Monday, March 12, 2007

Too much of a good thing... is a good thing!

Alright, so I took Nic's new personality test thing he found, and I LOVED it!! So I pulled the widget and thought I"d post it!!

Neat eh!? Very accurate.

So I managed to spend 22 hours with Ben yesterday (yes that means i got a whopping 1 1/2 hours sleep plus maybe 10 min nap on Mel's couch)... 3 hours after work, went home and slept for a couple hours, dropped my aunt and her kids off at the airport, then spent another 19 hours with him. Also, it added up to like 5 dates in one day! Or six... we went to the bar, and I drove him home. Came back, watched a movie, grabbed lunch at Timmy's and watched a movie at Mel's house, back to his house played crib and created a Mii for me, had a family dinner, learned how to play Canasta, went to 300, went back to his house and hung out talking and such for another few hours! What can I say, i'm bordering on infatuation here, and its weird, and wonderful.

BUt enough of that mushy shit!! Lol!! My aunt Christine and her 2 sons, Jack and Max, came for just under a week visit. It was wonderful!! I took nearly two rolls of film of them, i'll post some of the B&W on my deviantart later. I enjoyed getting to know the kids as people. Jack is wonderful, he's so happy and such a boy!! He loved it when we played, be it spinning him around, tickling him, or flinging him over my shoulder... And nothing was more satisfying than making Max (age 6 mos) giggle. Such a smily baby, they're all so wonderful, and such important parts of my life!!

Anwyays, I have to work today, how odd, so I need to shower and get ready to go! Also, anyone looking for a car, a friend of mine is selling a 1990 Ford Taurus for $450, she paid $800 for it, running condition and perfect for driving around PG. Anyone interested drop me a note and I"ll send you the contact info.

Also, for some amazing photos check out !!! I've got some great ones up atm


becca said...

You sure DO have some great photos up there, babe! Especially creeped out by the ones with blood (creeped out in a good way, of course!)

And Jenny should definately be a model. DAAAAMMNNN. As beautiful and haunting as the "abandoned" one was, all I could think of was how the last time Jen and I were on that bench, we were dancing and waving glowsticks in the air at some crazy time after midnight... (that's Halloween for ya)


A.J. said...

That really is an entertaining quiz!