Saturday, January 07, 2006

Fun Coupla Days

So I've had a fun coupla days... at least I think it was a couple, might have just been one. Got up at 6:30 am friday morning so that I could get a ride into town instead of being stuck in the sticks all day long... Mel picked me up from Staples, took me home, fed me, and we embarked on a magical day.

First, went to Wal Mart to get me a "proper" sized belt, and some glow in the dark stars. Then got gas, and then we started car shopping of doom!!!! Doom for Mel anyways... started at Toyota, which was just funny b/c we looked at all the cars in the lot and made the sales ppl nervous so one came out to help us... brought us inside pulled up some cars I was interessted in on the computer, one of which was a Corolla, so I mentioned that my parents owned a Corolla; yes they bought it here; Tomra... to which his replial was, "Oh... I'm related to you" ha ha... toooooooooo funny!! Then off to Wood Wheaton we attmepted to go... where Mel drove in to a dead end of doom where we couldn't turn around so ended up BACKING through a maze of cars.... so not cool.... we didnt' actually go inside... lol!! Then to Budget. Fell head over heels in love with a 2002 Cavalier 2 door coupe there... 35 000km, $10 990.... drool... then to Honda... OMG... we got the newest dumbest blondest sales person there. Told her I was looking for a car $10 000 and under, perferably standard, blah blah blah... almost every car she talked about was OVER $10 000... then brings me outside to show me a Civic... which btw her friend is comming to look at tomorrow... says to me, "Its been rebuilt, w/e that means... *giggle*" ACK!! Run... then... THEN she takes me to the $13 000 BMW.... "ooh watch this, *opens and closes door*... oh... thats odd, generally the window pops up a little more to seal it a bit better... wonder if the battery is dead, *sits in BMW, turns it over* Yup! Battery is dead!" got back to Mel's car and almost died laughing at the idiot. BTW, all this has resulted in Mel exclaiming she will NEVER take me car shopping again.

So me and Mel go back to her place to drink a cup of sugar and eat a plate of cheese whilst playing Mario Kart, sit with her dad while he has lunch, go visit Jenny. THEN! off to Garfields to put stars all over his ceiling, b/c he absolutly loves the stars, but growing up in the city never really saw them of course. We make some constellations, then go rock climbing... Garfield comes home and joins in the rock climbing. Mel takes me home, I restart the wood stove, do some dishes, make dinner, sleep for an hour, get up take 2 IBUProfen, go to work. once at work I take a T3... which apparently is enough to make Dez pretty stoned... and serve tables stoned... ya... not really a good combination... I'd start things, then forget what I was doing and walk away... meh. Then I felt like I was going to puke, and THEN I got all stuffy and coughin up a lung. Convinced Kevin to let me go home at 4 am, drove Chris home to Shelly, collapsed in bed and slept for 11 hours, got up, convinced Kevin to let me come in to work at Midnight, played nintendo, slept for another 3, and now I"m getting ready for work...

Ugh... I super don't want to go, also, today is the last day I get the car, the next days are going to be days of hell getting rides, and monday I think i'm not even going home... *sigh* woe is me.

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