Sunday, February 04, 2007

BP dreams... noooooooooo!!!!

Ok, last night I had one effed up dream!!! I was at work (naturally) and in my dream i was working the bistro which was 20 feet wider and 10 feet longer than its actual dimensions. Also, there were twice as many coolers behind the bar, but they weren't just behind the bar the stretched down the entire length of the bistro to the server aisle. In this dream I got 6 tables all at once, 2 of them over 6 people. I went to the first table sat (also the largest) and tried to get a drink order. They were sssoooooo picky, and I ended up running back and forth with drinks for more than ten minutes. At one point I went into the coolers behind the bar to discover some stupid server was storing left over pizza's in there and put all the Cooler Bottles up on top getting warm and in one cooler there was an SLR camera with a ziplock bag over the lens. So I'm trying to get drinks to this table for more than 10 mins, and I still have all these other tables, and I'm about to start freaking out. So I run to try and find Marissa and get her help, but she wont' help me because there is a crocodile on the floor (other area of restaurant down from bistro) so she says she needs to deal with that, but all she's really doing is watching it. In turn, all the crocodile was really doing was walking around snapping its teeth in the air (there were no customers in THAT part of the restraunt). I was so frustrated, but the weird part was some of my other tables were somehow getting drinks (no other employee ever stepped into the bistro) so I had NO clue what was going on. And the customers didn't even seem annoyed except for the one table I was dealing with... *sigh* then I woke up. Figure that out Freud!


Jen said...

A croc on the floor??!

I just posted today about a crazy dream I had... go figure. I think yours is way more realistic in a sense, so that makes it more scary!!

I think you should go in and ask what would happen in the event of a rogue crocodile. Or even rogue unicorns. It never hurts to be prepared!

JJ said...

I had a messed up dream about res the other night. I think I have been there too long...