Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Crazy Cool Contest!!!

Hi everyone.... I have a contest for you guys!!!

My mom is looking at reopening her business, but she wants a new and improved name. She's looking for something memorable, with flow. Her last name was GT Saddlery and Custom Sewing. SO! I put it up to you guys to create a funtastic name. First I'll give you a little synopsis of her business.

She custom makes, and repairs, Horse blankets, saddles, tack, accessories, and apparell. Um... its late, im' drugged, not sure how else to word that!!!

So yes!! Think of fun catchy names to win contest!! Comment on blog to submit all entries!!

*This contest has no prize for chosen entries
**All entries become property of Dezeray
***By submitting an entry, you could be selling your soul
****Batteries not included
*****Side effects may include child being born with the head of a golden retriever
******Your mom


becca said...

Is assembly required?

becca said...

Is assembly required?

Heidi said...

Making The Stallion
Need Steed Apparel?
A Horse in your Wardrobe
Ponies, clothes and more
How A Horse Accessorizes
We fix and make horse tack and apparel, but we don't fix and make horses???