Monday, December 04, 2006

With proper diet, rest, and exercise a healthy body will last a lifetime.

Hello all you avid blog readers, and the non avid blog readers who coincidentally just happened to check in time to read this post!

Yesterday was SUCH a crazy day, that I am going to spend a good part of this post telling YOU the avid reader, all about it. It started with me waking up, dragging my carcass outa bed to get dressed scrounge breakfast and start car. As I went outside to start the car I thought, "Wow, we got alot of snow in the past couple days... oh well." how naive. As I go to leave the yard, my mother goes to feed the horses, adn I am quite thankful she was awake. I managed to turn around before getting stuck. So mom tried to push the car to get unstuck and obtain some momentum. No luck. We tried to shovel around my car; didn't help. So she started plowing while I called Sport Chek (at this point I had to be there in 10 mins) to make them aware of my unavoidable lateness. So mom plows, I shovel, we push the car to a different location; however, mom can't plow the end of the driveway. So we walk to my neighbors house and get him to do the end of the driveway. Its done! Now I'm off. Around first ave Troy (manager on shift) phones to check if I'm alive, which I assure him I am. As I hang up, I slow for an intersection I have to turn at, then stop b/c someone is comming. I manage to get going, get the car turned 90' and get stuck. Great. Then 2 ppl who happen to be driving by, park their truck, get out, hop behind mine and push me till I'm good again! YES! Get to work, 1 1/2 hours late and go to grab my debit card so I can eat lunch/dinner. Its not with me. I left it at home. shit. So I take my twoonie and buy a H2O bottle and 1 chocolate bar that I got the 2nd free!! So I go to work, get on a till right away, it worked out that it wasn't too big of a deal I wasn't there, so that was great. Then MEL shows up just after noon. SO!! After working for 1 1/2 hours after being 1 1/2 hours late, I go for my 1/2 hour break so she can buy me lunch! Yay!! THen we do some xmas shopping, I go back to work... and Troy decides to send 1 of the 4 cashiers home. ME!

I proceed to go from work, to Melissa's house so we could play in the snow, but SHE is on her way to Stacey's for a visit. So I hop in her car and we go visit Stacey and Sean. Tres fun, sat talking and laughing, then Rahul showed up, and it was just great! Then we went home, got into snow gear, and PLAYED IN THE SNOW!!!!! It was awesome, her mom took pictures of us lying in the snow where we "fell", then Mel dug a fort while I supervised, I even crawled in it and stayed for a minute or two before panicing. Then I took pcitures, we threw snowballs, wrestled, destroyed her neighbors lawn, then ran in the house for some Reubans, and watched friends.

Then I decided since I was still in town I should go to the Sport Chek xmas party, which I'm glad I did. Adam and Ashley bought me a virgin daquiri, and I socialized mostly with them, then with some of the girls we work with. Allison (head cashier) decided to buy me a shot of tequila as a belated birthday present, which was fine. Then Ricki decided I HAD to do a muff diver shot... For those of you who do not know ALL the details of a muffdiver shot, let me tell you. It is a cocktail glass filled with whipcream with a shot glass in the middle filled with Kahlua and some other liquor, with MORE whip cream on top. The cocktail glass is then put between the legs of some girl, and without hands you must pull out the shot glass and drink (which once I realized what I had to do, I did with great ease). Needless to say, whip cream EVERYWHERE, and many sexual jokes made. So funny, so much fun. Hung around for a lil while longer laughing at all my drunk drunk co-workers

Then I ran over to Cole's house to lapse a lil more time before driving home (more than an hour passed between Tequila and muff shot). THen went home, and collapsed in bed.

Today, I have to add, started quite similar to yesterday... I got stuck at the end of the driveway the neighbor had to plow in front of me, and dad pushed me out. *sigh* maybe I should get some snow tires... It'll be my xmas present to my parents "Look mom and dad, for xmas I got tires so that you don't have to worry about me :D" I dunno... maybe I"ll just sell my soul.


Cole said...

Awww you need to play in the snow with me soon like sleding or making forts in the snow it will be fun or we can fnailly go snowboarding sooon YAY! hope your having a awesome day love you bye

GopherX said...

Man everyone is having such exciting days...World of Warcraft is I'm going to have the most boring day ever.