Saturday, September 30, 2006

And all the girls say I'm pretty fly, for a shyguy!!

Well, Tabatha's Nintendo party was quite fun!! Shame noone remembered it was a potluck... tho there were a couple deserts. So much fun tho, lots of mario kart, and costume goodness... also, film is being developed as we speak, should have it by thursday/friday.

Its cold outside... like, that autumn chill that sets into your bones.

Worked at Daddyo's today. Looks like a cute place. its quite small, quite easy to manage... tho there is a lot more responsibility than at Denny's. THere are actually only 2 job titles there that I can see... Cook, and server. GENERALLY cooks wash dishes when they have a mo, or maybe its that there are dishwashers that cook when its busy... but servers do dishes to. But its fine. There are only 12 tables, but never more than 2 servers, on slow days only one. Only 12 tables? After 6 months of latenights, I think i can handle it!! lol!!

Thats the life of Dezeray.... I'm going to bed, at 10pm, on a saturday.


Cole said...

So did you enjoy your first shift there? How was the rest of your shift? I hope it went well:D well hope you had a awesome day, have a great day on sunday as well.

GopherX said...

Cooks doing dishes...hmm sounds familiar. -_-