Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mrs. Darcy. Mrs. Darcy... Mrs. Darcy. *sigh*

Seriously.... where is MY Mr. Darcy?!?!? Happens everytime I see Pride and Prejudice, I become overly lovey dovey, and swoon and sway, and dream of love and happy sickly thoughts. Its a curse I tell you.

In other randomness, watching LOTR in reverse is quite funny. Other than the long walking scenes, one would never notice it was reverse because there isn't enough movement, you'd just have a different spin on events. Its quite entertaining. Hello's become goodbyes, throwing becomes catching, casting something off of a table becomes putting it back up, or uprooting a tree becomes putting it back, etc etc.

Other than wanting ot kill my pony today, its been so wonderful spending time with him. Very thereputic. I feel less frustrated with everything, and in fact picked up my camera again yesterday. Not going to lie I took a dozen photos of Kantana and Kantana and Me. But still, great to be with my pony, and great to be behind the lens again.

My "Singles Awareness Day" was also qutie fun. After work I had a couple drinks, some food, then went to teh Caddy with 2 other BP workers and one of their friends. It was awesmoe, me and three guys, chillin at the Cadilac. Got some great dancing in, and the singer in the band was quite good, both the girl and boy.

Ok, so if I can't have Mr. Darcy, I'll settle for Aragorn. So manly and tough, and yummy. Kinda reminds me of Link actually. ALl this fantasizing has made me realize I was born in the wrong time.

Another connection between LOTR and WoT. THe main character's both have wounds that are magically inflicted and never heal. Frodo the knife blade in the shoulder, and Rand the stab in his side. Interessting.

Anyways, I need to start on that case study that is due tomorrow and get some sleep as well. Enough random rambles from Dez!

Oh, before I go, the picture is a result of fighting with someone today... its not very good editing, just a quick mockup.


Jen said...

Your Mr. Darcy will come... wouldn't it be really weird if his name was actually Darcy? That would be stupendous.

Thank you for harassing Cal. Uber funny.

I love you!

becca said...

Born in the wrong time, or is it, perhaps, the fact that you weren't born into a video game/film with sweaty manly men? :P

Love ya, babe...miss ya lots. Glad to hear you're having fun with your horsie! :D

Cole said...

Fucking dacry I will take a fork and GAWWW Internet is stupied you everything is stupied this potato is stupied!! I didn't mean that i love you potato!