Thursday, August 31, 2006

Edmonton -> Calgary... Tool and Cowboys!

So... the next update.... My trip after my arrival.... I basically got home... tried to catch up (aka scare) as many friends as I could, before leaving for Edmonton to go see TOOL!! So me and Jen left bright and early..... and realized everytime we got over 120km/hr there was a weird shaking/knocking sound comming from the front right tire... so I pulled over... was about to investigate when something splashed in the water next to me!!! Now, its like, 4:30 am and pitch black, so needless to say, it scared the crap outa me, and we kept driving.... so then its knocking over 110km/hr, and then over 100km/hr.... so its light enough now, that I pull over, and discover that this little protector cover that fits next to the wheel to protect probably the ball bearings..... has fallen off, and is in the process of being shredded by my car. So I pull it off, and we make it to Edmonton.

So we check into our hotel, The 4 Points of Sheridan. Our room was a standard room, with 2 queen size beds.. untill we got a complimentary upgrade to a king size bed suite. SOOOOOOOO nice!! It had a leather couch, 2 flat screen TV's, 2 dressers...... tres nice.

Now its off to the TOOL concert... first we decide to stop and get a burger at this cute burger joint.... where this portugese guy hits on Jenny unmercilessly!! So we get to the TOOL concert, and Icis opens for them.... a band from Detroit, good stoner music, they were alright. But then TOOL steps on stage... now I fear that my words will be unable to express how amazing this concert is, so I shall have to keep it short. They opened with Stinkfist (my fave) and it was just pure amazing music for the next 2 hours or so...... it was bliss. It was just pure TOOL.... *sigh* and before you knew it, it was over.

Now after it was over, me and Jenny spent the next hour walking in circles trying to find the car... see I took us out the wrong door, and then she led us in the wrong direction. The good part was we got lots of excersize. Once finding the car, we headed off to Whyte ave to meet Aaron!! Aaron, is Jenny's really good musician friend from Williams Lake who just moved to Edmonton. It was awesome, it was my first legal bar experience... you know, where you willing give up your ID and they LET you in.... so much fun, we hit up a few bars, I had a Shirley Temple, in which I lost my cherry..... and then I stole Aarons cherry... it was really funny. We all danced, I was given a rose by Kevin (Aarons friend) with which I gave to a girl on the street, who said she wanted a rose.... was great. Till we got into the car..... Kevin (who was SMASHED by this point) was trying to give me directions to an after hours bar (the bars close at 2 in AB) and he was like, left, no right, no no.... deffinetly left, driving me nuts.... and then outa nowhere, some drunk driver smashed into me..... he only hit my front tire however, which was good, taking off the hubcap and shredding two of the bolts...... no biggie. So we get everyone home and to bed.

When we wake up, its time to leave for Calgary!!! Now we did the same thing to Jen that I did to most of you in town.... just, showed up, it was aweosme, she was tlaking to the ppl at the front desk, so I leaned on the desk on one side of her, and Jenny did the same on the other side, and she was all WHOAAA!!!! ha ha... it was great!!! So we chatted, hit up Kensighton Ave for some Gillato, and Sushi.... and that night we went somewhere I've wanted to go for a long time..... Cowboys Bar!!!!!! SOooooooooooo much fun!! Even Jenny danced to the country music, tho they didn't play just country either!! We had lots of fun, I got good and tanked, and we took a cab home, stumbled upstairs, and me and Jen decided we needed Pizza..... so we ordered Pizza, watched Sex and the City, and passed out!!! Great night!

So we were SUPPOSED to go home the next day, however, we hadn't seen Spruce Meadows yet, and I wasn't leaving Calgary without doing that... so we all got our hungover asses ready, and got into my car, and headed down the lane of 30 McDonalds...... Ok, it was actually called MacLeod Trail, however there were like, 30 McDonalds, 20 TimHortons, 6 Boston Pizzas 2 Walmarts, 3 Superstores, and many other things all on this one stretch of road.... it was crazy!! Anwyays..... we got to Spruce Meadows..... it was amazing...... at the risk of saying blasphemy in Jenny's eyes.... it was more amazing than the TOOL concert... I was at the CENTER of my universe..... where all those greats have been, where Big Ben and Ian Miller showed the world how it was done, where any rider, who was ever anyone has competed.... it was such an overwhelming and amazing experience...... I was so filled iwth Passion, and emotion, it was just...... pure extacy. We hit up the tack store, and I got a couple little nick nacks, and a tee shirt..... and this horse, who is the funniest thing in the world. Showed Jen and Jenny the horses, and we headed home again.

That night, we also caught up with my roommate from the summer Darby!!! Now, i won't dwell on it to much, but we spent the night in what we've named the fortress. We'll leave it at, she has a very nice house. Oh, and Jenny and Jen were excited that at one point that night, they were in the presense of Prada. It was great tho, I really missed that girl, its crazy how different we really are, yet how close we are b/c of the experience we shared!! We all watched Moulin Rouge!! Was great, amen to surround sound, b/c me and Jen we singing along at the top of our lungs, but Darby and Jenny couldn't hear, and still got to enjoy the show!! It was wonderful... kinda funny to, me and Darby shared a bed that night, and it was actually the first night Darby had been home (she had to set some stuff up in Victoria, where she lives) so her first night at home, she woke up with..... ME! Again! Just like good times!!

Well.... that takes care of my trip, now I just need to update you all on my Nashville night, and I think I'm all caught up!!!

Still looking for a name for my mom's business..... seriously, ANY ideas would be useful, apparently she's not big on my suggestion of "Crazy Horse Tack and Apparel" so ya.... any ideas are welcome!!! *hugs* to everyone,

Love always, your favourite boost drinking chipmunk face,


safromhell said...

so you lost your cherry in an alberta bar we didn't need to know that!!!

Jen said...

Wow, I was going to try to update my blog but i didn't really want to... but you seemed to have covered all of it!

Spruce Meadows was amazing to see. It is now my favorite place in the world, because if you position yourself on that toy horse properly, you are in the most comfortable/beautiful place ever!

We had a good bar night too... it was uuuh. Funny. One thing you forgot to mention was that you kept on getting hit on constantly by foreigners!

love Jenny

JJ said...

I think there are things you BOTH forgot to mention...

Dez Dez said...

Ha ha.... but Jen, me and Jenny have a saying, "What happens in Alberta, STAYS in Alberta!!"

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JJ said...

No. It stays...IN MY PANTS!