Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Twitterpated-confused by affection or infatuation

Such a fun word!!

Anyways, waht a week/day/life! lol!! I got my scholarship today, was really cool! The ceremony was nothing special, but my parents came which made me feel great!! Before that I was a big girl, and rode Apollo!! He was really good, I love the way he moves... we'll see what tomorrow brings. Before that, ordered my sis a bday present, and hung out with Ben, and of course school. After the ceremony I visited Mel, watched a movie, had great talks. Then saw Kaylee and Steph and had more great talks... all in all a crazy day..... waht a crazy beautiful life!!

In other fan-fucking-tastic news, my Aunt Chris and her kids Max and Jack are commin tomorrow!! I'm so excited!!! Very happy!!

ANd I'm so tired I keep seeing things outa the corner of my eye, so I'm going to sleep....


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Jen said...

Thursday: Dez was more twitterpated than I have ever seen her before in my entire life!