Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Ugh.... so sick... I think it actually happened, that mythical thing everyone warned me about. That I would get worn out from working to much and going to school, and this week it finally happened. On my easy day I couldn't make it to my first class which is at 2 pm, and I got off work at 6 am... lotsa time for sleep, and then I had to leave my second class early b/c I was so ill and falling asleep. However, feeling a slight bit better, have slept a little bit and such so hopefully I can get through class today.

The one thing that has really helped me get through everything tho... is Slayer. Cook Mike can't have his puppy while he's living where he is, so he asked me to take him till he finds himself a place. My arms are scratched up, I"ve had my face scratched and bitten, but I'm so in love with him!! We always play, and when he gets tired he rests his head on my lap. He sleeps in my bed, rides in my car, licks my fathers head, and bites his feet... what more can a girl want? SO much energy tho... tried to clip my toenails and he kept biting the toenail clippers and taking them away from me... but so wonderful and cute. Gunna drag him into town today so Mike can see him. I loves him so much... ACK, cept when he drags things out of the litter box... gotta go. Love you all.

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Mel said...

How are you feeling my friend? I'm so glad you have a puppy to play with!! I love puppies, mine is great, but sleepy most of the time. Did you want to come and visit Eric in WL in Feb? I'm heading down there for the 16th to the 18th, and if you can make it even for a day that'd be super! lemme know, love ya lots and lots and lots