Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On the road to being healthy!

Quick post before sleep... Its official, I went a full day w/o any chocolate candy or dessert!!!!!! Isn't that wonderful? I had three fairly decent meals, hasbrowns with cheese, grill cheese sandwhich, and a pita!!! Tho, looking at my menu, clearly I'm eating alot of cheese... that'll be next weeks problem. And yesterday I did nearly as well, I only had a piece of upside down cake after dinner!! This is seriously the best I've done since leaving for Ontario... And to be honest, I feel pretty good!! The best part tho is my teeth feel CLEAN!! Not an ounce of fuzzyness!!

Got my pictures back tdoay!! The bubble ones didn't turn out too well, but there were some OK ones. AND! Since WHEN does having inferior equipment an advantage?!? It is in Nic's case. So me and Nic were doing light painting, mostly on his camera b/c its digital and no film wasted, but we did a couple on mine for fun. WELL! B/c of zooming in, I had a smaller appature then he, and similar shutter speeds, and HIS didn't suck in NEAR the light of mine... in my photos you can see me, the wall, the sheets... *sigh* and mine should've turned out darker!! Just goes to show how crappy digital is, but, useful in this situation!! Of course, I was also using 400iso film, and his "magic box" was set to a 50iso which is considerably less light sensitive...

Also, I need my glasses... reading SUCKS w/o them, especially dry school books. Reading w/o them makes my eyes tired, and with text books i just burn right out!

Got my renewal statement for my insurance today... was really not happy. In fact, if I lived in Alberta where I had choices for insurance, I would switch, or if I had the option I would NOT reinsure my car. B/c of the car accident I got into last winter which it was decided 50/50 fault, I'm paying a 55% surcharge. Which means for one year of insurance on my $2000 car, I will have to pay $2600 (give or take $50). I can only afford to put 3 months on AT BEST, and may not reinsure my car for the summer... I'll start biking. We'll see how it goes, but this is ridiculous.

Anyways, I need sleep, class comes soon!


Cole said...

It's only at 9 in the morning! I have to get up that early every day!! boo! anyway I think our team name should be team who didn't think of a creative name or T.W.D.T.C.N It so prefect! I am going to bed now

Nic said...

Feeling clean and healthy is excellent. I woke up early so my morning cleaning ritual wasn't hurried. Now I feel good!

As for pictures, my equipment may be inferior, but it's a WHOLE SMOKIN LOT OF INFERIOR. :3 I still think that with a proper light meter, you could have known to set your aperture better. WAIT, you were zoomed in? I had to move my camera back and zoom out all the way just to see everything!

That is really uncool about insurance... dang that is expensive. At that rate, it would ALMOST be cheaper to drive without insurance and pay a few fines. :P It's a good plan, other than the whole revoking your license bit.