Sunday, September 17, 2006

Best Day Ever!

Yesterday was SUCH a great day.... though just by looking at it, you wouldn't know. Kinda slowly drug my butt outa bed, played Zelda (great start right there), there was no milk, so I couldn't satisfy my random and odd craving for oatmeal, so had Ice cream and chocolate sauce instead. Then mosied on over to the computer, and played with Print Shop 21 for a while. THEN!! I cleaned the bathroom! Not just a normal cleaning, but a deep cleaning. I scraped all the hardwater build up off every spot in our bathtub.... so gross, however, very clean now. Then my mommy came home, which was good b/c she went grocery shopping and brought home the bread which I wanted earlier for a grill ham and cheese sandwhich. Anyways, we quickly unpack the groceries, and run outside to ride my horses, which I couldn't do b/c I didn't have keys the the shop where all my tack is being kept. Actually just thinking about it... today I'm going to have the same problem. Drat!! Anyways, so then I rode Apollo, and mom rode Kantana after we administered their eyedrops (they both have eye infections). It was awesome!! First time I've ridden since before I left for Ontario... since comming home I"ve been lunging them to try and get them into some sort of shape other than blobs. Upon our return, my mom ran inside and made AWESOME home made Pizza... then me and her played some Dr. Mario, and I ran (actually, drove, lets not lie here! Lol) downtown and picked up Mel, played at Adam's place, left, ran (again, drove) off to Zac's place, tortured Zac, raided their fridge, and played some super mario. Then they wanted to go to the Shell station, so I thought I'd go along... so off we walked... yes I mean walked... I, Dezeray... Walked... *gag* However, I survived... nearly died a couple times, did some acrobatics, watched Graham nearly die, stole Zac's coat, and arrived back at Zac's, where I had to take Mel home, b/c she'd been up for 22 hours. I went to bed, and this morning so far have done alot of it all over again. Drug outa bed, played Zelda, had cold Pizza, dont' have keys to get into the shop, and am about to play with Print Shop 21 again. The difference today would be going to a study group... wwwwwhhheeeeeeeeeeeee....... I love my life!!!

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