Saturday, September 16, 2006

Southwestern Peeps

Pecking order...
left to right, Charlotte, James, Rebecca, Dez.
The story : Charlotte recruited James, who recruited Rebecca, who recruited me.

Me and Lauren.
Lauren is my amazing British friend... she's so wonderful, and I miss her dearly. She may actually come up for my birthday, but she's amazing. She was born in England (New Market I believe, which is on the same meridian as Quesnel), moved to the Middle East when she was young, moved back to England when the war started, moved back to the middle east a few years later, moved to Canada. She also had a tonne of trouble getting accross the border in to the states both times... they always thought she was some British Terrorist or something, which is funny if you know my very shy friend!
The First Year Girls, Plus Rebecca!
Top Row: Darby
Middle Row left to right: Jill, Lily, Dezeray, Lauren
Bottom Row: Rebecca


Jenny said...

You're wearing a beautiful dress. I've never seen it before, I don't believe (although I could be mistaken).

Did you get it while you were gone?

Cole said...

They look liek a awesome crowed of people I see why you miss them so much:D