Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy day after boxing day!!

Hello everybody, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, filled with love, relaxation, and family!! I dont mean to sound spoiled, but I have to share what I got for xmas this year... A LAPTOP!!! (from now on known as George) George is a Toshiba Sattelite, and seriously, the most expensive gift x3 I've EVER gotten for xmas. I was SO shocked. Its really nice having my own computer, tho in the morning I still go into the computer room to sit down and check my e-mail till I'm like... oh wait... George. We fight already, tho I think its getting better... his key positions are weird, and it causes alot of mistakes or entire page changes at times :S AND! No number key pad... I work on a number key pad ALL DAY LONG!! And now its gone... oh well, I figure its time I learn where they are on the typing portion of the keyboard.

Special mention to other amazing gifts, my sister got me a sweet hat (similar to the orange one) but in green so it better matches my red hair, and some nice clothes, b/c as we all know if someone doesn't buy me new clothes I'll probably just look like a redneck and/or treeplanter 24/7. Cole got me an awesome tee shirt that is light blue with a picture of Navi and says "HEY LISTEN!" so perfect!! Nic got me a photography book (the ONLY photography parafanilia I got... not even ONE roll of film from any of my family). My mom made me my FAVOURITE type of gloves in MY size which is amazing! OH! And I almost forgot, my grandmother got me a Magic Bullet blender thing.... it looks cool, I"m going to have to make my breakfast with it this morning!! Seriously, I was so spoiled this Christmas.

It was nice to have a day off, but then it was to sport chek on Boxing day... omg, so busy. We had SOOOO much cash at the end of the night!! Was ridiculous!!! But I got put on the back corner till, which was SSOOO nice. It was quieter and less chaotic back there b/c there was only ONE person behind the till, and only ONE lineup on the otherside!! Tres happy!! and tonight its back to Boston Pizza... *sigh* no rest for the wicked... or as AJ says, the Wicked Awesome!!

Hugs and love to all, I hope you had the most festive season, and I hope to see you in or before the new year!

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GopherX said...'d be fun to see you and David show up in the same shirt.