Monday, September 04, 2006

Hell Bent and Nashville Bound

And we deffinetly had Whiskey Bottles by the pound....

SO! After my hellish week of getting up before six, and in to bed around 2 am..... we drove down to Nashville to start a hellish week of paperwork day in and day out..... BUT! On the tuesday we all went on a Limo ride, and then to a club. See.... clubs in the states that have proper permits can let 18+ in to teh bar, and only the 21+ can drink, so the 18-20's get black X's on their hands....

SO! We get in the limo... a great group of us, my roommates Darby and Lisa, Robin, Lisa's b/f. James and Rebecca, the 2 other Prince Georgians (well... they go to school here) plus Jared, and Jill and Lilly, and Lauren, and Lindsay, adn Natasha, and Jen, and Lauren, and Joran..... yes, we were deffinetly over our limit for the limo..... however, tonnes of fun, tonnes of booze. Now I beleieve Ive mentioned how sick I was all summer...... so i didn't want to over due the alcohol thing, so I only had one Mikes hard.... and felt fine, so I grabbed another, felt ill halfway through, so switched to water, felt alright, finished off the cooler, but when the limo stopped so we could pee, up came both coolers... Oh well. So I stopped drinking for the night, drank lots of water instead. I was lucky tho.... at one point Rebecca stuffed her head out the window of the limo, puked.... and tehn kept drinking.... needless to say, she didnt' stay long at the bar before we shoved her in a cab for home..... Lauren... my dear Lauren, love that girl... shes my tiny British friend...... she's 1/2" taller than me, and half my width..... and sitting in the limo, she kept drinking, and drinking, and drinking, adn exclaiming she couldn't feel a thing... that is till she got OUT of the limo and couldn't walk.... I dont' think she even got to stay in the bar for an hour before we sent her home to puke in the Cab.

So we arrived at the bar, most of us intoxicated... and I'd like to point out it is almost only Southwestern ppl at this bar...... all ppl who haven't been laid in 4 months.... and EVERYONE was dancing.... and how disgusting was it.... seroiusly, you walked out on the floor to be raped.... well, it wasn't rape for everyone, but ya, everyone was dirty dancing...... which was kinda fun the first couple times, but seriously, I felt like a piece of meat... I can't count the number of times I walked out on the floor to be grinded up against from the front, and then someone would be humping me from behind. Blah. Still, I had so much fun dancing, I found the more I danced like I normally do, the more I got left alone... however a Boy did come dance with me while I danced like that. And then he grabbed my hands and started to swing dance with me.... and we danced song after song after song.... it was so nice... his name was Johnny. And then... his ride called b/c they were leaving. So I walked him to the exit, where he hugged me, and said "Cheque out wasn't this much fun last year..." and left... no kiss... *sigh* it was soooooo nice. I was twitterpated all night long. So we closed the bar.... the later it got, the funnier it was.... you had all the icky guys left still looking for something to fuck.... so funny to watch. We all survived tho, and arrived back at the hotel.

And I think that....... sums up my summer.... from begining to end.

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