Monday, January 16, 2006

Let me clear some things up

When I say we shovel our yard.... I mean the area where we all park our cars and such... we have 10 acres of property, most of it paddocks and pasture, feels like an acre of it lawn, and the other day seemed like another acre in front of the lawn thats kinda like driveway where we all park our cars and such.

Second of all, I hate men, I hate love, and i'm not to fond of life right now. Love isn't really real its just a commercially created feeling that everyone believes they need in their life. Trust me, you don't, life's actually a lot more simple without it. But if thats true then why can't I stop crying? Why have I completly given my heart over to soemone who doesnt' seem to return the feelings? Who doesn't even seem attracted to me anymore? Somone who continually sends me mixed messages like telling me I'm beautiful, the won't even touch me? What the fuck is wrong with ME?

Next, I HATE HATE HATE my job. I'm so sick of dealing with drunk ppl, I'm sick of acting fake and pretending I care. I DON"T care if your eggs are cold, i DON"T really want to get that fixed for you, and i'd rather you didn't come into the fucking restaurant after 10... GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!! ANd I just LOVE how they write you in on your days off... I wonderfully got scheduled for this thursday, AND they wrote me in on tuesday... do you konw what that means? I get ONE day off... ONE!!! WHta the fuck do I do with one day off? Not fuckin sleep, thats for sure. But it doesn't really matter, as long as there is someone to run the restaurant after hours right? Fuck off and die.

Now, in response to this post, please do not phone me, I'd really much rather that the world left me alone. Just take comfort in the fact I may post on here everyonce in a while letting you all know I'm alive.

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GopherX said...

Awwww Dez *extra big hug*

I respect how you want to be alone, but if you need anything just let me know.