Saturday, January 20, 2007

Its official... I fabricated 1/2 a day :S

SO! The other morning, I briefly awoke to my parents talking loudly on teh stairs. I grumbled to my self about thats why I dont' leave more door open, blah blah blah. Overheard somthing about Dad going back on graveyards, and they were both less than pleased with the idea. Woke up, did some stuff around the house, and talked to my mom on the phone before we go home, and she mentioned how Dad was going back on graveyards, and I told her i had heard from when I woke up... So this friday, Dad went to work... on dayshift. When I asked my mother why this was, she said b/c that is the shift he works. I pointed out that she had recently told me he was going back on graveyards and SHE thought I was crazy. Turns out we'd never had that conversation, mom and dad didn't have that conversation on the stairs, Dad is NOT going back to graveyards... I must have dreamt it all! And THAT is why i'm always so tired... I dont sleep at night, i dream about other possible outcomes in my life.

In other news, leaving work tonight I got my car stuck and had to get 2 coworkers to help me out :S ssooooo embarrassing. *sigh* good night everyone!!


Cole said...

next tiem just call graham he always helps me out when i get my car get stuck:P...which was all of those 2 times in front of his aprtment building

Ink Monkey said...

Wow....thats akward lol. Ttyl Dez... we need to go out for coffee sometime.

becca said...

Aw, Dez...dontcha love situations like that? I've argued with my mom about conversations we've had, when in actuality, I dreamt

Miss ya, hope all is well. When are you coming down? :D

*uber dez hugs from becca*