Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sgt Dezeray Reporting for Duty!!

Ok, lets be honest with one another. I'm more updating out of obligation.

I'm not entirely sure what to say, I've moved into my apartment, seems my bathroom is overrun with mould that I can't find, though I've bleached everything. We're talking to the landlord tomorrow and may be moving somewhere else sooner than anticipated.

PRT (sorting seedlings job) is going alright, except they ran out of work for us for a couple days which was a little unfortunate.

The nice thing about that job though is I've readapted to wakin gup early in the morning. Its nice to get up earlier and actually accomplish something during the day.

Today was super fun tho! I had Melissa's surprise bday party in Barkerville that noone came to. Melissa and I however, had absolutly tonnes of fun! We sang songs at the top of our lungs there and back, spent way too much money, got dressed up and had our picture taken, waded through a waterfall just for pictures sake... way too much fun!!!

I'm sleepy from the days events tho, so I'm off to bed... hope everyone is well in blogger land, and for the record, I'm stealing my neighbors internet.

OH WAIT!!! Haying season is upon us, and due to mother's injuries from the motorcycle accident, I fear she will be doing nothign more than driving. So, I'm on the hunt for volunteers to come help move hay bales in the possibly near future. Cold drinks will be supplied. Comment on this blog to apply.


safromhell said...

depending if i am working or not i am willing to help, as long as it is coke, i hate pepsi

She said...

Hey Dez! I don't know if you rememeber me but I used to go to school with Cole, Daniel, Nic and all those fun folk. Anyhoo, I just noticed you mentioning photography a lot and a quick glance at your blog hints that we might have lots in common. Anyhoo, I may be back in future commentaries. Ciao!

Mel said...

you know i'm up to helping my friend, so long as i'm not already at work! love ya

Cole said...

I accept!Hey i would have been there I even text messaged you and every thing!!!

GopherX said...

Mould is a terrible thing...Trust me I know. You can get some testy strippy things to see what kind of mould you have and if it's harmful to you. If it's in the foundation there's little you can do about it aside from ripping the place open and spending 1-3 days cleaning it up with harsh-ass chemicals, which most landlords won't be willing to pay for. Try to reduce the moisture in the bathroom by leaving the fan on at all times, and check behind the tanky part of your toilet, mould likes to grow between that and the wall, other than that the inside of your shower head and the drain are other likely places. Mouldy places suck. My last place was so bad I had to throw out my beddings and spend a few days on O2.