Sunday, September 24, 2006


Aaron Pritchett makes me want to drink beer.

Went to the Aaron Pritchett show tonight with my mom. So amazing... so good... so... *sigh* He actually has a six person band. There's Aaron lead vocals, acoustic guitar; lead guitar (electric); drums; bass; keyboard, electric guitar; and fiddle, ukilaili like instrument. The night was awesome. I, beign the type of girl who rarely knows who sings what, was surprised to discover many of my favourite songs are by him, not just a couple of my top songs. In fact, there were maybe 4 songs I didn't know the entire night... He opened with "John Roland Wood" and just kept playing... he then had a "break" where all the band members save him and lead guitar went off stage, and they had an acoustic show. Then the band came back and Aaron left and they jammed!! Was awesome, everyone did a solo on their main instrument, some very impressive talent on that stage. (For the record, Aaron plays a Gibson) Then back into full playing. At first I think Aaron was embarrassed the welcome he was given, the show being at the PG Playhouse made it quite the intimate experience, and we made sure Aaron knew how happy we were for him to be there. The band members clearly were having fun to, my mom labeled the drum player a "bobble head" since his head was always jammin to the music, and more than once did I spy the keyboardist and bass player jamming together, whispering and laughing whilst playing... Another memorable moment would be on of Aaron's guitar strings breaking. He rolled it up and tossed it in the audience, and happily a little old lady who was there more than an hour before the show (I Know, I was there 45 mins early!!) and sat by herself caught... right in front of me, *sigh* but thats alright since later they threw out beer sleeves that say "HOLD MY BEER" on one side, and have the Aaron Pritchett logo on the back... THen the band departed, and despite the fact they hadn't played "Life's like a big wheel" <- my personal fave, or "Hold my beer" <-their biggest hit, we gave them a standing ovation. And never sat down. So when he came back out for an encore little while later, he saw us all still standing and clapping. So he invited us down to the stage, it was sweet, I got to jump up and down, a foot away from the stage, and belt out both of the above mentioned songs...... so much fun..... My mom enjoyed it so much as well. Girly fact, he has the most breathtaking smile ever... *sigh* well my sleepy calm down tea is kicking in... not to say i wasn't physically exausted before. Please excuse the utterly horrible grammer, and the lack of flow to this post.... not that my posts ever really have either. Adieu.


safromhell said...

maybe it was a good thing i wasn't there. i always thought i looked a little foolish when i go all girly over a singers smile. mind you i tend to look foolish often so it wouldn't matter anyways. glad you had fun

Cole said...
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Cole said...

Yeah It sounds like you had a amazing time with your mom. I hope she enjoyed it as much as you did:D YAY! for them playing "hold my beer" or "Life's like a big wheel". Maybe they are also going to play it at the park tomorrow that should be cool. But to bad I can't make it stupied work.