Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Impulsive One

Many things to report, from minor to major.

First off, one of my horses (Apollo) tried to kill himself and Kantana. He pulled back while both of them were tied to the hitching rail, broke off both fence posts, drug Kantana by the post around the yard flipping out, rearing and such. I kept trying to jump in to detatch Kantana then Apollo from the post but Apollo wouldn't stand still long enough for me to get in, eventually one of the fence posts fell off the rail on Kantana's side, and they finally stood long enough for me to dettach Kantana. Once Kantana was released from the rail, the tension between them removed, Apollo remained still long enough for me to detach him as well. I konw I cannot describe to you the horror I felt while all of this happened, so I won't bother trying. Just as I was detaching Apollo my mom arrived and watched me sieze Kantana's head in my arms hugging him and sobbing while calling Apollo every horrible name I could think of. At the time I felt no injury but by the time I made it back to the house I noticed the tip of my pinky finger had swollen. It must have been crushed between the swinging fence posts and the rail in one of the escape attempts. The next morning to my horror I discovere I had strained my inner elbow, making it difficult to use my bicep, making work absolutly aweful. Also, my middle finger on the same hand is sprained. At this point all but my middle finger have healed. Very annoying, but enough complaints.

Tomorrow I start my new job, I work monday-friday 7 a.m.-3 p.m. I will continue to work at BP as well, i'm doing my last bartending shifts this week, then I will go back to a lowly server working wednesday-friday evenings. Excitingly, this leaves me with saturday sundays free :D

In other exciting news, Saturday Stephanie Roos and I put a damage deposit down on a 2 bedroom apartment in Oak Manor on 15th ave. Theoretically we could be moving in this weekend.

Also saturday I managed to put a couple extra holes in my head... now w/e posses me to everyonce in a while alter my appearance I shall never know. It is entertaining tho. However, the minor pain it leaves me with, on top of a burnt middle finger (from dinner this evening) the other middle finger sprained, my thumb infected, and a mild headache, leaves me with multiple aches... There I go complaining again.

Today was great fun tho! Jen Schluter, Brendan, Cole, Tiffany, Suzie and I all headed out to the lake!! Cole and Tiff played volleyball, Suzie and Brendan did horrible dances, all but I swam, it was most excellent :D we left the apartment around 11:30, and were back again shortly afer 2. We will have to do it again, on a day when people are more available :) Pictures will be posted at a later date :D

Well, I somehow need to entirely switch my sleeping patterns over, so a bath and bed are in order from this girl. If you don't hear from me too much in the next while try not to worry, I'm just busy as always :)


Ink Monkey said...

Wow dam, Glad you and you horses are oka .... big animals little Dez, scary.
Moving into town, thats kwel :) and to Oak Manor I know so many ppl living in that strip of apts. lol even Phils like 2 sec away from there, Crazy.
You know that saying I need a "insert random thing here" like I need anouther hole in my head. I think someone needs to rethink that saying with kids now adays >.<
L8er Dez Dez.

safromhell said...

um does this mean i will have random water baloons thrown at me as i pass by numerous times as i go to and from work on my split shifts

Cole said...

It was some much fun playing volley ball with your sister but next time I am going to bring a better volley ball and maybe play at a beach so we can dive:D

becccccaaaaa said...

Oh, Dez...I hope you and the horses are doing better. Cyber hugs for your middle finger...but not too hard (hugs, that is)

I'll try to call you tomorrow when you're done work!! I miss you! :)