Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fantastically Foiled!

Well this week has certainly been a productive one, tho many roadblocks have popped up! :S My three days off were very excellent, I cleaned alot, the house, my room (tho after doing lots of laundry you wouldn't know :S), my car, bathed both my horses. And speaking of my days off.

Everyweek, unless otherwise stated I have Sunday, Monday, Tuesday off.

I don't believe I got one phone call during those days off... then Wednesday, my first day back at work, I get 2-3!! Come on people!! lol!! Now having stated that, next week I do NOT have sunday-tuesday off, one of the roadblocks. I really REALLY wanted to go to Jasper this sunday and come home tuesday just to take lots of pictures and stuff, but I have to work monday tuesday this week and get wednesday thursday off. Which actually really works b/c its my sisters grad on thursday so thats good!

And now that its been nearly 2 months since I was last on antibiotics I think my body has decided to go into withdrawls and is causing me to spit up CUPS of fluid that are a lovely yellow colour. I'm so sick of being sick. However, I feel better today than I did yesterday which means I'll actually go into work, unfortunatly, yesterday I was thinking I should call in sick... maybe I'll just work the first 1/2 of my shift.

The otehr roadblock? SCHOOL! I've decided I hate it, for starters, lol, not really new news. But I want something to show for the amount of work I have put into it, so instead of the 9 courses required to get my diploma, I can take 2 more classes and get a certificate! Great right? No, one of the classes I need is only offerred in the spring! Grrr... so now I have no idea if I will even bother going back this fall. So frustrating.

With that I should go rake my hair and paint my face so I don't frighten the customers!!!


Mel said...

Oh my friend, as usual you have so much on your plate. I'm sure it won't be too much of a problem to just do two courses in the spring. Then you'd have the fall to pursure your photography and build up a portfolio to apply to a photography school or something!! As well as work more so that if you get into a school in Van or Edmonton or something, you can have enough money saved up to make the move easy. I have complete confidence in you!! Miss ya, love ya!!

Cole said...

Mel does have a great point to work on your photography! well hope you get better soon. Maybe you can go to jasper nexted week:S