Saturday, June 16, 2007

Today is my friday!!!

SO! we'll start with the photoshoot, since at this very moment i'm doing all the prints for it. I was there for 3 1/2 hours, took nearly 300 pictures, and the client selected 36 of them! All in all I'd say it was a success; however, the actually printing right now isn't going so hot. At the begining they were comming out fine, but then I ran out of B&W but I had a spare so no biggie. Then for some reason the red isn't printing very well :S I'm nto certain why, so now that I've printed all the 4x6's I'll give the printer some time to cool down before doing the 5x7s... i hope it improves :S

As for the rest of life... not much exciting has happened. I go to work, I read some of my book, I come home read more of my book, go to sleep. I'm on book 4 of The Sword of Truth... I very rarely re-read books, but this series is so good I'm reading it for a 2nd time!!! It makes me very happy. The split shifts are getting to me. On Wednesday I phone 4 ppl, and noone answered the phone so I went to Connaught and read my book at a picnic table till it was time to go back to work. Was nice and relaxing but I really could be doing more with my time.

Ok, after consutling my manual it says I should try cleaning the cartridges, which I'm attempting atm, whilst I eat apple sauce :D

So it seems all attempts at me moving out are being foiled, and I just may give up for the moment. There was a change in plans with Melissa, so my friend Steph offered up to move out with me, but SHE was supposed to move in with Kaylee, and in attempt to make sure noone felt left out Kaylee was also offered to move in with us... but, not to sound selfish, I really do not want two roommates. Its nothing against my friends, both of which I love dearly, but I'm kinda particular and seclusive, and having 2 roommates decreases the amount of alone time i'll have, increases the amount of ppl in the house at one time... plus, its easier for 2 people to mesh lifestyles than 3 people. *sigh*

So the cleaning of the cartridges kinda worked, I ended up washing one manually and after the 2nd auto clean it looks like its nearly fixed... close enough I hope :S Ok, now that i've started the 5x7s and i've rambled about enough meaningless thigns, I should go find my horses... they WERE wandering around outside in view, but now I can't see them :S

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Cole said...

Great Scott! Red always seems to have trouble with everything: In tattooing it's the first color to fade and it bleeds usually into a orange, and in printing it seems to bleed as well, on scene it bleeds too. Well during the week I am usually not working tell night (5-9, sort of deal) so if you are ever bored... lots of love cole