pee, up came both coolers... Oh well. So I stopped drinking for the night, drank lots of water instead. I was lucky tho.... at one point Rebecca stuffed her head out the window of the limo, puked.... and tehn kept drinking.... needless to say, she didnt' stay long at the bar before we shoved her in a cab for home..... Lauren... my dear Lauren, love that girl... shes my tiny British friend...... she's 1/2" taller than me, and half my width..... and sitting in the limo, she kept drinking, and drinking, and drinking, adn exclaiming she couldn't feel a thing... that is till she got OUT of the limo and couldn't walk.... I dont' think she even got to stay in the bar for an hour before we sent her home to puke in the Cab.

So we arrived at the bar, most of us intoxicated... and I'd like to point out it is almost only Southwestern ppl at this bar...... all ppl who haven't been laid in 4 months.... and EVERYONE was dancing.... and how disgusting was it.... seroiusly, you walked out on the floor to be raped.... well, it wasn't rape for everyone, but ya, everyone was dirty dancing...... which was kinda fun the first couple times, but seriously, I felt like a piece of meat... I can't count the number of times I walked out on the floor to be grinded up against from the front, and then someone would be humping me from behind. Blah. Still, I had so much fun dancing, I found the more I danced like I normally do, the more I got left alone... however a Boy did come dance with me while I danced like that. And then he grabbed my hands and started to swing dance with me.... and we danced song after song after song.... it was so nice... his name was Johnny. And then... his ride called b/c they were leaving. So I walked him to the exit, where he hugged me, and said "Cheque out wasn't this much fun last year..." and left... no kiss... *sigh* it was soooooo nice. I was twitterpated all night long. So we closed the bar.... the later it got, the funnier it was.... you had all the icky guys left still looking for something to fuck.... so funny to watch. We all survived tho, and arrived back at the hotel.

And I think that....... sums up my summer.... from begining to end.