Thursday, September 28, 2006


Hee hee... that sounds funny....

Anyways. Yes. Right.... I was going to say something... other than complaining taht noone updates htere blogs, which saddens me since everyday I click on my fave's and go to everysingleblog and not ONE (save Jeremy's) has changed in the past couple days...... most in weeks, some in months!

Anwayys, i wasn't complaining about that, I was going to laugh at myself, and the fact I haven't started a costume, AT ALL!! (Tabatha doesn't read this right... lol. Cause if she does I really wouldn't want to mention I haven't started that article either...) HA ha... but in a different spin of events, I did h/w... and studied... and read... in the LIBRARY!!!! *DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!* how odd eh?

Yes, that was my exciting day... worked also (Sport Chek) and fuckin Nickels!! Thast what I wanted to post about!! FUcking Nickels! Seriosuly, fuck Nickels!!! I counted my till today... came up FOUR DOLLARS SHORT!!! $4!!! Ok, recounted it..... Still four fucking dollars short. Have a manger count it... he gets the right number? WTF? I didn't count the nickels. Not the ones in the drawer, not the roll of them.... counted all the other coins, all the other rolls... didn't count the nickels... w... t.... f...? Anyways, thats my rant. Good nigth y'all.

Wanted: Dance partner for a country dance friday night.


Nic said...

Yeah yeah... so what if I hadn't updated in two weeks? Two weeks is a paltry wait! Back in my day, we had to run three weeks through the SNOW to check each other's blogs! :) Actually, I just updated. Personally, I think these new posts were worth the wait.

Good luck finding a dance partner!

safromhell said...

i post sometimes.... when i have something to say. or something cool has happened to me. or when i actually remember :P i will soon anyways

GopherX said...

I'll be your dance partner! Except not only will I not be there, but I'll be damned if I can dance.

Cole said...

I just suck at posting my problem is I usally don't think things are going on in my life important enough to post.

P.S. I would love to be your dance partner...if you want.