Wednesday, May 02, 2007

To Edmonton to Edmonton to spend a lot of money, home again home again sweeter than honey!

Ok, so I actually got home monday, tho neither my blog or my voicemail are reflecting this! lol!!

Edmonton was great, altered my physical appearance, got some down time in, spent WAY too much money, have portrait lights, did random things with the girls and have the pictures to prove it, didn't drink too terribly much (unfortunate), got some portrait lights for my camera, it was really great!!! Now it seems life has thrown all it has at me at once, so I"m trying to sort through all of that *sigh* it never rains, it pours.

In other happy news, I got my grades back! English: A, Marketing-Personal Selling: A-, Marketing-Retail Management: B, Accounting 152: C+. HURRAY!!! Very happy with that, especially the C+ in accounting since I hate that class so much, not the teacher shes WONDERFUL, its just accounting is not logical to me at all :S. But I'm done. For now.

Saw the Love List with Kirsten yesterday, it was fantastically hilarious. Now I will write my own love list... later.

Glad to be home, see you all soon I'm sure! But first I will leave you with some pictures of the past week! Me dressied up for the play!

Random metal horse we found in Edmonton... we were trying to eat eachother.

You can't see us behind an EDMONTON Tree!!

Aren't we cute! We're actually sitting outside a church, not sure why me and Jen haven't lit on fire yet... :S

WHy?!?!? Why is his nose so big?

Look! We're monkeys!!

YAY! Shadow puppets on the hotel wall!!

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Cole said...

Shadow puppets rock It looks like you guys had lots of fun.