Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Twilight Bartender!! "its all about the free fuckin food!!"

Let us begin this epic post with my bartending experience on tuesday!! I was bartending for a society's xmas party, (forgive me, but I can't remember the society's name but its apart of the City) where the board of directors, mayor and other big shots attended. Was cool, met the olympic speed skater that is in town, he seemed bored, but was very nice!! It was such a neat experience, seriously I chatted with the Mayor so much... he showed me an easier and better way of pouring wine, gave me a Mr PG pin, and talked about my dad. He was SO nice, which clears up my earlier opinion of him (resulting from an incident at the gymnasatics club when I was about 12?!?). Other cool aspects of that night (besides the mass amount of money I made...) was I met the man who is managing the "Four Points of Sheraton" hotel that is opening in PG in April!! That was so cool, as some of you may know, me and Jenny stayed at a 4 Points of the Sheraton hotel when we went to Edmonton to see Tool!!!

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Need I say more?! Unfortunatly yes. Lol It was finally released for the Game Cube on tuesday, so naturally my father picked it up and played for 7 hours straight the first day... now I've already started a file on the Guy's Wii, and put 12 hours in; however, with the game at home I figured I'd start my own file so the guy's can claim their file back. BUT! Alas, the game is REVERSED!! Everything that was on the left on the Wii, is on the right on the GC!!! He even opens the round sliding doors to the left opossed to right. Now this isnt' tramatic, but it IS quite disorienting. *sigh* the shit I put up with for the love of my life... like my dad said, at least I can't get pregnant.

Exams: DONE! Finished! Finito!! Fini!! HURRAY!! Wrote the last one this morning, so I'm done till new year. Can't tell y'all how happy I am!!

And yesterday the snowbank was winning until I brought the birtch tree into it!!! SO! Driving into the house I"m house sitting for. the yard is a sheet of ice. Dogs are jumping in front of me, I go to stop, can't. in fact I'm not even steering. Land in a minor snowbank, no biggie. Reverse. Apply brakes before turning wheels and going forward, and next thing I know I've slid down a hill and am stuck at the bottom; however, there is a snow bank. SO! I run UP the snowbank and use the momentum to coast back UP the hill. ALMOST works, but not quite, so I take one more run, and get stuck, slide, backend stuck in snowbank, front end stuck ON snowbank. Phone mother, she gets aunt with 4x4 truck. Arrives. Truck gets stuck. Unstick truck, use birtch tree to winch backend out of snow bank, then truck to pull car BACK up hill. Unstuck... did I mention by this point i am 1 1/2 hours LATE for work :S Such a funny time!! Thank goodness for family willing to come play in the snow for you!!

To finish this post I'll quickly yibber yabber about tonight. It was Becca's bday (the big ol' 2 0) so we met for appy's and drinks at Earl's, adn to celebrate the end of school. one hour later, Becca showed up!! lol!! (we love you anyways ;) ) then after convo and food and drinks, we (Jenny, Becca, Nic and I) Head off to a bar! We start with 1201, till we realize we're the ONLY ones there. So we head to the Cadilac (YES). It was awesome, we danced, Jenny tried to get herself in trouble, Cole arrived, we danced more, constantly, till I couldn't breathe. Danced dramatically till I fell down... it was awesome!! Nic had a rough start, punching me in the face, but after that it was smooth sailing!! lol!! Such a great time, I can hardly talk, I think I was yelling the words instead of singing... oh well!!

Snowy evening to all, and to all a goodnight!


Ink_Monkey said...

Reminder: Reminder
Check Dez blog later

GopherX said...

...How much later?

GopherX said...

He punched you in the face? That's so like him.

Oh and the game is reversed because they made Link right handed in the Wii version to make it easier for the more dominant hand. Now that you don't have a remote and nunchuck to flail around with, everything is back to it's normal lefthandedness.

Cole said...

I Am a little scared due to the fact that your post says you posted this on wensday the 13 around 11:30 Am but to day is friday 15 and some o this stuff we did friday:S Serves me right for watching lake house a time travel romance

JJ said...

Nic punched you in the face? I knew he had hidden rage.