Monday, March 12, 2007

In recent news!!

Recent to me anywyas. I've had a funny conversation a few times today that I thought I'd share with everyone!!

It all started with me and Jenny talking about love and relationships and such, when she told me that according to some study she read once, the brain activity of a person in love, and a person on cocaine are the same!!! Seriously, no fuss no muss!! Screw dinner and dancing... all a girl needs on a saturday night is a hit of cocaine and a battery operated "friend". Really if you get down to it, cocaine is probably cheaper, no birth control, dinner, dancing, flowers, or phone bills (reminds me of a quote, the difference between sex for money and sex for free is sex for free costs more), it won't leave the toilet seat up or forget your birthday, you don't have to worry about whether cocaine feels the same way about you, and if you start losing that "magic feeling" up the dosage. With the vibrator your biggest worries are dead batteries; to hell with whether it gets off, or if it gets off before you.

But what can you expect comming from me and Jen, the relationship-a-phobics. Ironically enough tho we're both in relationships where we are very happy... go fuckin figure.


JJ said...

Man. I wish I coulda been there for that conversation.

Cole said...

I think I need to get me some cocaine!! Oh sweet sweet sugar!