Wednesday, May 09, 2007


NAH nah nah nah nah nah.... My friend just phoneded me :D:D:D I'm so happy!!! She just arrived in London England, and is in the airport where she will be for a few hours waiting for her cousin to arrive. Incase anyone is curious, London is 8 hours ahead of Prince George. In other randomness, the calling card she used showed up on my caller ID as Idaho... maybe its implying something about me? *drum roll implying corny joke punchline*

That is all, I just felt like bragging!! I misses my friend... :( BUT SHE PHONED ME AND I GOT TO TALK TO HER!! YAYAYAYAYAYYAAYYAAY!!!!

:D <-Perma smile!


becca said...

A la Napoleon Dynamite:


I miss Mel. And Idaho!? Maybe she's lying to us...she hasn't been saving her whole life to go to Europe, she wanted to go to Idaho, but she was too embarrassed to tell us...

Dez sounds happy. This makes Becca happy. :)

Cole said...

You da ho alright....ohhhhh jk YAY! for your friend phoning that's exciting and awesome

Mel said...

i love you all for posting, they are my substitute phone calls when i'm spending about 20 pounds/hr to call people (that's about 50 canadain...close to a dollar a minute) isn't that price awful?? thank goodness for blogger!!