Friday, January 13, 2006

Letter of Resignation

To all the members of the white car club,

As you all know on the day of Wednsday January the 4 2006, I was in a car accident writing off my white car, and the and my membership to our exclusive club. I want to inform you that I didnt' even really TRY to find a white car, b/c I don't really want to be apart of any club that will have me as a member. In the end I did not find a white car. I now drive a 1988 Red Honda Civic, 3 door hatchback. So I now write this letter to thankfully hand in my resignation. Thank you for the opportunity of being apart of your club, and may your club have many more years.



PS, its actually the same make and model as Melissa's car, the same look as Becca's, and the same colour as Eric's... I really can't get away can I? Actually, it entirely reminds me of Eric's car, its pretty funny.

Also, the above picture isn't actually a picture of my car, but it looks quite similar


Ink Monkey said...

YAY congrades on the car DEZ.

Phil said...

it's ok dez. no one really wants to be in the white car club anyway. who would when CHARCOAL (not silver thank you very much) is a much better color. and so is red!

Cole said...

I hat e cars all together! GAW!! in two years i think i have spent 20 000 dollares on cars! I am goign to kill something soon!

Rooster said...

hehe now u'r in a civic car club just buggin but its possible... :P anyways luv yas byes