Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Quick Update :D

Shit... there were 2 reasons for this post... and now I can only remember one of them.

Well heres the only one I can remember at this moment in time. My dear friend Kenny, who many of you know and love, made a movie about tea, and I thought it was particularily funny, and well done :D so all of you should enjoy it.

There was something else, bigger and more important, but I can't remember for the life of me.

In randomness, the mosquitos are driving me FUCKING CRAZY!!!!!


beccasaurus said...

Okay, so maybe your previous post had pictures, but I think I'm going to upload pie charts and graphs to make mine larger. Bwaha! ;)

I'd love to see you too! Um...I get my schedule tonight, so I will let you know. What time is the 'split' at?

Cole said...

coffee is a rock star drink if you want to live on the edge of life you drink coffee no of this tea... espically if you can't throw proper to your son...