Wednesday, November 15, 2006

College #1 cause of exaustion in students...

Ok, so maybe its my own fault, not starting on this project earlier.... but yeesh. So exausted... Nic actually had to take random words I gave him and compose sentences for me!! (thank you so much)

Seriously!! That squirrel is so annoying to sleepy college ppl... note to self shoot him in morning and replace with easy to look at, focuse on, and understand photo.

Before I go to bed tho, I remmebered not posting about new things with me.

A) got a new job at Boston Pizza on central, start soon.

B) Quit Daddyo's!

C) taking bartending course

D) SIX DAYS TILL 19!!!!!

E) ONLY 4 TILL WII AND LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*passes out on keyboard*


Heidi said...

Congrats on the new job, that place gets crazy-busy:P You should come visit me tonight! or friday. or both. I leave in 1 week and most definately would like to see you again before I go!! Call me !

GopherX said...

Do you have your Wii preordered? I imagine they're going to be hard to get ahold of...*needs*

Stupid being in the bush and not being able to preorder one...

Tony said...

I'm not sure what excites me more your brithday or the new zelda

Ink Monkey said...

Yeah.... still not sure about the Wii but for like 300 bucks why not try it out. And Zelda does look pretty bad ass.
Later Dez, and congradz on the new job at BP