Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Seriously that squirrel makes me so happy!!

SO! after thinking that I totally bombed my midterm (I only vaguely knew waht I was doing and left 10 marks worth blank and it was only outa 47) I discovered today I got 77%!!!!! Woot!! THat was SOOOOOO relieving!! AND my proposal that was due this friday in English, is now due next wednesday!! Double woot!! So now all I have to do is get my math h/w in on time tomorrow...

So! Work was awesome today... on a side note first tho, why am I attracted to guys I wouldn't date?!?!? Anwyays, so worked with Sam John and Laurie... my FAVE ppl at Daddyo's... the only ones I can socialize with... was very fun, besides Laurie saying I shouldn't leave the house unsupervised, and John calling me an "it" it was speldid. I had NO tables and only 2 phone calls in the first 2 hours, so I did some hardcore cleaning, including the S&P shakers. Now I'm refilling the last of them when John brings out another one. So I recount all my S&P's and discover I'm NOT missing one... so I bring it back to him, and He's like "No... I dont' wnat it..." *I reach up to put it away* he says "Oh no... panic panic..." then lil while later THERES the S&P shaker again... so I put it back. Then I hear someone move behind me, and POOF there it is again. So this time I write on a napkin "PANIC" and put the S&P shaker BACK with teh napkin underneath. Some time passes... and nothin, he doesn't move it let alone mention it.... Then Manjit (one of the owners) looks up and sees it... and is like "panic?" John realizes its there and bursts out laughing, then tries to explain the story to Manjit which I dont' quite think she gets... anwyyas, not 10 mins later POOOR there it is again... he always manages to get it there w/o me seeing. So this time I grab a coffee cup and hide it UNDER the coffee cup in his dishpit. I see him put it on a shlef, then upon later inspection, its not there. Its not ANYWHERE. So now I cna't find this godforesaken thing, and I"m looking EVERYWHERE figureing he hid it somewhere. No where. Drivin me nuts. Then Sam goes to put out the coffee mugs and finds it hidden UNDER a coffee mug on the second drawer of mugs... so just as I leave I grab three mugs and shove it under the middle one in his dishpit... he picked up the first one and didn't see it under, then left them, so I'm not sure what he'll do with it after discovering it. But it was so much fun, wondering when this thing is going to turn up next, and where to put it afterwards!!! Kept me entertained all night.

Also, only served four tables, sold abot $175, spent $6 on food, $4 on tip out, and still walked home with $22!!! So that was cool!! To say the least!!

OH! Before I forget!!! If you're missing your glasses, I may have them. I found a pair of glasses, black wire frames, square lenses with what appears to be a reading prescription in them... My car is such a whore they could be ANYBODIES. But I've already deduced they're not any of the Daddyo staff's.


I grow weary of you reading my blog and judging me, so why don't you make like a carebear and FUCKOFF!! :D


Nic Waller said...

Hurrah! So it sounds like everything you knew on the midterm, you REALLY knew. Only getting one mark wrong is fantabulous :D

"Work was awesome today" - that was so unexpected. But I am happy for you! And you didn't even want to go, see what you would have missed out on :P

I'm still jealous that you got to make patch cables.

Cole said...

Crazy you enjoyed work that a strange idea...
and I told you that you would do fine on your midterm your freakin Dez you can pull marks out of any were... oh what's this i tought my self a whole section on midterm:P

hahahah well yay for getting an awesome mark and having a great day at work:D

GopherX said...

Carebear countdown 5..4..3..2..1
Carebear Stare!!!

Take that Noheart.